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WSJ: One in Three Chance of New Recession

Economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal now say there is a one in three chance the economy will slip back into recession.

If that happens, I would say there are two requirements for a GOP nominee who can defeat Obama:

1. That the nominee be alive

2. That the nominee be awake at least four hours a day.

I don’t know how you get reelected with an economy in recession. The economists also predict about 2.5 percent growth through 2012, which means unemployment stays above 9 percent. Not much to run on either.

26 Responses to WSJ: One in Three Chance of New Recession

  1. Unless the next President, the next Congress has the audacity to dismantle, defund the anti-growth agencies, and reverse the actions of the federal regulatory agencies that affect every aspect of our lives, then nothing will change.
    Just replacing MrO with MrGeneric won’t make any difference in our economy unless we also elect a Congress with the moxie to reduce the footprint of our Federal government.

  2. Maybe I’m an optimist, but the Republicans only need to gain 4 seats in the Senate to garner a majority. If the national mood stays the same as it is today, or sours even more against the present administration, than IMHO, we have a good chance of taking the Senate, retaining the House and beating the pants off of Obama. He’s not going to move to the center ala Clinton. Its not in his DNA and thus, he will get crushed. Especially if we slip into another recessioon. I think if you poll the rest of the country, they’d say we never came out of the last recession. I remember seeing a billboard in WV which stated “entering an Obama no-job zone”. People are pissed!

  3. How much time is it going to take the new President to undo all the damage that has been done during this administration? Removing all the regulations and restraints placed on business and repealing Obamacare will be a monumental task. I hope we are able to elect a candidate that is up to the job. Just 14 months before we make that important change.

  4. Did we ever slip out of the first recession? Could have fooled me. I do think we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect a president and congress who will make true reform. We Republicans can’t just nominate someone who will manage the mess, we need someone who will pull the weeds of graft and corruption out by the roots. With conservatives in control of congress and the executive branch, Reagan’s dream of a shining city on the hill could become a reality. Amazing times we are living in.