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Obama to Tout Jobs Act at Company that Outsources

President Obama today is visiting a small North Carolina manufacturing company that has outsourced half its workforce to Costa Rica and whose president is a Democratic politician who has contributed $2,000 to Obama.

WestStar Precision, a machine manufacturing firm headquartered in the Raleigh-Durham area, has a second plant located in San Jose, Costa Rica. There are 24 employees at each site, according to an NBC affiliate in Raleigh.

Ironically, Obama is traveling to the company’s headquarters to tout his new proposal to create jobs in the United States.

While he’s there, he can thank WestStar President Ervin Portman for his financial assistance.

According to the website, Portman, calling himself “Erv,” donated $1,000 to Obama on August 10, 2008. In a separate filing, “Ervin” Portman reported donating $1,000  to help fund Obama’s Inauguration.

Portman, who sits on the Board of Commissioners for Wake County, N.C., has also been a major contributor to other Democratic candidates.

In 2009-2010, Portman gave $5,000 to Democratic North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall’s failed campaign to unseat Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.). He also donated $250 to the successful 2008 campaign of Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.).

Portman’s company makes no secret of its outsourcing, touting its Costa Rican plant on its website.

Our new office and manufacturing facility in San Jose, Costa Rica, also has approximately 10,000 sq. ft. with similar equipment as the main office. This facility is designed for high volume production to support our international and domestic clients.

A big tip of the hat to one of our readers, Lizzy, who first alerted me to the Costa Rica plant.

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  1. I would like for Barry to demonstrate to us how the last stimulus bill was a success? Without lying, he simply cannot.
    Looks like his new snitch website will be awfully busy!

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  3. If only Obama would actually ask this business owner why they chose Costa Rica, and what could the Federal Government do to make choosing the US more appealling – and put that in a jobs plan.

  4. In order to impose a Socialistic Society, it’s first necessary to destroy any vestiges of free-market capitalism that are inherently antithetical to that objective. Barack Obama has been intensely schooled in the mechanics of such a transition since childhood; and, is systematically in pursuit of his life-long dream of a conversion of the epitome of free-market principles, America, to his Socialistic model. While incessantly attempting to obfuscate that obvious fact by his ad-nauseum teleprompter recitals on repeatedly failed methodologies for job creation, Obama has been methodically working ‘behind the bureaucratic cloak’ to implement a plethora of job destroying decrees that have stalled entrepreneurial incentives. Examples are multiplying on a geometric scale; but, let’s review a single distortion that is embedded in Obama’s latest assault on the intelligence of the American people. In his deceptively announced strategy to supposedly facilitate the hiring of long-term unemployed workers, Obama includes a provision that would allow the unemployed to sue employers who, after interview, fail to hire them ‘presumedly’ on the basis of their long-term absence from the workplace. Certainly, an opportune blessing for Obama’s sycophant Trial Lawyers; but, anathema to the job creation process. What employer, endowed with common sense, would expose himself to potential litigation by agreeing to interview the long-term unemployed under such a perilous millstone? Obama is not so stupid as not to recognize this obvious consequence. Beyond challenge, the ‘Deceiver-In-Chief’s’ objective is something other than job creation; and, the American people are awakening to that fact. Greg Neubeck

    1. Exactly… And I have said all along that he is doing the Country in on purpose. He wants us out of work. The more people that are hungry, homeless, desperate, and hopeless, the more people there will be with a handout in support of some government program to rescue us all. The more broke and socialistic we will be. And, the more on even terms with the rest of the world…they are coming up while our standards are being brought down. One problem, now, is that he can’t get elected again unless he can do something to represent an effort to put people to work. Even funnier… he;s forgotten he didn’t mind being a one term president, if he achieved his objectives.

  5. Excuse me …but no one should believe one word that this numsklull says…. he’s truly insane…he’s a for real mental case and what’s so very scary is that this very mentally ill person is the president and he is pounding the US into the abyss.

  6. Great scoop.

    Another demonstration not only of the crony capitalism for which this administration serves as the poster child, but also the failure of this Administration to grasp the problems facing employers and workers alike.

  7. Doesnt OBumbles ever quit campaigning? — thanks for that Lazrer Focus on Jobs – OVERSEAS – Guess you & Moochie will have an excuse to vacation in costa rica to politic on them jobs you created..2012 cannot get here fast enough

  8. Nothing new about this radical BHO, made his campaign for the job he now holds, as commander and THIEF that he would create jobs for all that wanted to work, but the one’s that voted him into office forgot to ask what country MR BHO was refuring to. Wake up people before America will become the USSR of the west.


    Perot Vindicated as NAFTA Causes Mass Outsourcing of Jobs | Print |
    MONDAY, 14 FEBRUARY 2011 17:18
    During his 1992 presidential campaign, Texan Ross Perot was maligned for his warning that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would cause many American jobs to be outsourced. But it turns out he was right about that “giant sucking sound.” NAFTA went into effect January 1, 1994, and the resultant suction of American jobs to points south — and ultimately west — has seemed almost audible.

    According to the analysis of Global Economic Intersection (GEI), the goods balance of trade for the U.S. with Mexico has been negative and growing since the adoption of NAFTA. GEI, an economics-based website, focuses on the effects of economics on finance, investing, social interactions, politics, and public policy, and also features analysis of economic indicators.

    GEI reported that in 2010, the negative balance of trade for the U.S. was $61.6 billion, 9.5 percent of the total goods trade deficit last year. The group’s analysis also noted that almost 29 million American jobs had been lost between 1992 and the end of 2010.

    The “expanded free trade” that Perot’s 1992 opponents George Bush and Bill Clinton argued would create U.S. jobs has backfired. Cheap labor markets in Mexico, and ultimately China, have resulted in many American manufacturers opting to outsource jobs and factories. Just as Perot opined, the “free trade” would not be a two-way street.

    1. And, the only way to bring our jobs home is to go back and cancel a few of these TRADE agreements. 30 days after Clinton signed NAFTA, jobs were flocking out of here. It hasn’t slowed down much. And, there is no incentive for them to come back. Kill the agreements.

  10. I was in Columbus yesterday for my son’s Army deployment ceremony to Afghanistan. It had to be delayed for about 45 minutes due to traffic tie-ups stemming from Obama’s visit to a school to promise a money dump if we ‘just pass the bill’. Funny how he can use taxpayer dollars for what is essentially a campaign visit, yet can’t even send a representative to honor the Largest Deployment of the Ohio National Guard since WWII ! Just another example of misplaced priorities, a failure to show concern (let alone actually CARE) for middle America, and the President’s complete failure to lead. ALl this ‘Jobs’ bill will do is load up on debt, create temporary Government jobs that will disappear when the Federal funds dry up, and pay off a lot of political, party and union buddies for Obama. Worst. President Ever. (Including Franklin Pierce!).

    1. MrKaczor…WE care. We all pray for the safety of our troops that are put in harm’s way.
      We salute your son and the rest of the National Guard for their patroitism and service to our country.

      1. Naw… it is only fair that your son–who understands “the risks”, according to Obliviama, fight, hopefully survive, and if he returns home injured, pay his fair share for his medical insurance and upkeep. Sleazy, out of touch, alcoholic, doping, smoking, bath house membership, coward that he is has never done a thing good for this country. And, he has been campaigning since he was elected to the Senate… Never has stopped. We do appreciate your son’s service and the service of all who stand for this country. My entire family, and even myself, is or has been in the military…All branches.

  11. Weird and weirder. At this speech it is reported that Obama said “If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill”. (sorry it is sourced, I just don’t have it). And apparently, on Drudge, his campaign sent out a contribution solicitation suggesting that it could result in a dinner/meet with the Obama. Didn’t they try this before? Anyway, it’s all beginning to sound like a rather desperate lover’s plea “if you love me, you will, you would, you wouldn’t have…”

    1. No this is another one. I don’t understand your concern, doen’t everyone have $30,000 per plate birthday parties? He learned that at ACORN. Now am I going on the snitch email report?

  12. This man [Obama] is not only a communist/muslim [self admitted]/ America hating creep, he’s also an IDIOT!
    If you’re thinking of voting for him again, then so are you!

  13. For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. And I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction.
    Michelle Obama

  14. I won’t defend outsourcing. However, there is a difference between building a plant in China to build goods to sell in America versus building a factory in Costa Rica to sell goods in Costa Rica. The time to market and logistical savings of having a local factory makes business sense. But if the only purpose is to make products to sell in America using cheaper Costa Rican labor, that company should be ashamed of itself.

  15. This guy is such a blowhard, while he is out blowing gas, republicans actually filed there own version of Obamas jobs bill using his bills name. Not one democrat bothered to file the bill for consideration in congress…you snooze, you lose.

        1. and only two pages long… Hey, you can;t hide much in that… Like the amount of gold a private citizen can own, or a death panel, or pell grants, or a volunteer police force that will be armed at least as well as the military (that we need for what?…SS? Brown Shirts?) And on and on. What we need…what we want. Simple legislation. Clarity. Transparency (gag…I hate using that word after what they did to it behind LOCKED doors with the health care bill). But, a TWO page bill is an exciting change! Might even create a few jobs the way it is written…

  16. Is there no one on the Annointed Ones staff that can look at a plan like this (and many others,)and say… “Gee, Mr. President, this makes you look like an idiot, you may want to rethink this.”
    #AttackWatch, anyone?

  17. What’s a little hypocrisy compared to a ton of demonstrable incompetence. I guess that’s a “racist” comment, but Obama is no more or less than an arrogant incompetent who truly loathes the average working American.

  18. You expected something from bubba Barry O? His arrogance belies the fact about how “right” he is. Absolutely blind to the truth of economic reality and a political novice being led by the nose by his good Chicago chums and other union thugs. He’s a troll!

  19. Say ani’t so Joe….Rep. Henry A. Waxman (Calif.) and Rep. Diana DeGette (Colo.) — Democrats on the committee who had once defended the choice of Solyndra — last week also questioned whether they had been misled.

    The same Joe who was the stimulus watchdog. You know you have stepped in a pile if Waxman turns on you.

  20. So why does NO ONE ever ask about Obama’s friend Jeff Immelt of GE… (GE: the parent company of “NBC News/MSNBC” Obama’s propaganda networks) and all of the GE jobs Jeff Immelt sends overseas?

  21. Huh? Nowhere have you provided any evidence that any American jobs were actually outsourced. You just made the assumption that a factory in Costa Rica = outsourcing. But that’s not how outsourcing actually works. Outsourcing means that American jobs were literally exported abroad – but you haven’t provided any evidence of any American workers being fired and their jobs being shipped overseas. Instead what’s happened is an American company created jobs at home and abroad. This is something that should be applauded, not mocked. Your attempt to spin this is just sad. Grow up and learn how the world works.

  22. I’m losing hope, and when the government held me upside down to help the banks out they made all the change fall out of my pockets! So there goes hope and change – it is time to address the issue of outsourcing and the fact that it is treasonous! It began with Bush Sr., then Clinton passed GAT & NAFTA whch shot U.S. jobs in the head. It killed our country and made the rich more so! The crap he is dealing with took years to crumble, it’s not all his fault his handlers are the crooks as well.

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  25. I love it… No jobs to be had in the entire frickin’ state. My kids are unemployed or under employed. And, we are touting the greatness of a company that is sending work out of the country. Great idea, Obama…just like a half billion dollar loan to a solar jobs plant that is now bankrupt. You know, the one the White House is trying to blame on BUSH…hahahahaLOLOLOL… He wouldn’t approve the loan… You did, and pushed it as a green jobs initiative. The green jobs that aren’t making us any more employed or profitable, and that are costing us too much per job. The jobs that require you to regulate us into bankruptcy ourselves as far as energy costs. Obama… you are a true IDIOT, and should change your name to Obliviama… you will never socialize this country. It is just a shame it took the likes of you and your progressive henchmen to wake up the silent majority. It will require time and a great deal of un-doing, but we will get back to sustainable. And, we will regain some of our freedoms. Buffoon…

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