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Obama Disses Both Boehner and McConnell in One Stroke

President Obama’s decision to travel next Thursday to the failing Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati is a remarkable slap at both House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at the very moment Obama says he is trying to work with the GOP leadership to pass a jobs bill.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced the trip during today’s briefing, calling the bridge “functionally obsolete” and in “need of so many significant repairs.” Obama will showcase the bridge as an example of the work projects that can be targeted by his American Jobs Act proposal.

The bridge connects Cincinnati with Covington, Kentucky, making Obama’s highlighting of its disrepair bad public relations for both McConnell – the Republican senator from Kentucky – and Boehner.

While not within Boehner’s Eighth Congressional District, it’s just a few miles away, and the television coverage from local Cincinnati news outlets of Obama’s visit will be beamed directly into populous area’s of the Speaker’s district.

The clear effort to put Boehner and McConnell on the spot comes just six days after the president’s trip last Friday to the Richmond district of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, where Obama launched his effort to sell the American Jobs Act outside of Washington.

Carney denied that the White House had chosen the bridge to slight the Speaker.

It’s a bridge that’s in great need of repair. It’s a bridge that’s relatively easy to get to from Washington. It’s a bridge — you know, it’s a bridge that…

It’s Obama second trip to Ohio, a key presidential swing state, to promote his jobs plan.

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  1. So the American people were FORCED by democrats in congress to give this man $800 billion for his “stimulus” to rebuild crumbling bridges, create green jobs, and save teacher, firemen, and policemen jobs.

    Two and half years later this fool is back out on the trail saying he needs $500 billion for his “jobs plan” (stimulus) to rebuild crumbling bridges, create green jobs, and save teacher, firemen, and policemen jobs.

    What did he do with the first $800 billion and how stupid does this guy really think we are? November 2012 can’t come soon enough.

  2. Dissing them or paying them off? I don’t trust any of these crooks. This project reminds me of The Big Dig. Building of the new Brent Spence Bridge is supposed to start in 2015 and wrap up in 2023, at a cost of $2.3B. The Big Dig was supposed to cost $4B and ended up costing the taxpayers $14.6B. Even if Congress were to fund his infrastructure bank, it wouldn’t help the unemployed of today.,-but-no-funding-yet

  3. Isn’t Obama the one on the spot? Is there a bridge that still needs to be fixed? I thought the first huge Stimulus was to be for roads and bridges? What has Obama and the Democrat government been doing with all that money? Paying it to solar companies whose executives give them campaign contributions and ensure their protection from their companies going bankrupt while the taxpayer is left holding the bag?

  4. Write your congressman, I have. Tell them no more deficit spending until a full independent audit of Stimulus funds is completed. We want to know where our money went. We don’t believe Obama. He lied before and he’s doing it again. He is not proposing a jobs bill, it’s a tax bill.

  5. If it is need of so much repair, maybe we should have fixed it with some of that money he wasted on the solar panels!!! Obama is a shithead.

  6. Interesting rhetoric here, looks like another GOP member who can dish it but cant take the heat back……always the victim give me a break. Obama 2012 shove it down these obstructionists throats or put a put boot on it.

    1. And I love this debate over fiscal responiblity please inform who was in charge who decided to repeal pay go, go into two wars unfunded, pass an unfunded prescription drug bill but hey lets just keep pointing the finger seems to be getting a lot done in the worst congress in history the 112th. Until people realize both parties are too blame we are going to be in for a mess.

        1. Andrew#1 says: Obama 2012 shove it down these obstructionists throats or put a put boot on it.

          Rational response? Progressive thugs who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

          1. Susan Welcome to the party! Thanks for doing what I would expect replying with a stupid saying or quote! You guys are really good at that but unfortunately I like fact. Well I knew those quotes would get all you irrational people going. So let me guess you would prefer complete deregulation of everything, a flat tax and corp. tax breaks right? Those are the answer to saving our economy? Correct?

  7. If Obama knows of bridges that are ready to collapse and will do nothing about it unless his jobs bill is passed than one of two things needs to be done ASAP. Either Obama releases the information on those bridges to the public or Congress starts impeachment proceedings against him for willfully putting the public at risk for political advantage.

    1. He’s telling the public now, and it’s up to the Teabaggers in the House to pass the American Jobs Bill, so that bridge, and others can be fixed.

        1. GOP knows huh? How about the 5 Trillion in debt handed to Obama, you guys keep bashing the stimulus but how about we talk about a bigger drain on long term deficit the Bush tax cuts where are all those jobs? Oh wait we lost over 8 Million jobsduring 07-09 (I know most GOP members never took an economics class but short term stimulus spending has no affect on the long term debt, in addition this round is being paid for and includes some tax cuts but wierd the answer is still no), was the GOP the same party that had a VP of the US say “reagan proved deficits dont matter”? I know you guys hate history and facts but the hypocrisy of your own party is sickening. I think the dems are retarded as well but right now it is choosing between the lesser of two evils and if you honestly believe the GOP cares about anyone besides Corporations or as you call them citizens and the top 2% than you are a fool.

          1. Who was the party that repealed pay go? Since all you tea baggers love to talk about paying for things, this was one of the reason we had a surplus in the 90’s is that politicians actually had to submit a funding package with every bill but who repealed that? Oh yes the party that claims to be fiscally responsible. Our party system is broken that is the bottomline.

          2. When Blitzer asked about a man on life support who couldn’t pay for it, the Teabaggers shouted “let him die”. These Republican-Tea Party hacks don’t care about anything except money, their money.

          3. Andrew, those red states did not bow to the “leader” therefore they get no funding. The Gop has not made any economic policies since Jan 3 2007. This is all on your leaders back.

          4. By the way, Texas is doing pretty well on it’s own without “skin” money from the “leader”. Isn’t Texas Southern? Oh your link goes to another leftist site. No Wonder. You need to get out of your Mom’s basement and cash some of those checks you get for spewing all this Marxist / left wing BS.

          5. Let me tell you something about the little Texas Miracle it is a shame ask Ron Paul on of your own……The truth about Rick Perry’s “miracle in Texas” Paul was asked if Perry should get credit for Texas’ job growth. Not only did Paul say no, he said that under Perry, his taxes have doubled, the state’s debt has tripled (Is hidden by the $6 Billion in stimulus Perry used to “balance budget”), and 170,000 of the state’s new jobs were government jobs. And wasnt he a former Democrat and one of the biggest supporters of Hillarycare in 94…..

          6. Well you got me on that one, But you know I can read and I can comprehend what I read. It was 5.1 Billion and it was not used to bail out, it was used in the areas within the graph. So you really are a typical lib because use are unable to comprehend what you read. Just like the MSM you contort information in front of you to your disadvantage.

          7. Texas has no state income tax. Property and sales taxes (state wise ) have not doubled. The only taxes that have increased are the ones on my small business,Federal, tabacco, Federal, and now the EPA a Federal Agency is trying to cram more taxes on the business which will be passed on to the consumers. Ron Paul did not tell the truth unless he had some windfall profit.

  8. If Obama knew this bridge was bad before and after his $800 Billion Stmulus in 2009 then why did he make sure it was fixed? There are unspent funds from that 2009 Stimulus that Obama can use to fix the bridge now. Obama is such a phoney and fraud. He can fix that bridge now (should say it 18 times obnoxiuously Obama did during his Joint Session Campaign Speech for “Save the Obama Job Now Jobs Bill”.).

  9. Of course the President should travel to this bridge, why shouldn’t he? Boehner, McConnell and that smart-assed Cantor are obstructionists, and nothing more. The President should travel to potential infrastructure projects in every Republican-Tea Party district in the country. If this GOP-TP, do-nothing congress, won’t pass the American Jobs Bill the constituents in those districts and states should know who is holding this country back.

    This President has been far too kind to the terrorists who are now in control of the House. It’s about time the President “manned up” and “stood up” for the American middle class.

        1. Anyone who disagrees with me does not check their facts….Dem’s attack with no data behind thier argument …EVER! Goodbye Obumbler…we’ve had enough.

          1. Interesting james because you have yet to actually put up any facts yet but just make absurd statements. Here are some facts for you the Bush Admin lost 8 million jobs from jan 07 to jan 09 (when the keys to the shit hole were handed to Obama), in addition, Obama extended the “job creating” Bush tax cuts still waiting for those jobs……And I am still waiting for a response above.

      1. Jamesdean sweet man, how about you actually respond with out an insult, oh let me guess you have no evidence to back up anything you have said. All the GOP does is bitch but yet provide zero answer but taxs cuts and deregulations… did that work out for the US from 2000-2006?

        1. It worked absolutely wonderfully in the 80″ after Leader Carter screwed everything up. Jimmy is so proud of Obama because he is no longer the absolute worst American President in History.
          “Man is not free unless Government is limited”
          ” I can sum up Government in 3 phrases… If it moves tax it, If it keeps moving regulate it, if it stops moving subsidize it”
          The Last Great Statesman with Common Sense-Ronald Reagan

          1. Interesing TX, did you know that Reagan left office with the biggest decifit at that time in the history of America? Did you know that his biggest regret was running up such a large deficit? Did you know that Ronald Reagan is nothing like all you hot air teabaggers and also raised taxes during a recession?

          2. I mean seriously arguing with righties is a past time and soo easy because majority of you just are blow hearts who claim to love america more than anyone else, but would rather watch Fox News instead of actually picking up a book to read.

          3. Einstein Andrew, Reagan made the same mistake as most trustworthy Conservatives make. He made a deal with Tip O’Neil. Raise a little tax here and we will cut later. The cuts never came thus the deficit. Same happened to Bush Sr. I hope the next President reads history or remembers those days. Reagan cut corporate and individual income taxes which caused one of the greatest recoveries in the shortest amount of time in American History. I was there. I remember the even /odd day gas rationing of Carter. When the crisis of the liberal day was, “The world only has 20 yrs of fossil fuel left” kinda like this global warming scam.

        2. The years 2000-2006 went as well as could be expected after America suffered an attack by Muslim extremists on 9/11/2001. Your guy’s spitting out an average of 10 regulations per day. How can anyone run a business without violating one of his layers of regulations? He uses them to pick and choose the winners and losers in business. Ask the CEO of Gibson Guitars about that proven fact.

  10. Chris Matthews on Hardball about a month or so ago suggested that the president do just this very thing. Go into the Republican districts and find a bridge that was in bad need of repair and dare the Republicans to not provide the money to fix the bridge. Guess Chris Matthews is an adviser to the White House.

    1. Good, you should clean house, get rid of every obstructionist in the House. Get rid of the people who’s only objective is to see that President Obama isn’t reelected. Everyone’s objective should be to get Americans working, so they can create demand, which will create more jobs. Right now the problem is, there is little demand in the market place. The top 2% who earn 50% of wages, cannot consume enough products and services to create demand for the suffering middle class who don’t have jobs or are living on shrinking incomes.

      Wake up America…The Tea Party is The Enemy Within!

  11. Yesterday N.C.STATE “I love you too” Pep Rally:

    OBAMA: “There are 153 structurally deficient bridges that need to be repaired. Four of them are near here on or around the Beltline. Why would we wait to act until another bridge falls?” (applause)

    I don’t live in NC but if he came to my town and told me there were four “structurally deficient bridges” in MY town I’d expect him to name them and have the Sec. of Transportation, Interior, Bridge Czar -whoever’s in charge to close said bridges. This is patently cruel.

    1. The repairs have to be made by the states, not the federal government. The states are claiming they don’t the revenue to make the repairs. That’s why he wants their Congressman and Senators to pass the American Jobs Bill.

      It’s up to state inspectors to determine if a state bridge is safe. A bridge can be “structurally deficient”, and not closed. The inspectors make that call.

  12. I am a civil engineer and one of our primary areas of interest is infrastructure. In fact, it is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night.

    If you drove across our fruited plain over the last two years you might have noticed an extensive amount of repaving of our roads. That is where a large portion of Stimulus 1 went. It is highly visible and doesn’t take much engineering to make it happen. It also doesn’t add many jobs. Feels good to see and drive on but stimulate it does not. Bumpy roads are more stimulating!

    1. You mean the crooked faced twit that Obumbler trots out to try and cover his ass? You mean him….he’s a laughing stock also….he’ll be flippin burgers in 13 months.

  13. This is completely bogus. If you want to see a bridge in disrepair that two governments have been working on trying to fix, in conjunction with the Federal government, it’s the Columbia River bridge connecting Portland, ORE to Vancouver, WA. The bridge is at risk of being scrapped because the locals’ money forecast is shrinking and the feds aren’t kicking in additional funds to help. Now, I have problems with that bridge project, but reading this story and thinking about this west coast bridge, it is clear to me that Obama is easily playing politics with this. I hate these kind of stunts by politicians. Hate it.

    1. Just what do you hate? The President is asking for money to fix “structurally deficient” bridges, and he’s pointing out a few of the bridges that are “structurally deficient”. Just what do you hate about that?

          1. If President Bush ‘used the troops for props’ why do he and Laura still volunteer to participate in benefits for them? The Bush’s are devoted to the military, and spend a good deal of their retirement time proving that. Bet Barry & Mooch won’t be looking back at them when he gets the boot in 2012.

            Heard today he initially denied Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who is a Marine veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, to attend the Medal of Honor ceremony for Marine Cpl. Dakota Meyer. It wasn’t until he was called out by The Hill that he changed his mind.

  14. Please dont make me laugh, I have chapped lips. There is nothing President Obama can do now to diss anyone Keith, he no longer has that type of power.

  15. This is where the Ohio governor needs to get a repair crew out at the bridge on the same day and schedule a overhaul to bring the bridge back up to spec. It would be a good slap in the smart A## street organizers face.

  16. Mr President, you act childish and you remind me of a boy who can not get money for his candies and decided to create diversion in the store and still some anyway. When he got caught, he put the blame on the store owner for not locking the candies behind the counter and allowed him to commit the crime and become criminal.
    Same analogy, our President is blaming the Congress for not allowing him the money to spend in his own candy store and turns around and blames Boehner and Mitchel as obstructionists to his happiness.He does not see anything wrong with it as long he gets the money, who will pay for it is not important, he will be gone long after we continue pay for his mistakes.

    1. You’re right, two and a half years later we are ALL PAYING FOR GEORGE BUSH’S MISTAKES. Bush decided to give huge take breaks (twice) to the top 2%, start two wars, and pass a huge entitlement program, without paying for any of it. The bridges and roads in this country are decaying now, because the former President didn’t bother to make infrastructure repair a priority. His priority was making his rich cronies even richer.

  17. Maybe this twerp of a president should know the local politics of rebuilding this bridge and how it’s been discussed for years and Ohio and KY are waiting on federal approval of already appropriated funds. Asking for money on this bridge for his Son of Stimulus II bill will do exactly nothing for jobs. What a schmuck and POS.

  18. Traveling to a decrepit bridge in need of repair is a “shot” at the Republican leaders? The same Republican leaders whose #1 priority is NOT COOPERATING w the President? Just curious, did you write any articles about John Boehner weeping about 911 workers during a session of Congress, and then voting”NO” on the bill that wouldve given them money? Did you write articles about George Bush FABRICATING reasons to go to war, which has cost us BILLIONS? I trust you did. But you are right, how dare Obama visit a bridge! What an uncooperative jerk! I mean it’s not as if they have referred to him as a TERRORIST, SOCIALIST, and NON-AMERICAN. Visiting a bridge that could collapse and kill people .. he is just such an idiot. Great article!!

    1. BOB, BOB, BOB


  19. Is there anyone who still believes that Obama wants a working relationship with Republicans over creating issues for his reelection. Flash> Everything that comes out of his mouth, his Admin. mouth, every action, everything you hear and see is geared toward Obamas reelection.

  20. This juvenile administration thinks it can pull these stunts and fool everyone with a flimsy denial. My estimate of the level of their childishness gets lower as time goes on. It seems that nothing is beneath them, and they think they are fooling everyone with their foolishness. Gosh, it will be good to get an adult back into the White House.

  21. “the White House had chosen the bridge to slight the Speaker” this line is a load of BS and they think we will buy it! Obama you and your clan are out the door and the Democrates need to get their party back. Never in my life have I seen such down right disreguard for the American people. May God bless this country and move us back to values and honor.

  22. Perhaps if they had not rushed the over $500 million loan to the company that just declared bankruptcy, they could have fixed the bridge already!!!

  23. The insults are planned – The “Jobs Bill” was never supposed to be passed – Congress was supposed to reject it so Obammy could blame them for the depression. Don’t think it will work like everything else this guy does.

  24. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

  25. The only thing transparent about Obama and his administration are their very clumsy, inept and mean spirited attempts to rely on the Alinsky Rule 13 ridicule (un)principle. If they can take a cheap shot….they will. Tells you alot about the character of the leadership involved…there isn’t much.

        1. “Joseph” is going by half a dozen different names right now…must be his “assignment” for the day so he can report back to AttackWatch.

  26. So let’s see: none of the other stimulus plans have done jack as far as employment and productivity are concerned, perhaps because most of the money was used to prop up the teachers union, labor unions and to fund that most productive of systems, unemployment. The administration is remarkably silent on the real cause of unemployment – ObamaCare. No one’s hiring right now because they’re still not sure which of their future employees will bankrupt their company. Obama has sewn enough fear, uncertainty and dread to paralzye an entire country. Pretend that isn’t it, it doesn’t matter. Talk to any small business owner. Democrats, ask your friends if they know any, or have a libertarian introduce you to one.

    1. Right buddy. Let’s see. Losing 600k jobs per month w/o one. Adding 200k plus with one. I know math isn’t a GOP strong point so lemme do it for you. That is almost a one million job swing per month.

      Now lets look at what austerity measures have done for us. Nothing. Lets look at what they did for Europe. Nothing. Lets looks at what they did for us under Hoover. Great Depression.

      Once again, I know that unless it’s Revisionist History, history isn’t the GOP strong suit but c’mon.

      1. What austerity measures are you talking about? Obama has gotten everything he has wanted out of Boehner and McConnell. If this wannabe dictator gets these two to roll over and play dead again by passing stealth taxes (i.e., home mortgage interest deduction elimination), we really could compare Obama to Hoover. Hoover had the bright idea of raising taxes with the Revenue Act of 1932, which resulted in sinking us further into a depression.

  27. So, is there a detailed, already engineered, permitted and ready to go plan to fix the bridge or is this one of those “shovel ready projects” like before that would take years before the money could get spent?

  28. He’ll find that it is more indicative of the erosion of the nobama’s abilities and intellectual prowess. nobama can’t stay in DC long enough to look at, try to understand, and provide solutions (that are realistic) for correction of the huge problems he has created for the United States in the last 3 years. He is always on the road, campaigning and giving boring speeches. The last thing the United States needs is ANOTHER, speech from the campaigner-in-chief.


  29. A move to “slight the Speaker”? Hardly. More like hitting him where it counts. All politics is personal and if that leathered air bag isn’t going to actually try and work with the White House to put Americans back to work then so be it.

    But don’t vote against infrastructure plans that will put people back to work just because you want to protect the uber-rich. And if you do, then you can explain to constituents in your own state why they are still unemployed.

    1. The Brent Spence Bridge project doesn’t start until 2015, so it should be pretty easy for them to explain to their constituents that this bill is nothing more than Obama pipe dreams. Rainbows and unicorns for the clueless.

  30. So then Why doesn’t he or his Transportation Secretary close the bridge and fix it with money from the last critical, jobs stimulus? He the boss right? He should close the bridge and repair it. Stop using these things for political leverage. Do your job A–hole!

  31. It does not matter what Obama does before the 2012 elections he is one and done. Obama can lie all he wants, but behind the scenes his Obamaucray is busily passing job killing and economy numbing regulations. The massive load of regulations cannot be withdrawn or changed prior to 2012.

    Carter was beaten by Anybody Butcarter, and carried only 4 States in his beat down. Obama will face an even tougher candidate in Anybody Butobama and will be lucky to carry 4 States. The Democratic Party has shifted so much towards the progressives that Blue Dogs and moderates have abandoned them. It is now the New Democratic Progressive Union Socialist Communist Party, which may not exist much longer. Will we see the formation of a new political party for the first time since the Civil War in 2012/13? Stay tuned!

  32. Nothing in Washington is NOT political. There is no way this was not targeted to bring discredit to Mitch, and the Speaker. Dirty politics – the kind that Obama promised he wouldn’t participate in have become his style. He is nothing but a dirty punk Chicago political goon. He has no choice but to use base tactics because he has no positive record or policy to rely on. What a sorry man and an even sorrier Presidency.

  33. Back in 1992, I made one of my major career blunders, and was a broker for Edward D. Jones. I was a lousy salesman, but was really good at picking stocks. Clinton was making a big deal in 1992 about rebuilding the infrastructure and I, coming out of a career working with construction companies, put a couple of the few clients I had in Clark Equipment. If I recall, they got in at 18 and Clark was bought out by someone at 77. Rebuilding our infrastructure, like energy independence, is something that politicians always talk about but nothing is ever done.

  34. Why do we need to give BILLIONS of dollars to fix bridges?? I see two problems with this.

    1. The taxes I pay per gallon of gas is to pay for roads and bridges that I drive on each and every day. At $4.00 per gallon they are raking in billions already.
    2. Construction workers can work, but not on my dime, unless I hire them to fix something in my home. We have a road to fix, great we pay for these guys for 3 Montserrat to repave this road, then they go on unemployment again. Another stimulus fund is asked for again and they are put to work for 3 more months and back on unemployment once again.

    Instead of giving temporary jobs to this group help let private companies pull up the country and in turn this will help drive road projects, not the other way.

    The government can’t create a job if our lives depended on it, unless it is another government job and obame has been great at expanding government.

    I can’t wait until this loser is out.

    1. Silly me I thought the first Trillion dollars was for Bridge building and Shovel ready Projects ?
      I have had the strong beliefs for some time Obama has no idea what so never he is doing ? Especially in a Terrible way to this Country .
      Harming us every way possible not just economically but positive attitudes as well . The one thing that made America the greatest country on EARTH before Obama told the world we were not 37 different times around the world .
      Lose Obama … America comes fighting back , guaranteed !

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