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Obama to Republicans: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

I wrote a piece for POLITICO today that I hope you will enjoy. It details Obama’s cynical move to politicize his own jobs bill while demanding that Republicans put politics aside.

The hypocrisy is so striking that it starts to beg the question of whether the president can be trusted at all by Republicans. Here are a couple of paragraphs to give you the idea.

It’s hard to keep from laughing when President Barack Obama insists that Republicans put party and politics aside and pass his new “jobs” plan. The president’s own approach has been so nakedly political that it consigns his demand to absurdity . . .

The problem for the White House is that George W. Bush’s presidency has begun to recede too far into the mists of time for Obama to continue blaming his predecessor for the current economic mess. He needs a new culprit — and he wants voters to finger congressional Republicans.

And here is the link.

23 thoughts on “Obama to Republicans: Do as I Say, Not as I Do”

  1. First, Obama didn’t bother to get input from the very Republicans whose votes he needs to pass his proposal. They are the best experts on what they can support.

    Yes, but he certainly made the claim several times that this was supposedly “bipartisan” . That idea is so absurd, that I feel I can safely just call it a lie.

  2. Very good piece Keith.

    Everything about BHO is political. Everything. This is all that he knows. Let us remember that he was schooled in the “Chicago Way” and taugh Sal Alinky’s “Rules for Radicals”. He will never take responcibilty for anything and he will attempt to place blame on anything that he can, as long as it is not him.

    I think that the masses are on to him and very few are feeling that leg tingle anymore.

    Yes, there is politics in everything everywhere, but BHO lives in the political bubble and can not see out of it.

    Again, another great piece and may many learn from it.

  3. Yep, the blame game continues while the country goes down the toilet. His only motivation is his re-election. The media should be howling about how he misuses his office to campaign in swing states on our dime. His refusal to follow the rules/laws is shameful. I wish that someone would shove this ‘jobs’ bill he was waving around yesterday right up his arse!

    Good piece Keith!

  4. Excellent article Keith. The last paragraph really says it all. The Republicans can’t trust him enough to work with them. He sees anyone who doesn’t agree with his policies as the enemy. He is the most divisive and dishonest president in my lifetime. At least Nixon had enough love for country to resign before bringing too much harm to our system of government.

    Like Obama, Nixon tried to strike out at his enemies and, in the end, he was paranoid, but he never caused a death like this man did with his Fast and Furious gunrunning program.

  5. You left out the part about him demanding that they pass his plan “now” even though he hadn’t finished writing it as of the time of his speech. Other than that, great article.

    1. Rush just mentioned that the bill he was waving around yesterday has yet to be introduced in Congress by any Democrat. What do you want to bet the Democrats want to avoid any talk of tax increases during the run-up to the election? That bill was thrown together for use during his re-election campaign and nothing more.

  6. Scenario: They pass continuation of payroll tax cut. No wrist slaps for flying in a plane you lease, own or pay for. No taking over state functions on roads and bridges. No “clean” bill. Does he veto?

    The Republicans have to look amenable and reasonable for the NYT crowd, but really–what a total farce. I resent even taking time with it.

  7. The only thing missing from MrO’s speeches are the optics of him appearing in green tights and a jaunty hat to promote his “RobinHood” plan for putting his union friends back to work.
    As a political strategy this not-paid-for jobs plan is a loser; the President cannot be re-elected by blaming his failure on the Republicans in Congress who only regained power in the last 8 months.
    This plan is a political stone around MrObama’s neck because the public doesn’t support it. He can rant and rave like a spoiled child, but it won’t get him what he wants. He can’t be re-elected by running against Congress if his opponents are running against him.

    1. What is UP with the lighting these days–do you think there is an enemy in the production dept over there–his baleful glare is much on display…creepy. And he still looks greenish.

  8. Did you get a chance to watch the Republican debate on CNN last night Keith? It was supposed to be a “Tea Party” debate which is kind of funny since Wolf Blitzer was hosting it. Would love to see your thoughts on the debate, if you did watch it. There were some very lively exchanges.

  9. good article, Keith. comments were interesting too. and I didn’t see any that called you a fascist, which is unusual for the internets.

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