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Obama Approval Down After Joint Session Speech

President Obama’s approval rating declined in the days after his Thursday evening speech to a joint session of Congress according to the latest daily tracking poll by Gallup.

Obama used the speech to announce a new $447 billion “jobs” bill, which he submits to Congress today. Undoubtedly, he also hoped it would help boost his standing with a public that believes he has failed in his handling of the economy.

Surveying by Gallup done from Tuesday through Thursday of last week put Obama’s approval rating at 43 percent. But polling from Friday through Sunday, released today, gave the president a 42 percent approval rating.

The president’s disapproval rating stands unchanged since the speech at 49 percent.

The change from 42 percent to 43 percent is within the poll’s margin of error. But at the very least it suggests no bump for Obama after the speech and calls into question whether the president maintains his ability to strongly sway Americans with what had once been regarded as his supreme weapon – his rhetorical skills.

The president has been barnstorming the country in recent weeks, appearing at town halls, giving speeches, and staging a highly publicized three-day bus tour through the Upper Midwest during the middle of August. And yet his approval rating has remained at the lowest levels of his presidency.

Nevertheless, last month Obama hit his all time low of 38 percent in the Gallup poll.

The stock market has similarly failed to be swayed by Obama’s rhetoric and plans, falling about 400 points since opening Friday morning to about 10,900 at midday today.

13 thoughts on “Obama Approval Down After Joint Session Speech”

  1. I’m not surprised. People are waking up to his blame game. Any time a president has to address a joint session of Congress to tell them to ‘pass this bill’ 17 times, there’s something amiss. $500B of bowered dollars is going to do nothing more than line the pockets of his union thugs. If the House fails to pass the spending provisions, then he’ll have another ‘blaming’ point to make during the campaign. Every thing he does is calculated to get him re-elected. God help us if he wins.

    1. “God help us if he wins.”

      I’m not one of those who believe that America really believes in a meritocracy. Unless we’re talking about football coaches. IMHO, American’s seem not to think things have gotten bad enough. So come Nov. 2012, the short memory, the portrait of a beautiful African American First Family and desire for them to succeed combined w/ the still powerful collective white liberal guilt will overtake judgement.

      While it pains me to make this prediction, I think he wins four more years. And then things will not only be “bad enough”, they could be irreversible.

      (this is a bet I’d happily lose)

      1. I am very cautious, too, about getting my hopes up…I think Ams like to think of themselves as “fair” and want to be “fair” to him–give him time…it completely sickens me to think this. If they only knew they were being played to the max–Ams don’t like being played.

    2. He can’t win Just2old. It will be the death of America. We’re already living under a soft tyranny — we all see it. If he wins, he doesn’t have to pretend to the clueless any longer. Hopefully they wake up before then, or else it is going to be a rude awakening. He doesn’t like them any more than he likes us, and he’s having a hard time faking it nowadays. He’s trying to buy votes so he can get re-elected. That is all that matters to him. If he is successful, the hammer will fall on clueless too.

  2. Dang it, I hate to admit someone is right when I spend most of my time disagreeing with their point of view!
    But, you’re right again, Keith.
    You told us not long ago that MrO’s polling numbers go up when he isn’t giving any speeches and lookee here…a big falootin’ speech and his numbers go down again….the man should just shut up and get to work.

  3. I have a real hard time believing 42% approve of this incompetent boy king. I have never been polled nor have any of the people I know. I think they are getting biased results – 98% of my friends and family despise the guy and think he is an absolute joke – albeit a very bad one.

    1. I don’t trust the pollsters myself CCG. Polls are what MSM uses to sway public opinion. I’d love to see the demographics of those pollee’s. Betcha most of them are from the east or west coast and not much in-between.

  4. THIS JUST IN: The Honorable Sen. Al Franken (D) Minn. and the Honorable Barry Franks (D) Mass. will be teaming up to help revive the President’s sagging approval ratings with a bus tour across the nation. Currently the movement is stalled due to a disagreement on the name of the tour..
    The Al and Barney e-Comedy Drive or
    Franks and Franken’s Wiener-fest.

  5. Obama is desperate to win re-election and he knows that while it might be possibkle, re-election is not really going to be probable. He kinows that unless the Republicans say that 2 plus 2 equals 5, his belief that 2 plus 2 really equals 3 has already damaged his chances of being more than a one term president, just like the peanut farmer Carter was. Personally I like Obama, but believe he is in way over his head. Obama never had enough experiance in political matters to qualify him as a presidential candidate. Unfortunately many people voted for him just so they could say they did, not because they had any idea what he was all about. Hell, even Obama doesn’t seem to know what he is really all about. He has chosen all sorts of people with tax payer problems to work in his administration. he also seems to believe that money grows on trees and the supply is endless. If he knew otherwise, he wouldn’t have run the U.S. into near financial failure. What he knows about forign policy could be written on the palm of his hand. Lets face it, while he seems like a nice guy, he just isn’t presidential, and never was, nor ever will be presidential. He wasn’t even a very good politician in Congress during the short time he was in office.He should just plan on going back to Chicago with the rest of his cronies when he term is up..

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