As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Ringmaster Demands Halt to “Political Circus.”

President Obama’s speech last night was a political measure that will do nothing for the economy, and unless the president has secretly appointed Lady Gaga as director of the National Economic Council, the White House must know it.

The plan only makes sense as a political document. As an economic prescription, it’s absurd.

It’s as if your doctor came in and said, “Well, you still have cancer, and now it’s spreading. So we’re going to continue to give you Tylenol, and see if it starts to work.”

I mean, the man has already pumped into the economy $825 billion in stimulus spending which – added to the $170 billion of stimulus injected by Bush, cash for clunkers, and other junk – makes for more than $1 trillion in various Keynesian measures.

And we’re at no growth and 9.1 percent employment.

The economy is stalled not because there isn’t money around, but because of uncertainty and lack of confidence. Obama needs to provide both in the form of solid long term measures, like permanent tax cuts and the repeal of damaging, business-unfriendly regulations. And he needed to give us, about two years ago, a credible plan to reduce the deficit with SPECIFIC cuts in entitlements.

Only if he had put his own presidency on the line with potentially unpopular long term measures to reduce the deficit could Obama actually have saved the economy.

Tylenol lasts only 4-6 hours.

Obama said he will indeed propose substantive long term deficit reduction. (BTW – a week from Monday. Late with your homework again, Mr. President?) We’ll see. But with the presidential campaign heating up and politics engulfing Washington and the nation, he’s already way too late.

People will immediately see through Thursday night’s speech. They know what hasn’t worked. Obama’s political hacks are contemptuous of Americans’ intelligence.

Americans will see through this because the politics are transparent. Obama issued his proposals without consulting Republicans about what he should offer, and then he demanded they approve all of it.

And then he threatened them.

You should pass it. (Applause.)  And I intend to take that message to every corner of this country.  (Applause.) And I ask — I ask every American who agrees to lift your voice: Tell the people who are gathered here tonight that you want action now. Tell Washington that doing nothing is not an option.  Remind us that if we act as one nation and one people, we have it within our power to meet this challenge.

Congress was told last night to “stop the political circus” by no less than the ringmaster himself.

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  1. My friend, who is not unintelligent, thinks the speech was great and blames the Tea Party and the Republicans for everything that has gone wrong. Even the scuffle over the date of this speech was not Obama’s fault, though he did admit that Obama’s people should have known about the Republican debate at the Reagan Library.

    My friend gets all his news from television — does not have Internet. He likes Rachel Madcow and her ilk and despises Fox News. I don’t think that he’s unusual. He’s disappointed with Obama, but ravingly hate-filled toward Republicans and Tea Party members. He has forgotten that The One controlled both House and Senate for two years.

    What are we going to do? I think he’s pretty representative of the more leftward people in this nation — and he’s not a 20-something Obot, he’s retired.

    • Anonna, perhaps you ought to encourage him to consider the fact that he is in a very small minority. You might turn him on to the facts aobut the new media, talk radio, and other means of getting news. Maybe if you planted the (true) notion that his news sources are not up to snuff, he might start looking elsewhere and see the light, or at least realize what a schmuck he’s supporting.

      • Thank you for the suggestions. I have been able to get him to agree that if Obama vaporized tomorrow we still would be left with a highly partisan press — it’s just that he agrees with one set of partisans!

    • I know a retired couple who’s pretty much the same as your friend, though they both embrace the Internet, I believe. It’s always the Republicans’ fault and they’re just astounded that those on the right cannot see the brilliance of the left. They’re always saying things like, “these are FACTS. How can someone argue with FACTS?”

  2. Thank you for the wrap up of last night’s circus, Keith. Doesn’t sound like I missed anything important. He has this new tack of telling us to contact our reps and tell them what we want them to do. Doesn’t he realize we’ve been doing that for years now and they aren’t listening. I predict a massive turnover in DC next year. Get ready for the tsunami that is coming your way in November 2012. This populous storm is going to sweep Obama and every member of the ruling class out of their cushy offices and send them back to live among the people whose lives they have destroyed.

  3. Did we pass it yet? PASS THE BILL. Man, what’s taking them so long. I figured they’d have a vote right after his speech. TIME’S a WASTING.

    I say we just skip right to blaming the Republicans.

  4. The economic proposals were directed to union-held jobs in the Democrat controlled northern tier states . Only there are the roads crumbling and the bridges collapsing, and the schools in disrepair. Once again, Washington only sees in a 800 mile radius as the whole concern for any program or problem.
    None of the proposals would make a dent in our unemployment problem in the foreseeable future, but result in another jump in our national debt. Lowering the payroll tax only shortchanges SocialSecurity funding and does nothing to encourage consumer spending.

    OT, a little:
    What I sensed last night was a not so subtle shift in how MrO is viewed, not just by the Repubs, but by his own party. The Dems polite applause, the dozen or so standing applause moments (not ovations) were a signal that they were looking at a lame duck President. The Repubs didn’t even bother to refute or disagree with MrO’s proposals, but even said there were some good things that that would consider adopting.

    MrO’s delivery and rhetoric was out of place and over the top. The events leading up to this night and the actual speech showcased an administration grasping for the respect the Prez lost along the way.

    • You know, the funny thing about the idea that rebuilding roads will somehow bring our economy back is just idiotic. We had a project in the ‘burbs of Detroit that ended up putting a bunch of restaurants out of business. Projects that linger on for 6 months to a year – businesses can’t weather a storm that lasts that long.

      I’ve never made an economic decision based on the road I would need to take to get there. It’s just stupid. You do that stuff when you’re flush with cash. Until then, we need to just patch what we can.

      • You’re right Car, it will put construction workers and contractors back in business but it could also have unintended effects of taking jobs elsewhere else. Like many of Obama’s plans I think he is mixing politics with economics. They don’t go hand in hand.

        • I don’t even know about “back in business.” The existing contractors will get the business and add it to what they have for when they can get to it. I don’t see a lot of hiring. And again, most people are not construction workers! And even housing people can’t just jump over to roads! It is hard to be certified a contractor–I did it and it was crazy-hard and took time.

      • You’re right Car, fed $ for fixing roads is stupid. Throw a rock to a drowning man. Problem is businesses see a bad environment for success, so naturally, we want to do a bunch of stupid crap to raise their taxes more, making the business environment worse. I’ve injected this sarcasm before regarding BO’s handling of the economy: “Let’s hang some nice knick-nacks on the walls while the house BURNS TO THE GROUND!!”

  5. What a bunch of BS. I tortured myself for some laughs, but had the sound off for the all but the last 1/3. Some observations:
    Boehner was darker than barry boy.
    Hilary looked PISSED OFF
    Moochie looked DRUNK & Pissed off.
    Little barry did his lecture routine and sounded like a used car salesman he said “this job bill must be passed now” 17 FREAKING TIMES, unreal.
    The Hypocrisy was laughable. He’s talking about keeping jobs in USA, and invites that GE bum who pays no taxes and sent jobs to CHINA.
    More shuck & jive from the giggling, glad-handing moron. Let the critiques and laughs begin. He’s toast.

  6. Mr. Koffler, I would like to take this opportunity to dissect your article with logical reasoning that even a 6 year old can understand.

    First, YOUR OWN ADVICE was that “Obama needs to provide both in the form of solid long term measures, like permanent tax cuts and the repeal of damaging, business-unfriendly regulations.” Well he just said he was going to do that except you weren’t really listening. Yeah it’s not permanent, but why make something permanent before knowing if it will work?

    Second, you said that “he needed to give us, about two years ago, a credible plan to reduce the deficit with SPECIFIC cuts in entitlements.” Well in his speech that you’re talking about, the president addressed that by pairing the new legislation with SPECIFIC offsets and reforms, like the closing of corporate tax loopholes.

    Third you said “Only if he had put his own presidency on the line with potentially unpopular long term measures to reduce the deficit could Obama actually have saved the economy” Seriously? where have you been in the past 8 months? I’d like to believe you made that statement purely out your personal bias, not because you’re mentally challenged or anything.

    I read articles of opposing arguments from both parties all the time. Many of them are void of any real understanding of the opposing party but they still make sense in the the context of their own political bias. Your article on the other hand simply makes no sense. Well, except in the absence of the exact legislation you’re arguing against.

    • Hi Wale.

      Has it occured to you that one definition of insanity is doing something that doesn’t work over and over again, expecting it to work any minute? Voila, Obama. As soon as he stops banging his head on the wall to get the door open, we will all feel much better.

    • No business will increase in size or employees based on temporary tax incentives. That’s why the temporary cut in Social Security taxes has not created one new job. Adding new temporary cuts will have the same effect – none.

    • So you are going to dissect Keith’s article using liberal philosophies ?
      Uncertainty is the reason the economy is in the doldrums.
      Obama is only exacerbating the demise of America by extending the said uncertainty for as long as he can.
      It’s up to congress now to stop him,..if they don’t we will will at the polls.

  7. As i listened to Obama’s soaring rhetoric last night, I found myself humming “Sevenrty Six Trombones”! What an insulting display of phoney promises, demands and raw, slimy political hoopla. It is obvious that the mobster-in-Chief has decided it is to his advantage to take the “..gotta deal you can’t refuse” path to re-election…and in the “hallowed halls” of the Nations’s Congress!! His mask of sanity has been slippping for some time, and now we see the REAL Obama..Apparently he has decided to “go for broke “, even if he takes America down with him.. His blantant acceptance of the Hoffa approach, the Waters rantings and the in-your-face

  8. (continued)..postion . He told us that ‘it is all paid for”. Baloney. If you believed one word of Obama’s hysterical 45+ minute Twitter/Twaddle, you are the victim of child ause.

  9. “I mean, the man has already pumped into the economy $825 billion in stimulus spending which – added to the $170 billion of stimulus injected by Bush, cash for clunkers, and other junk – makes for more than $1 trillion in various Keynesian measures.”

    What Keynesian measure? Keynesian economists (the few that are allowed platforms) have been pulling their hair in frustration over the sham of the stimulus.

    Give me a break!

    • I don’t know of one Keynesian economist who doesn’t believe in ‘priming the pump’ with stimulus. We are watching Keynesian economics in it’s final death throes.

  10. Didn’t watch it. There were more important things going on, like getting ready for the Saints-Packers (don’t get me started about the Saints lack of pass coverage). However, I would like to off the following rebuttal: Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    • Heard your rebuttal was pretty much what happened several times during his act. I watched the Sarah Palin movie. Much more uplifting than watching the huckster in action.

      Step right up ladies and gents. The ringmaster’s traveling medicine show is coming to a city near you. Buy a bottle of his magnificent snake oil for a mere half a trillion dollars. It is sure to bring you health, happiness, and prosperity…for at least 4-6 hours.

  11. Good news–all those building permits, contracts, transportation plans for new highways and widenings etc, equipment, trained workers are magically available now. It’s a miracle! I commented at the Times, too–although my comments sorta kinda don’t make it on a lot now (shades of Huffington). If this paid for–hah–what else will go by the wayside? And you know what really annoyed me–his repeating United States of America, United States of America with a pause for applause. We know where we live!

  12. I couldn’t stomach the grand speech for more than a few moments at a time, but did he keep talking about tax cuts for individuals?? WTF good is THAT supposed to do?? If people aren’t working, they’re not paying taxes anyway! I’m really starting to hate this crook!! I thought all he wanted to do was RAISE taxes? I did hear him say he wanted ‘the rich’ to pay their “fair share”. OH I hate that phrase. Implies the top 10% earners who are paying 70+% of taxes now are not paying their “fair share”? Ohh I hate this commie!

    240 years ago, before there were 57+ states, we had an unfair situation where perople were being taxed that had no representation in their government. Today we have the opposite problem, where people that don’t pay taxes have equal representation. THAT is not fair, and it’s a slippery slope, since the under-employable outnumber the responsible citizens. Really easy to vote for the “rich” to pay their “fair share”.


  13. Too bad that somebody didn’t come up with a drinking game last evening–take a shot every time “the president” said “pass this bill now!!!!!!!!” Participants would have been out cold on the floor half way through and wouldn’t have had to listen to the rest of this recycled pap.

    • LOL. Short naps work wonders–I am up again. I am not clear on this…Is the CBO supposed to rate a speech again–do “we” pass this before the paid-for bushwah? Today? Would this morning be in time? None of that awkward thinking,discussing, reasoning, hearins? Just get out ye olde rubber stamp?

  14. That’s why reps should just say “sure mr. president, we will pass your bill” because it’s doomed to failure. I read an article yesterday where they showed the planned future tax increases and no wonder small biz isn’t hiring, they are going to get hammered with health care taxes and changes in the taxes on sub chapter s corps.

  15. This guy is starting to sound like Lonesome Rhodes — A Face in the Crowd
    A quote from the carnival stop in Richmond this morning..
    “I’m asking all of you to lift up your voices,” he said. “I want you to call, I want you to email, I want you to tweet, I want you to fax, I want you to visit, I want you to Facebook, send a carrier pigeon, I want you to tell your congressperson the time for gridlock and games is over, the time for action is now.”