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West Wing Week – Obama and Chris Christie

This is unadulterated propaganda, of course, but these White House-produced “West Wing Week’s” are sometimes interesting nonetheless and contain some good footage from places where the news cameras are not allowed.

The first part of this video I found particularly intriguing, watching President Obama with Chris Christie – calling Jenny Craig – and seeing the president a little awkwardly but touchingly try to comfort a woman whose house had been damaged by floods.

Anyway, have a look-see.

27 Responses to West Wing Week – Obama and Chris Christie

  1. I tried to watch….but a) am sick to death of listening to O and b) have just a few issues when THE most devisive president in our history talks about being “one country”. If anything, most of his actions are intended to do just the opposite and no doubt saying this makes me unpatriotic and racist.

    Oh well.

    • I agree–heard him this AM on NPR saying (scorn dribbling) that some people have to try everything else and then do the right thing…That would be, hmmm, Republicans? I felt a terrible weariness sneak over me.

  2. Did he really say “Hola” to the people affected by floods? Sheesh…. When did the WH get their own media production company? Don’t recall any other president with their own video crew, but then it has been a while since a narcissistic bully like him has been in office.

    Drudge is linking to an interesting video on the big jobs speech. Wonder how many people would still be in a stupor if there was a “pass the jobs bill” drinking game Thursday night? Of course, there is no bill to pass but that is beside the point. Good excuse to do what he loves best…fly around on AF1.

  3. Well how special Michelle is back she was at the U S Open playing tennis.
    The girls were there too, aren’t they supposed to be in school? Also this is
    a very special weekend the 10th Anniversary of 9-11. Should the First Lady
    perhaps think of someone other than herself? This was a quick trip for her
    and the girls when she should have made an attempt to vist troops families
    or something that was not totally self indulgent and more in step with what
    the First Lady should be doing on this date.

  4. The last 15 seconds was worth the price of admission! Obama, posing for a photo with unidentified woman. Watch the way he turns that phony smile on and off like a water faucet….very, very revealing (as if we didn’t already know). I had a great opportunity to watch him up close and personal last year at a fundraiser (I was only a guest)….but it was a study in psychopathy – his narcissism knows no bounds. I only wish I had been allowed to film it.

  5. “calling Jennie Craig”. Really? we’re going to sneer at the fat guy now?

    His wife likes him, the voters of NewJersey like him and millions of Americans across the land like him. I like him.

    • I thought it was OK. Not mentioning what was so apparent would be self-censorship.

      Christie’s weight problem is a huge turnoff to me. Why doesn’t he have gastric bypass? He owes it to his children and wife.

      There are other things I don’t like about him worse than his weight like his condescending attitude towards people who are against the ground zero mosque.

      • I don’t like that he refused to join the 26 States in their case against Obamacare. He has no reason other than he wants to keep the money flowing from Washington. It wouldn’t cost NJ a dime to join the suit.

        • Gastric bypasses have many side efx. This is his choice. If this is going to be an issue, I hope he fades from the scene. Honestly. You think racism is still with us–wait’ll get get into fat-ism.

          • I have nothing against Christie’s fatness, just his politics. Churchill was a chubby guy and he was a great leader. Personally, I wouldn’t wish a gastric bypass on anyone.

          • Churchill wasn’t chubby like this! Look everyone, I’m overweight too. Call Jennie Craig for me too, but she needs to get to Christie first.

            And, I don’t mean to insult anyone, but I’ll just say it. If you are that overweight, there are other issues going on, and that is of concern if you want to be president.

          • I’m sorry, we’re not all perfect. But I’d rather have the fat guy then the ones that cheat on their wives, or drink like Ted Kennedy did. Ask MaryJo who she’d rather have been out with.

            There are so many issues that need to be adressed, someone’s weight is not one of them.

  6. I can’t watch this , I don’t want any icky whitehouse cookies on my pc

    That said, the whouse published a video goofing on christies weight? I paid for the WH to make this video? I want my money back (in so many ways)

    They don’t realize it is our money not theirs.