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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011

9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:00 am || Meets with senior advisers
11:00 am || Meets with Secretary of State Clinton
11:45 am || Departs White House
1:15 pm || Arrives Columbus, Ohio
2:15 pm || Delivers remarks on American Jobs Act at Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School
3:05 pm || Departs Columbus
4:30 pm || Arrives White House
3:05 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Panetta

All times Eastern

32 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011”

  1. How many times as he been to Ohio? Aren’t they getting sick of him?

    I was baffled by his demonic “pass this bill” speech at the University of Richmond. I really thought he seemed looney. The results is my quirky video Barack Obama is the Looney Tunes President.

    Do college students enjoy being screamed at? Who knew.
    The umbrella photo of P Diddy was on so I can’t take credit or blame.

    1. College students? He’s trying to sell his snake oil to high school students now! Great video Granny Jan. Especially liked the cardboard cutout smile montage. Loved the umbrella holding montage too. The poor guy was having a hard time keeping up with his majesty. Guess he’s too important to carry his own umbrella.

      This afternoon Rush mentioned the contrast between him and GWB during a prayer or moment of silence at the 9/11 ceremonies. Bush had his head bowed in reverence and Obama had his nose stuck up in the air. Pompous ass.

      1. Thanks, I also had photos of G. Bush holding his own umbrella but took them out. Cardboard cut-out Obama has always been my favorite. It was the subject of the very first video I made.

        The photo of him with the fake, toothy grin greeting and meeting fans at the NY 911 really made people outraged. He is the most overated politician who is totally unaware of how his behavior is seen by others or he just doesn’t care.

      2. Yeah Susan,…
        He needs to pursue a venue that won’t boo him.
        One that is wowed by his very appearance.
        He is running out of target audiences.

  2. Wow–this is the “fullest” schedule we have seen in a while. Even if you delete the campaigning (trip to Ohio to promote SOJA – Save Obama’s Job Act), there are four (count em) meetings! Maybe they (Jesse Lee) saw Susan’s posting yesterday of Reagan’s schedule from “The Reagan Diaries.”
    Surely not – just a coincidence. Afterthought – why a speech at a high school?

      1. Yep, indoctrinate them while they are young and impressionable. Little do they know this huckster’s goal is to enslave them to the nanny state.

      1. Momma3….Hate is rather a strong word. It would be more in line to say we are unhappy campers about what Obama is doing to the USA. I will make two bets with you. One. A Republican will win in November, 2012. Two..The Pink Code people will protest the Inauguration in Jan. 2013. Did you see any of us protest at Obama’s Inauguration? We were not happy campers but he got the vote. It was amazing to give him the most important job in the world and it so happened to be his very first job. What a light resume he had!!

        Besides Hoffa there is always Barbara Waters from CA.

      2. Indeed, Momma3. But these people don’t know any better. They are just parroting what they’ve been told, and lack the curiousity and moral courage to discover the truth for themselves…

  3. We’ve got wars in every middle east country, with the Palestinians trying to wipe Israel off the map, we’ve got debt crisis in every European country and he gives Hillary 45 minutes? It’ll actually be less if he has to leave at 11:45. Amazing. I’m sure Trumka got more time than that.

    1. Agree Robin. Has Obama said word one about Turkey expelling the Israeli ambassador, or Egyptian militants storming the Israeli embassy while the military leaders turned a blind eye? Israel is surrounded by a religion that preaches their annihilation. War is coming because Israel will not allow another Holocaust.

  4. What a bunch of idiots! Never in my lifetime have I seen such disrespect for a U.S. President. I didn’t like Bush (neither one of them) but respected the fact they were POTUS. You people are pathetic

  5. Why do we conservatives have to continue to pay for Air Force One’s gasoline that this jerk wastes flying around the country touting his stupid jobs bill, purely for poitical purposes? This bill, which is just more of the same tax & spend ideology, has zero chance of passing and is being given maximum exposure, not only by a ridiculous speech (his 10,953rd) to a joint session of congress but also to various venues, suspiciously in 2012 battleground states. Its sole purpose is to demonize the Republicans as obstructionists, when it doesn’t pass, to enhance his reeelection chances. We’re way ahead of you BO. We’re on to you and soon you will be job hunting.

    1. Well Jim, considering that Obama has created MORE jobs in his first two years compared to Bush Jr in eight, and is projected to create MORE jobs than Bush Jr. and Bush Sr. by the end of his first term, I would say you should listen to his ‘stupid’ job bill.

      Considering also, despite the frothy, vindictive lies and conspiracy theories that God-fearing conservatives like you continue to spout, he still comfortably leads EVERY GOP candidates in almost every poll.

      Considering also that he inherited the WORST American economy since 1937, along with the worst recession since 1937, with job losses amounting to over 700,00 a month, and with one of the most obstructionist GOP lawmakers ever, Obama is doing one hell of a job.

      You should also consider the fact that his much derided national security proposals (by the GOP legislators and FOX of course) has became the blueprint of the most successful counter terrorism administration in American history (no, Bush stop hunting for Bin Laden long ago – look it up), along with an improvement in America’s standing in the eye of the world,

      So Jim, you’re not ahead of him. You’re stuck in a little corner in the middle of nowhere along with your other bigoted pals.


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