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DNC Playing Politics With Obama Proposals

Please, put politics aside, the president lectures Republicans. This “jobs package” of mine is too important to be about politics, he insists.


And now, the Democratic National Committee – which doesn’t have lunch without Obama’s permission – is urging people to get Congress to support the jobs plan BY RUNNING ADS IN PRESIDENTIAL BATTLEGROUND STATES while claiming all it wants to do is try to get this necessary piece of legislation passed.


Sorry, I’m going to try to calm down. Okay, I’m working at home right now, I can pet the dog. Nice doggy. Petting the dog. Nice doggy.

I’m better.

Here’s how the Associated Press erroneously begins a report this morning on the new DNC ads, suggesting this might be a sincere attempt to help the nation WHEN THE DNC IS CLEARLY BEING INSINCERE AND ONLY WANTS TO HELP OBAMA.

Nice doggy. Petting the dog.

From the AP:

The Democratic National Committee is launching an ad campaign in politically key states to try and rally the public behind President Barack Obama’s new jobs plan and pressure a divided Congress to act.

The television ads show portions of Obama’s speech to Congress last week promoting the $447 billion package of tax cuts and new spending. They urge viewers to “Read it. Fight for it. … Pass the President’s Jobs Plan.”

The spots were to begin airing Monday and are the first round in an effort that will last several weeks, said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse.

To its credit, the AP does make clear that the ads are going up in “politically key states.” But the DNC doesn’t exist to “pressure a divided Congress to act.” The DNC doesn’t give a shhhhh . . . . schmidt whether or not Congress passes Obama’s legislation.

Especially when it’s probably politically best for Obama if Congress does nothing and the president gets to try to blame Republicans for the crummy economy.

The proposals are not likely to help much, so it’s best to pretend they will and then blame the Republicans for not helping.

The DNC only cares about convincing voters in swing states that the jobs bill is a good idea and to get them exercised about it and supportive of the president.

As the AP points out:

The DNC ads don’t target any specific lawmakers, or make any reference to the looming 2012 presidential campaign. But they’re airing in key markets in some of the most critical swing and early voting states: Denver; Tampa and Orlando, Fla.; Des Moines, Iowa; Las Vegas; Manchester, N.H.; Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C.; Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio; and Norfolk, Richmond and Roanoke, Va.; as well as Washington, D.C.

So we’re targeting lawmakers, but we’re not targeting lawmakers. That’s because we’re really targeting voters.


Petting the dog, petting the dog.

45 thoughts on “DNC Playing Politics With Obama Proposals”

  1. Nice piece Keith.

    Unfortunately, The inner Sal Alinky in BHO will not allow him to NOT to put politics aside and do something for the country.

    His vision and view of the world and life is so far different than the main stream that all he can see is huge marxist government and socialism.

    Just think, we have another 14 months of this dribble to deal with.

    Remember November 2012.

  2. Please start a movement to marginalize, disrespect, embarrass, attempt to shame president obama. We all should laugh out loud when ever he opens his mouth, constantly mock him. If everyone is laughing at him he cannot get any of his agenda dumped on us.

  3. Congress will pass some of the provisions in the “jobs for unions” bill, but the Prez won’t like it at all. They’ll extend the tax credits, some of the spending and send the Senate separate bills to pass.
    It certainly won’t be all or nothing so everybody and nobody gets all the credit..

    As for the DNC, pfft. They’re not worried about MrO’s re-election, that ship has sailed. They’re worried about keeping the Dem seats in Congress that are up for grabs. The internal polling that they don’t reveal must be devastating to the Dems.

  4. A politician playing politics? God help us if the Republicans discover this tactic!

    This is the problem with partisanship: you lay a brown egg whenever the other guy does the same thing you would applaud if your side was doing it.

    Politicians being political? Is that really something worth getting gassed up over?

    1. Politicians are often political. But I just want you to remember that next time you’re with a friend who’s out of work. Or you drive by a strip mall where EVERY shop is vacant. Obama’s just being political. That’s ok!! good times. Our kids are going to inherit this debt!!! Ha ha ha … but everybody does it.


      1. Unless you are suggesting that the Republicans haven’t been campaigning for the presidency since about one yoctosecond after Obama’s swearing in, then your point is moot.

        And what’s this about our kids inheriting Obama’s debt? Aren’t we all inheriting the debt accumulated over the past 25 years RIGHT NOW? Moaning about what our children will have to endure is just political ju jitsu, meant to distract us from the fact that, in reality, those bills are coming due at this moment in history.

    2. DR – While not wanting to put words in Keith’s mouth, that’s unsanitary, I think you miss the larger point.

      The patient (American prosperity) is dying. If you had an illness, and there were two doctors treating you, would you want them to stand over you in the OR arguing as to what is the best course of action:

      “Cut here”

      “NO, cut here”

      “I’m not going to make the first cut, if something goes wrong then it’s my fault, you cut.”

      “No, you cut. I’m not going to be responsible for killing the patient.”

      Both sides have to man (or woman) up and come together to decide where to “cut” and save the patient. Unfortunately Obama and his handlers have decided to rule by fiat (ie executive orders) to get done what THEY want done – just look at the entire illegal immigration issue. This is what despots do. They ignore the people, and decide what is “best” for the less intelligent masses.

      Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, the “masses were asses” in 2008 and bought into a game of three card Monte. It wouldn’t really matter if unemployment was 4.6% (like it was in 2007) or you could buy eggs for less than a dollar, but today, under Obama’s watch unemployment rocketed to 9.6% in 2010, eggs are $1.69, milk is nearly $4 a gallon and gas continues to hover at $3.50 a gallon.

      We are burning our food (ethanol) in a “hope” to “change” global warming, excuse me “climate change”, causing food prices to skyrocket (less feed for animals causes the price of their products to go up), the administration has stymied domestic coal, oil and natural gas production with its administrative regulations. Businesses are afraid to do anything because of the uncertainty of what direction this administration is going to go, “Are we going to have to pay MORE taxes for doing a good job and being successful?”

      The uncertainty of Obama’s policies and thought processes are what is driving the economy “into the ditch.” It is time for him to get out from behind the wheel, and let the tried and true driver of American economic prosperity drive, and that is good old fashioned CAPITALISM. IF he and the GOP want to help, then get behind the car (economy) and push, but stop telling the driver what to do.

      1. I found your response a little rambling. You throw ethanol, the price of milk, unemployment and illegal immigration into the blender, and come up with some Ayn Randian conclusion that politicians have hamstrung the driver of NASCAR America.

        There is no direct connection between any of the points you are making, but I notice a theme emerging amongst conservatives who post to this site. Somehow government is responsible for all our woes and yet you are at pains to explain why. Then you demand that government get out of the way of those who know how to correct the problem, but you don’t explain who those are or how they intend to do it.

        The primary cause of the current economic malaise is the fallout from the Housing Bubble, and that was caused courtesy of deregulation (repealing Glass-Steagall) and the selfish greed of the banking industry. There are other culprits, but those are the important ones.

        Like it or not, that puts the blame squarely on conservatism, for whom deregulation and trusting capitalists is a religion. Conservatives can’t handle that fact because they consider any critique of capitalism to be communist. Well, an inability to face facts was what defined communism, comrade.

        The current unemployment has a lot to do with the blow to consumer spending that came with the resulting mortgage and credit crises. The White House is not what is causing it, and it would probably be the same under McCain as it is under Obama. The fact that he hasn’t cured it does not make him the cause.

        The US does not control the price of gasoline. Waste time blaming Obama if that makes you feel better, but it is in vain. Also, no one seriously believes that enough ethanol is being produced at the moment to effect food prices.In any event, ethanol is already recognized as an unpopular substitute for gas.

        When you discover a coherent chain of logic, let me know.

        1. NASCAR America? Where do you fit here in America DR? Are you part of ruling class, the intellectual elite, or a beneficiary of government largess?

        2. You are so lacking in understanding. Lets use ethanol as a prime example of DC’s failure to understand how the world works. In 2010 a third of US corn went into gas tanks. ( This decrease in food supply forces pork producers, chicken farmers and the other industries that are dependent on corn for food production (anyone that uses corn syrup as a sweetener) to have to raise their prices. This burning of food also has caused shortages of exports to other nations that are not as blessed as we are with the natural resources we have, and has begun to cause a world wide food shortage. Third world countries are having their people starve due to a lack of imported food, food that used to come from the US via its out reach programs.

          Since the rise of the entire “bio-fuel” scam the availability of cheap food to feed this nation and others has been cut severely. America was once the “bread basket” to the world, and now we are having a problem feeding our own due to rising food costs.

          Interesting that the government that you so seem to love has taken food and energy off the table as far as calculating actual inflation. Read John Williams’ explanation of how the government has been playing with numbers:

          Your faith in government and its ability to fix all that is wrong with the country and world is mind blowing. And your ad hominem attacks on conservatives and libertarians simply show how in the tank you are to the progressive mantra. When you can show us evil conservatives and libertarians what the heck Obama and the progressives have really done for the country over the past three years (not just platitudes and talking points) then come back and have a discussion. Until then you are nothing more than another parrot touting the party line.

          1. You’ll get no argument from me on ethanol, although you fail to identify the senators and congressmen from corn producing states as the real villains. I also hope that, if you sincerely believe that corn should be used as food and not fuel, you will resist the inevitable argument from your own side to mind your own beeswax and let the market decide. Just sayin’.

            As far as food and energy prices not being used when calculating normal inflation, I once heard NPR give a good explanation of why they are measured differently. I can’t remember what it was, but I recall it made sense at the time.

            Ad hominem attacks would be name calling, which I do none of. I cite, quite perceptively I might add, that conservatives are schizophrenic when arguing about the state of the economy. They want the government to back way the fuck off, and then they want to know why government isn’t doing more to help. For God’s sake, pick a side!

          2. Buy a dictionary, Ad Hominem: ad ho·mi·nem [ad hom-uh-nuhm ‐nem, ahd-] Show IPA
            1. appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect or reason.
            2. attacking an opponent’s character rather than answering his argument.

            In your own last comment you said that you don’t engage in “name calling” but then state, “conservatives are schizophrenic.” Not name calling? And you never did answer me, name ANYTHING that Obama and his ilk have done to help this country over the past three years, and not the same old “he tried to do xyz” I am talking about REAL improvement and growth in the economy and prosperity of the country.

  5. Hope your next post doesn’t start out with…
    “kicking the dog, kicking the dog”
    Poor pup!

    Hang in there Keith, we CAN get through this.
    God Bless America

    1. Some of you are Reagan devotees–didn’t he say something like it’s amazing what can get done if no one insists on getting credit? The problem here is–these proposals aren’t going to create jobs or encourage new job growth.

      1. …and if they pass and then they don’t “work,” they can say, “without them it would have been worse.” They can’t lose with this kind of reasoning. I am sure they think it’s all very clever. Meanwhile the country is sinking..sinking….

      2. @Star…I think this has already been worked out (Why else was Trumpka involved?). If passed as thye President envisions…you’re going to see infrastructure “make work” programs for the unions, and hiring of teachers and such…all dues flowing directly into the DNC coffers. The economy will get a bump from the consumer spending…IN THE SHORT TERM. They are just trying to get the economy up or at least the perception that it is prior to 2012. Like Obamacare, which isnt fully implemented until after the 2012 elections, it just has to last that long.

  6. I agree, and very grateful to have a faithful German shepherd. Look at how much, among other states, Pennsylvanians have been put through. After being part of the far reaching Virginia earthquake, and a week later being hit by Hurricane Irene which laid down the water foundation making this September Flood of ’11 more devastating than the Angus flood of ’72. With all the work that is needed to be done from the destruction, these areas will all rebound and be even better than before. Things will naturally start picking up in many states with all the work that needs to be done. President Obama is going to capitalize big time on the eight state hurricane damage, followed by this devastating flood with federal cleanup and stimulus funding jobs act for employment. His Public Relations team will use the devastating disasters to his reelection advantage. I can hear him now reading off the teleprompters during his town hall reelection rallies one year from now. Presently i find Obama’s use of McCain’s motto “to put country first” very disturbing indeed.

  7. Keith,

    I think the word you are looking for in German is “Scheiße” or “shiza”.

    I use that word all the time when disgusted, it’s my way of expressing myself without offending someone, unless that person understands the Germanic language roots. Yiddish is another great language to use to express frustration or outrage without having to worry about offending the PC police or general public. Especially if you type in Hebrew letters.

    The schlockmeisters at the DNC and WH are trying to sell this country a gornisht mit gornisht piece of shiza that will only drive another nail into the coffin of economic prosperity. The gonifs in DC, on both sides of the aisle, are only interested in padding their own pockets. Right now this country is fercockted because of the economic policies out of the Obama WH. Now we have DNC running ads to promote this piece of dreck, it’s a frosk in pisk to the American public.

    One word of advise regarding to dog, don’t pet it too much, or you’ll wear a bald spot on Spot. A bi gezunt.

      1. My family is originally from Poland and Russia (pre-USSR) and I was blessed(?) with hearing the old ones talking to each other in Yiddish and Polish for years. It was always disturbing when they would get on a roll, you would hear your name and then laughter. I only wish they had been willing to teach the succeeding generations the languages of the old country, but since we are in America the idea was that we would be Americans and speak English.

  8. On BHO’s B_S Tour, he promised Americans jobs! Next, he approved a “secret amnesty” with foreign countries to not deport millions of illegal aliens and to allow them to apply for work permits!

    Then, Immelt, Jobs CZAR (?), decides to send JOBS and sensitive technology to China!

    BHO lives the life of luxury on vacation before his so-called jobs speech!
    BHO speaks and the Wall Street losses continue to wipe-out pensions, IRA’s, college savings investments, and destroy confidence in any hope of recovery!

    BHO and the DNC continue to operate on the prmise that “You can fool most of the people some of the time, part of the people some of the time!” And they hope their ADS will do just that! Fortunately, the campaign funds will “creat” a few job and revenue streams for advertisers!

    But, the American people cannot be fooled into thinking that in the next 12 months, that the BHO ADM/DEM controlled Senate can “stimulate” more than a MILLION jobs per month just to make dent in the unemployment numbers!

    In the meantime, stopping the ObamaCare train wreck should be foremost in the minds of Americans. OC will tax every single income stream citizens have and stifle every business opportunity to expand with the very very possibility of a MAJOR increase in unemployment!

    2012 cannot come soon enough to clean-out BHO’s Adm, unelected CZARS, Advisers, fire his DOJ incompetent head, and rid Congress of the “stuck on stupid” DEMS in Congress!

    1. There are a few “stuck on stupid” RINOs we need to weed out too. Using Keith’s dog theme, RINOs tuck their tail between their legs and run, rather than growl and raise their hackles against a danger to their domicile.

      1. Absolutely correct! RHINOs are responsible for the irresponsible ObamaCare passing! Only two chaged votes allowed the most comprehensive blow to the ability of Nation to remain vibrant and expand the economy for all citizens!

        Now that they passed the bill, I wonder IF “they” now know what’s in it that is so determental for every senior, the disabled, parents of special needs children, businesses of every size, and if they now realize how the bill will cause the erosion of communities’ abilities to collect revenues to fund necessary local and state services – fund police, firemen, schools, etc??

        The BHO ADM hasn’t a clue about how much the urban neighborhoods’ local businesses are going to be adversely affected. OC care not only affects all Americans, but it adversely affects every socio-economic level plus straps non-profits’ and every other charitable organizations’ abilities to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities.

        All RHINOs must be held accountable, too. Again, you are so “right on” with pointing out the “spinelss” reps/sen must be voted out in 2012! Nobody can afford to remain uninvolved any longer!

  9. Asking the current President to stop being political, is like asking a pig to fly.
    The pig only know how to roll in mud and be a pig, and you’re just going to get stressed out expecting the pig to be an eagle.

  10. This was masterful of the President if you think about it. It’s a win – win either way. If the Republican’s push back and not pass this “Jobs Bill”, he, the DNC, and the Main Stream Media will hang the economy around the neck of the party like an albatross and beat them with it all the way to 2012..well, that and the race card. If they do pass it, by the time Senator Reid gets done with it, it will be a massive payoff to Trumpka and the unions as well as the rest of the Democrat constituencies, resulting in those dues flowing into Democratic campaign coffers and a short term bump in the economy.

    It would be nice to have a Commander in Chief that takes responsibility, and owns his decisions…but that’s a fantasy with President Obama. All he knows is blame, distort, obfuscate, and scold. I don’t believe I have ever heard him take responsibility for anything negative…or admit a mistake in policy.

  11. Thank you for pointing out the hypocricy of the Democrat Party. Obama has totally obliterated the line between campaigning and his job of governing. The FEC turns a blind eye to anything the DNC and Obama do, but watch how carefully they monitor the Republican candidates.

    The guy is starting to sound like a degenerate union thug to me. In fact, I read that his union cronies Trumpka and Hoffa hitched a ride on AF1 on his Labor Day trip to Detroit. Bitter irony that we the taxpayers are footing the bill for the demise of our own country…

  12. Calling Republicans schizophrenic is not a personal attack. It is a real observation of their philosphy, which is at cross purposes. Stop being peevish.

    Case in point: doing something to help that doesn’t work doesn’t make the attempt illegitimate. But if you mean can I prove that Obama’s efforts have made something truly better, then it goes without saying that the GM bailout, which prevented a good deal more unemployment than we have now, is a feather in his cap. And with no public dollars lost in the process.

    He has not been great in other respects, specifically becuase he is not a Socialist. What you are seeing now is what happens when a Democrat tries to accomodate the right wing.

    For example, Obama should have made raising the budget ceiling a condition of extending the Bush tax cuts. Instead, the resulting brinksmanship led to our credit downgrade. He should have extracted more concessions from the banks receiving TARP– the terms were much too generous. Why aren’t Republicans at least demanding tax increases to reclaim those bonuses? And yes, the stimulus was not terribly useful, but that is because it was half-assed. If you pay attention to the news lately, you will see that there is wide support from the private sector for the Jobs bill, which should have been part of the original stimulus. He made it too small then to accommodate budget-panicky Republicans.

    So Obama is no wizard, but the fact is, the economy is in the state its in due to private sector malfeasance, and I doubt you can find an example where Obama has not been very deferential to the rich. Taxes are low, and he has cut them several times since he has been in office. The rich have been let off the hook through TARP and through Obama prostrating to Wall Street.

    The Republicans don’t really know how to rebuff these facts, and so keep demanding less interference from government where interference is about zero. If the conservatives REALLY stood for what they claim, they would be the ones skinning the hides off the rich and demanding some jail time for those bad apples that caused the housing bubble, to prove that government isn’t in the pocket of lousy capitalists the way they are for “successful” ones. But the GOP doesn’t have the grapes for that, and neither does the Tea Party.

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