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Quote of the Day || September 14, 2011

“Rick Perry wants to vaccinate young girls against Social Security. It’s atrocious”

– Michele Bachmann

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || September 14, 2011”

  1. Her indignation over the Guardasil subject during the debate may have been an almost instinctive way for her to grab some air time. And while it probably did come from the heart, it betrayed what I assume must be her efforts to be considered a candidate with real gravitas as opposed to someone who simply peddles tea party ear candy (Make Barack Obama a One. Term. President.). She simply sounded whiney to me.

    I do not recall that the executive order that Perry signed was ever put into effect, as it met with plenty of objections and resistance right here in TX. Ms Bachmann seemed to characterize it as having a long history with the vaccine having been forced on lots of little girls. I stand to be corrected, but I do not recall that it ever got as far as a dose being drawn into a syringe before it was rescinded by Perry. Someone else will have to do the research on that. I am tired of it and I think he has answered the objections and concerns. On to the next subject. His opponents who continue to hammer away on this will do so at their own peril as I suspect that many right leaning voters are ready to deal with more substantive matters. However, I stand to be corrected on that as well.

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