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Obama Schedule || Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011

Noon || Meets with Treasury Secretary Geithner
2:45 pm || Awards Dakota Meyer, a former active duty Marine Corps Corporal, the Medal of Honor
7:00 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser; private residence, Washington
8:40 pm || Speaks at second fundraiser; private residence, Washington

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Carney briefing at 12:45 pm

21 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011”

  1. How did I miss this story on Meyer? Good, God! He just leaped into death’s maw for people he didn’t even know. An absolutely deserving individual. Still, I hope he was chewed out immediately afterward for disobeying orders.

  2. Why do we pay him to fundraise? Isn’t that like against the constitution or something?shouldn’t he do that in his “free” time? He has plenty of it

    Maybe I am naive but I am tired of this.

    Has Michelle been at these latest rallies btw? Geeze, she is the worst 1st lady in the history of this country as far as I can see.

    I am sure you all saw her “flag” comment at the 9/11 memorial-I can’t type the words I would like to say to that – what a bitch is the tamest I can do.

    Just sayin’

      1. Some (?) say, by reading her lips (?) during the ceremony to honor the flag at GroundZero that MrsO whispered to MrO “all this for a flag?” or “all this for a f… flag?” . So they say.

    1. Jacqueline Kennedy considered it a privilege to live in the White House. One doesn’t get that impression with the current first lady, as though the White House is lucky to have HER.

  3. Ummm………….Keith? Tomorrow is the 15th, and that would be a THURSDAY.

    I am certain, trust me.

    It’s my wedding anniversary, and I would never get that wrong. My husband might, but me – never :)

  4. He’s going to spend the rest of the day reading #attackwatch trending on TweetDeck.

    Also, let’s hope he’s figured out how to pronounce “Corps” this time around.

  5. Are you kidding me? They just had a report on the poverty level and that
    translates to pain and suffering for American’s. So what to do waste the day
    raising money so I can get elected for 4 more years. He probably figures he
    can finish off the ruining of America. I don’t count the Medal Ceremony due
    to the fact when he does it my head explodes with anger, sorry.

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