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WHD Will Live Stream Tonight’s Speech

Just a note that I will live stream the speech tonight at 7 pm ET so we can all comment along.

I’m sure you’ll have something to say about it!

And President Obama can’t be real late because if people are kept waiting they’ll tune out and watch the Packers-Saints pregame show, which they may be viewing anyway.

I won’t live stream the football game even though I know some of you may find it of greater interest, given that the game will feature stuff we haven’t seen before and the speech, maybe not.

Amazing, isn’t it? Obama will appear at 4 pm ET on the West Coast, bumped back to before even rush hour begins by a football game.

Oh, the indignity.

10 thoughts on “WHD Will Live Stream Tonight’s Speech”

  1. Y’all have fun tonight. I’m boycotting his speech this time around. I’m sure you will let us SOB’s know how it all turned out, Keith.

  2. 4pm (AZ time) is the cocktail hour, or “tea time” (what I tell the kids), at the srdem home. Watching the pomp and hypocrisy of our elected officials will just add to the ambience of the warm glow I get from my “tea”.

  3. I’m a Saints fan, so which do you think is more important to me: pre-game or speech? (Hint: the one that provides useful, pertinent, and honest information.)

  4. The Red Sox start at 7:00 for me, the Pack at 8:00 for my DH. I don’t think I can handle another lecture so I’ll catch the highlights later.

  5. Poor Keith, it’s your job to watch it. Don’t think I can stomach it. Will check in afterwards so you can tell us about all of the ‘new’ developments.

    I think we picked Green Bay in the football pool (sorry William!).

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