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Obama Disses Both Boehner and McConnell in One Stroke

President Obama’s decision to travel next Thursday to the failing Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati is a remarkable slap at both House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at the very moment Obama says he is trying to work with the GOP leadership to pass a jobs bill.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced the trip during today’s briefing, calling the bridge “functionally obsolete” and in “need of so many significant repairs.” Obama will showcase the bridge as an example of the work projects that can be targeted by his American Jobs Act proposal.

The bridge connects Cincinnati with Covington, Kentucky, making Obama’s highlighting of its disrepair bad public relations for both McConnell – the Republican senator from Kentucky – and Boehner.

While not within Boehner’s Eighth Congressional District, it’s just a few miles away, and the television coverage from local Cincinnati news outlets of Obama’s visit will be beamed directly into populous area’s of the Speaker’s district.

The clear effort to put Boehner and McConnell on the spot comes just six days after the president’s trip last Friday to the Richmond district of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, where Obama launched his effort to sell the American Jobs Act outside of Washington.

Carney denied that the White House had chosen the bridge to slight the Speaker.

It’s a bridge that’s in great need of repair. It’s a bridge that’s relatively easy to get to from Washington. It’s a bridge — you know, it’s a bridge that…

It’s Obama second trip to Ohio, a key presidential swing state, to promote his jobs plan.

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  1. Apparently rational conversation with these libtards is not working, perhaps this will be more effective….


    Amazing how short a libs memory is!!

    The easiest way to win a debate with a libtard is to just use their own words and shut up.

      1. Can you elaborate your point?

        We Conservatives didn’t go to Harvard, so the reality touches much slower to us.

        Just answer Marmaduke’s question.
        Do you know which roads and bridges were repaired from the first Stimulus?
        Why did the sky fall only after Obama’s Vineyard vacation?

      2. I call it like I see it…
        See folks, this is a perfect example of the libtard, just attack your opponent with no facts.

        Like you said BG, just answer the question.

        We were told over two years ago how the sky was falling and we “needed” this stimulus…blah,blah,blah. Even today, he is proving all of us right. The first stimulus was a ruse that was basically a slush fund for the Hypocrat party!

        Out of touch is EXACTLY where you and the rest of the Obamaton’s are!

          1. What in the world does this prove? Poverty has INCREASED since your boy Hussein has been in office. If Bush were in office you would be SCREAMING “BUSH’S FAULT”. By the way, save 2 or 3 of the states, what do most of these have in common in reference to poverty rates?
            Plenty of Obama voters!!! They continue to vote these Hypocrites in and expect a different outcome, that is the definition of insanity!
            By the way, what does this article prove anyway? You are using this to illustrate faile Republican policies?

          2. Will you retards stop with you Ben Franklin quotes jesus, in addition, really plenty of voters? That is interesting because outside of North Carolina Mccain actually won all these states. Want to talk about insanity? “Tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts” where has that gotten us?

          3. Yea, just hand the money to Andrew, he know how to spend our money better than we do.
            What have tax cut’s gotten us?
            How about full employment more money in the treasury.
            Again, facts to a libtard are irellevant.
            It was the Hypocrats that controlled Fannie and Freddie.
            It was the Hypocrats that spend us to oblivion.
            It was the Hypocrats that screamed about deficits when Bush was President but are now silent when Hussein is spending 4 times Bush!
            Just pull your old tired playbook out and preach to us about fairness and compassion while spending the money YOU DONT EARN!!!

          4. “Just pull your old tired playbook out and preach to us about fairness and compassion while spending the money YOU DONT EARN!!!”

            I have one question.

            How much $$$ does the US military earn?

            So, do you agree there are services we require that do not generate revenue?

            Do you see where this is going yet?

          5. Andrew. Arkansas has a democrat govenor. Don’t worry about the kids getting health care in this state. Beebe has taxed the smokers so much to pay for insurance for them and others. I mean illegals. Arkansas was doing better in my opinion till the hoards of illegals moved in. Ask me how I know and I will tell you I was born here. That does not answer us on what bridges and highways were fixed by anything Obama has done. I just want to know. Do you Love Obama. The man with no actual Jobs Bill? I guess we must pass it to see what’s in it hahahahahaha. Get real.

          6. By the way…it’s Blow Hards…not Blow Hearts. BTW, most Southern states do have GOP governors…but the state congress (House & Senate) are run by the dems…just thought you would want the facts.

          7. Given that Obama’s policies have increased poverty to levels unseen in decades, is that really the topic you want to bang on about? Moreover, it’s Democrat policies that have put places like Detroit, Illinois, California and New York at the edge of the cliff. For all your crying out Southern states, Northerners are fleeing those “paradises” further north to move there.

          8. the only thing I see that this shows is how much money was spent in these areas I saw nothing to show that any of that money did anything to fix the problem. typical liberal stats, all you have to do is show that you spent the you don’t have to prove that it helped.

        1. Oh yes coming back with quote from a founding father, you must love America more then dems who are just wild socialist who want all your money right? How about an actual response?

    1. The first stimulus bill was loaded with useless tax breaks because the Republicans demanded them.

      If Republicans got out of the way, we could pass significant jobs legislation.

      But they don’t want to decrease unemployment because it would make Obama look good. They’ve said it themselves.

        1. Again with this WSJ pieces that re-inforces what we have been saying.
          Poverty is up under Hussein’s watch and those in poverty in these states VOTED FOR HIM!!!

      1. Tony – you are an idiot. Meet me at the bike racks at 3:30 and I intend to kick some sense into your sorry butt. Problems and blame to go around for both parties, no doubt about that. But the real issue today is very very simple. Government IS NOT THE ANSWER. Not more democrat government, not more republican government. More of it is not the answer. More fiddling by government is not the answer. Obama counldn’t pass a high school economics class he and his egghead advisors are so stupid. They are all jerks and dopes. And since he is the head jerk and head dope, he is mostly to blame. It is that simple. Virtually everything he has done, is doing, and intends to do is destructive to the underlying strength and foundation of this country. Either he is too stupid to realize it or he is doing it on purpose. It is irrelevant which it is because the result is the same. There has never been a more underqualified, childish, grow government, meddling, pathetic president surrounded by a similarily underqualified, childish, government growing, meddling, pathetic set of aids, advisors and kling ons.

        It is that simple, they’re ideas and direction cannot be defended, and they have to go.

        Bike racks – 3:30.

      2. Did I miss something, or didn’t the dems have control of both houses when BHO passed the first stimulus. I don’t remember Nancy or Harry paying much attention to the GOP.

      3. The dems had control of Congress for Obama’s first 2 years, and they FAILED. So this blaming the Republicans for Obama’s failures is disingenuous. Dems count on voters having short, selective memories. Here’s another inconvenient truth: Dems had control of Congress since 2007 and Bush didn’t veto any of their bills, so really, we’ve been living under Democratic policies for quite some time, and they’ FAILED!

      4. Tony, Tony, Tony, and you too Andrew, Did you happen to see who voted for the first stimulus bill and who did not?
        The 246-183 roll call Friday by which the House passed a $787 billion economic stimulus bill. A “yes” vote is a vote to pass the measure.
        Voting yes were 246 Democrats and no Republicans.
        Voting no were seven Democrats and 176 Republicans.
        Get your facts straight before looking like a complete a$$clown.
        Not one republican voted for that bill. So, it must have been the democrats thet were all for the tax breaks.

        Also, look at what Maobamas NLRB is doing to Boeing. NO new jobs for the Carolina’s because of this administration.
        Do you guys EVER put country first? Or is it party first and f#@k the rest?

  2. Obama is not about to admit defeat nor is he about admitting the mistakes he has made – Even if the bridge needs repaired, it would probably be cheaper to have it done with overseas help than with Union labor. That’s just the way it is – 2012 can’t come soon enough

    1. How can you say what you do, and then talk about “Twenty Twelve”???

      He plans on going NOWHERE and he will either suspend or steal the election. How in the world can you people talk about how crooked and evil he is and then turn around and pin all your hopes on an election that you KNOW he will steal?? He has his “people’s army” out in force now, comprised of flash mobs and union thugs. Just wait until their “Day of Rage” coming up. Let him ration fuel and food, seize internet and cell phone access, confiscate some weapons, “legalize” some more illegals and by time you realize the people need to unite and remove him, you will find he has removed all abilities to do so.

      1. AMEN, Brother!! Preach it!!

        bho is a USURPER to the office of POTUS!!

        bho is NOT a “natural born Citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution!! Art. II, Sec. 1, par. 5:
        “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;”

        AND please don’t be IGNORANT enough to think that anyone today meets the “grandfather” clause of “or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution”!!

  3. What’s “functionally obsolete” is the economic programs pushed by the tax cheat, the dollar counterfeiter and the oh-so-brainy Harvard Law grad.

  4. Since the government already collects tax on every gallon of gas that you purchase and this tax is ear-marked for road and bridge repair – why has this not been addressed yet.

    The government is at fault here completed, from the top down. It does not matter that it happened before his watch – he is the president and has the responsibility along with all members of congress – at the federal level and the blame can be shared with those at the state level.

    The president is grasping at anything he can to hold on to his job – he will lose.

  5. the more obama is rejected, the more obstinent, vindictive, vicious and DANGEROUS he will become

    he is a chicago gangster thug, nothing more, nothing less

    the point at which he realizes that he will not be reelected is the point at which he will become most dangerous

    God knows what he will do to us during the lame duck!

    1. I believe even the stupid dems want to be re-elected. If they see their man doing anything too bad it might be better for their future jobs if they stopped him. They brought this problem on us so they must be the ones to fix it. Let them try him for treason. I really don’t care what they do as long as they wake up and do something.

  6. I am sure there is a construction company close by that would love to have the job!!! All they need is to ask for bids??????? they do not need the government sticking their nose into something they know nothing about!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Carney denied that the White House had chosen the bridge to slight the Speaker.

    come on now. every step of this trip has been carefully thought out. you know any opportunity for political leverage will be taken. they knew darn well whose state they’re in.

  8. I don’t mind repairing America’s infrastructure. What I do mind is how 3 of those projects in my neighborhood are working. the east span of the bay bridge- it was originally supposed to cost $1B now were up to $6B and it is 10 yrs late and not even terror cognizant! Bart to Oak connector- it is a $500M project where a $50-60M project would have sufficed, the fare will be 2-3x what it currently is. The central subway in SF, a $1.7B project to go 1.7 miles that’s right $100M for each 1/10 of a mile- ridiculous, and it will be 8 stories underground, SF does not need it, the taxpayers don’t need to spend silly on projects like these- we need to spend $ wisely in these times, and in all times. Who benefits? union labor….and I’m not even begrudging union labor but do projects that make sense!

  9. Hmmm….seems to me if it was that needed and urgent it could have been fixed with the $800,000,000 stimulus he previoulsy had (wasted). Guess it wasn’t one of those “Shovel Ready” jobs then but is now?

  10. Nothing surprises coming from this president. If the bridges that he talks about are in such bad shape as to be dangerous, it is his responsibility to see that they are closed down. And, by the way, wasn’t that what a good amount of the trillion dollar stimulous supposed to take care of. No one seems to be able to tell us what that massive amount of money was spent on. I think every one of the more than one hundred fifty bridges identified by Mr. Obama yesterday should be identified and closed down. We cannot pour more money down that rat hole.

  11. I have an idea: let’s get the people who are receiving welfare benefits and people on unemployment already and have them work to fix the infrastructure. As a bonus, we can increase their stipends for actually doing work! Now, not to be cruel: those on unemployment would probably welcome the work…so, they would also be able to take time for interviews and job searches…2 to 3 hours in the mornings to search for work…and necessary time for interviewing. Those on long term gov’t assistance would have to prove that they want work to get these benefits…in fact, make 20 to 30 hours work a week be required of welfare recipients…we’d solve a lot of problems!

    1. Or, let’s get some of the non-violent criminals out of the prisons to do the work and save some of the $35,000.00 + a year we spend on keeping them in the “gym and libraries”. No libs, they cannot join the unions or ACORN.

  12. A “Functionally obsolete” bridge refers to a bridge’s inability to meet current standards for managing the volume of traffic it carries, not its structural integrity. For example, a bridge may be functionally obsolete if it has narrow lanes, no shoulders, or low clearances. So this is pure political crapola from Obama.

  13. It the bridge is “functionally obsolete,” then perhaps it should have been repaired during Simulus I. After all, wasn’t Simultus I looking for a shovel ready project?

  14. To say that this particular bridge wasn’t chosen to slight the Speaker, is disingenuous. That is the VERY reason it was chosen. According to DoT, there are thousands of bridges in need of repair. This is the closest one he could find to that big white house he’s never at?
    The purpose of this trip is two fold. To somehow embarrass Boehner, as if he himself was charged with personally maintaining the bridge; and as a taxpayer funded campaigning trip disguised as a cheerleading session for the so-called “jobs bill.” Why doesn’t he call it what it really is, payback to his union friends who contributed to his campaign?
    His blatant flouting of the laws of the land is mind-boggling, but what’s more disturbing is the free pass he gets with the media and ill-informed public.

  15. Wasn’t that sad sad bridge shovel ready 2 years ago? Was it recently broken? We citizens have been paying for highway maintenance with our fuel tax for decades. There should not be any bridges needing anything. Will Obama travel in our new buses, imported from Canada to look at the poor, sad, broken bridge? 2 million plus that was wasted on the buses, plus the millions spent on vacations would go some to get that bridge feeling better. What do the DOT reports for the past few years say about the bridge? Did Bush or Darth Vader break it before they left office?

  16. Another perfect example of the Boy President not working with congress, and then blaming the Republicans , Oh ITs GEORGE BUSH again

    TEA and More TEA

  17. Sure, “Its a bridge that’s relatively easy to get to from Washington”….From TBD, the ABC blog in D.C. “Of the 244 bridges in the district, the report reveals 30 are “structurally deficient.” This means more than 12 percent of D.C.’s bridges are in need of repair.” How much does this cost the taxpayers.
    Two Words – “STAY HOME”

  18. Color me silly as I “cling to my guns or religion”, but wasn’t that first so-called stimulus supposed to help the economy by creating several, immediate projects within states (something just like this), which would in turn create jobs? So exactly what did we pay for out of our hard earned money? Besides pay offs to Obama backers and million dollar “green” golf carts, that is? Obviously not to quickly create jobs and fix the bridges which are in such dilapidated condition. Speaking of which, I’m positive there are several such bridges and roadways much closer to DC. Sorry, I don’t buy the stammered excuses of his lackey, nor do I believe this whole “Jobs Package” is about actually creating jobs, but rather about his campaign. If he was serious, if he meant what he said, if he truly did want to help, he wouldn’t gallivant off to stump on a broken bridge that is already slated to be repaired, where he will beg voters to believe he’s right and everyone else, including any who might question his greatness and sincerity, are corrupt, evil, and wrong.

  19. Let me see if I understand – the egregious error here is the President pointing out that this vital bridge needs infrastructure upgrades? The exact kind of “shovel ready” jobs he was criticized for not championing sufficiently in the stimulus budgets. And he “dissed” the two men because this bridge fell apart in their backyards?

    This is roughly analogous to a teacher “dissing” students when they catch them cheating. Its not the teacher’s fault for noticing, its the student’s fault for cheating. You don’t want to be “disssed” handled your business.

    It’s this sort of pass-the-responsibility excuse making that is changing right-leaning blogs like this one from responsible opposition opinion shapers into cheap apologists and sycophants.

    There was no story here except a bridge that needs fixing and jobs to do it in districts that need it.

    1. However in this case the “teacher” spent $800 billion last year on a program to eliminate cheating in his school, and now wants to go back again and create a $400 billion program to eliminate cheating in his school…AAAHHH!!!!!

    2. It is not like the bridge is crumbling. The term ‘functionally obsolete’ should give you the first clue. The American taxpayer shouldn’t be footing the bill for Ohio and Kentucky to get a new bridge. Regardless, construction doesn’t start on the bridge until 2015. How is that going to help the unemployed of today?

      It’s this sort of burying-your-head-in-the-sand mentality that is keeping progressives from facing the truth.

  20. When did that bridge between Ohio and Kentucky become “functionally obsolete”?

    Last month?

    If it was “functionally obsolete” two years ago why didn’t DOT fund the repairs from 2009 Stimulus? What’s holding up the repairs?

  21. What a tool. If the country hadn’t blown all its money on paying people not to work, there might be money to fix the bridge. Guess the bridge is the victim of the week for this sales pitch.

  22. Oh come on Barry! Do you think this makes you look better and will help your chances at reelection, or passing your stupid ‘jobs bill’?
    “Pass this NOW! Pass this NOW!” What a fool. What a political dunderhead.

  23. And today, the Speaker says, perhaps we can work with the WH. Yikes. When will these establishment Pubs finally realize, we do not want you to work with this dunce, we want his policies and ideology defeated. Win John, win.

  24. Let him keep speaking. The public is sick of him and it’s all blah, blah, blah at this point. He’s digging a deeper hole word by word. And, please, let’s stop the charade that all of this, including the joint session, is his 2012 campaign. We taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for this travel.

  25. What is wrong with our President. why he just not ask for approval of Congress to fix that specific bridge, why must he need $450 Billions to give away to the unions in order to get appropriation for that specific bridge.
    Power grab, hypocrisy, megalomania, country destroyer and splitter, that is all I hear from this President. He will never create a single job with such attitude.

  26. Another one of his “shovel ready” projects that are not very shovel ready as he and his job Czar recently admitted there are many of!

    Smart politics but will do nothing for immediate job creation or the economy! Only people it would help are AFL-CIO union mobsters that pull all the strings in this administration! Obama is totally incapable of doing anything original and proved it again with the most recent $500 porkulus bill and his many solid (ha!) one trillion plus dollars in loan guarantees he has forced thru for all his other political hacks and cronies!

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