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Bill Daley Struggles as White House Chief of Staff

This is a very good insider piece from POLITICO on White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, whom many in the White House and Capitol Hill find to be an aloof, if efficient, leader.

Even so, he’s also made several mistakes, playing the debt ceiling negotiations poorly and mistakenly assuming he could get any time slot he wanted for Obama’s Joint Session of Congress speech.

Anyway, if you might be interested, I didn’t want you to miss it. Good inside ball.

12 Responses to Bill Daley Struggles as White House Chief of Staff

  1. Bill Daley is the only adult in the White House. He’s being set up to take the fall for Obama, someone has to.but it won’t work. Very interestng article Keith, thank you.

  2. Poor MrDaley. Misunderstood, maligned by back-stabbers, and the sole cause of the debt negotiation fiasco and the p.r. disaster of the scheduling screw-up of the Jobs speech.

    The basic problem between the WhiteHouse and Congress is that they’re not in Chicago and there is no ‘machine’ politics. Even when the Prez enjoyed a Dem majority in both houses, he couldn’t get his pet projects passed because…they’re not in Chicago.
    MrEmanuel had some success but the real pusher and mover was MrsPelosi. They should have been nicer to her.

  3. interesting article Keith, thanks for sharing… from day one I wondered how
    this would work out with Daley and we see it has been a flop.. but then how could anyone function in that capacity with a staff full of childish, whining,
    socialist,disfunctional misfits roaming the WH … and then you have king clown obozo living in the bubble between photo ops,vacations & campaigning hasn’t a clue!! …
    …would be shocked to see his approval rating any higher before the election.

    • You nailed it ol’gator. Obama is surrounded by young adults who have never lived outside the bubble. That is one reason why he makes so many historical mistakes in his speeches. He has immature children writing the words he reads from TOTUS. Daley is a part of the Chicago machine, but at least he was an adult voice in an administration full of children.

  4. Do not mis-understand me, I feel sorry for those people that work for BHO or any progressive for that matter. I find that it would be hard to be BHO’s Chief of Staff or Spokesperson.

    It seems to me that no matter the issue or task, you would be thrown under the bus or left out to dry. A “lose – lose” type of situation.

    When a person works for or represents another person that does not have spine or strength it would be near impossible to defend or keep organized.

    It was a good article that shed some light into those parts of the things that take place out of sight.

    Thanks for sharing Keith.

  5. By saying people want to set him up for blame, they are saying, “Hey, look over here…Maybe this guy is the problem.” I would not want that weasel Plouffe to even mention me…”Daley is a solid guy..” What does that mean?

  6. Poor Bill evidently didn’t realize who the real power in the WH is…Valerie Jarrett. And to think they all came out of the same sewer that is Chicago politics. He really thought he was going to be the Chief of Staff instead of ValJar.

    • BTW? where has Valerie Jarrett, that Romulan looking witch, been hiding lately?
      Seemed like she was always on the sycophant media praising the greatness of the neo-socialist Obama the first two years of the Obama rule… but the “Romulan” hasent been around lately.