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Let the DNC Pay for Obama’s Pep Rallies

Mr. President, are we finished paying for your pep rallies? I mean, you were like the Homecoming King this week.

President Obama went to Columbus, Ohio Tuesday to speak to children at a high school about his new jobs act.

The president spoke to these adoring teenagers for 17 minutes! THAT’S ALL. And that includes being interrupted by the delirious crowd 44 times for applause, and several times for eruptions like, “Pass this bill! Pass this bill! Pass this bill! Pass this bill!”

You, taxpayer, flew him out there for this nonsense.

And then, silly people, you did it again!

The president jetted Wednesday to Raleigh, N.C., where he spoke to more star-struck young things at North Carolina State University.

This time we got 21 minutes out of him.

I’d say it’s a little more bang for the dollar, except that this time he was interrupted 72 times for applause, along with ample laughter and affirmations like, “I love you, Barack!”

You think I’m overstating this? From a report by WRAL in Raleigh.

Reynolds Coliseum took on a pep rally-like atmosphere in the hours before the speech as the N.C. State marching band played and the crowd rocked to the rhythm.

Thousands of N.C. State students lined up Tuesday to get tickets to Obama’s speech.

Why is he talking to children? Because he get’s interrupted by applause 72 times! I mean, seriously, why do you ask?

Adults realize that Obama is a faded rock star of questionable musical talent who had a couple of early hits but hasn’t been able to follow them up.

Another reason is that most of these impressionable kids will be old enough to vote in these key swing states, North Carolina and Ohio.

And, oh yeah, there’s the “jobs” bill.

26 Responses to Let the DNC Pay for Obama’s Pep Rallies

  1. This is a disgraceful misuse of our tax dollars, like everything this poser and his empress wanna-be “wife” does.

    Next he’ll be going to pre-schools, or better yet, hospital nurseries, the babies there are used to pablum and C*%p!

  2. I’ve read on other sites of those who are going to these shindigs and they are just so pleased to get to meet ‘a’ president. I’m horrified at the money this man speeds on his little trips, yet his masses think it’s just fine, he’s being presidential and all.

    Gag me.

  3. Disgusting! Too bad he’s not accountable for the cost of these campaign stops! I wonder if his handlers know how stupid all this looks to the main-stream voters?

  4. Sometimes it’s not clear if he’s narcissistic or has really low self-esteem. For me, it would be embarrassing for people so shout “I love you” while giving a speech. He eats it up. Either he thinks so highly of himself that it just feeds the ego or he thinks so little of himself that he needs it just to make it through the day. Very difficult to tell sometimes.

  5. I’ve seen a lot of presidents in my lifetime, but this guy takes the cake. I like Mike’s Milli Vanilli comparison. Only difference is we didn’t have to pay for Milli’s farcical tours.

  6. I find it very non-presidential for BHO to lean towards the mic’s and yell into them during these rallies. At times, I think that he is going to take a bite out them his mouth is so close and open.

    This seemed like the thing to do when he was whipping up the crowds 3 years ago and trying to get a carnival going during his campain stops.

    But he is the prez now. Can he not speak without looking like he is going to gnaw on the mic’s?

  7. The man is playing to a base of young people ( I read that the majority of those visiting the new website AttackWatch are 17-24 ) and all I can think of is the Nazi Youth who turned in their own parents. Any similarities? I certainly believe so.

    I am no longer amused. Quite frankly, this scares me to death.

  8. Keith,
    In advance I would like to reserve a copy of your book you will (or should) be releasing in 2012 chronicling the Life and Times of Barry “they love me, they really love me”, Obama.
    I know you are writing a non-fiction detailing every hilarious and zany moment during the Obama Comedy Tour. It just never ends.

  9. While these campaign/town hall/re-election pep rallies are being expensed to tax payers, don’t forget the cost of his Solyndra photo op…$530 million. Remember kids, it takes megabucks to keep the ego pumped up.

    • The definition of crony capitalism is Obama’s relationship with Solyndra. They had to have the loan signed and sealed so Biden could make the delivery and have that photo-op for him and the boss.

      The Solyndra loan was restructured just months before they went belly-up. As a part of the restructuring, investors were put in front of the taxpayer. As a result, Obama’s buddy gets his investment back, but we taxpayers get stuck holding the bag.

  10. This manchild has been nothing but a disgrace from the get go and should be jailed for all his abuses of power and the trillions of dollars whizzed away on this tired and broken down liberal fantasy land daydreaming.

    I’ve always said since day one this Obama family acts more like the Jefferson’s win the lotto than the first family. More proof lies here indeed.