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Live Stream || Obama Speech to Congress

61 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Speech to Congress”

    1. A guy on Fox has a drinking game like ours for the usual phrases–investment, not as fast as, balanced, country above party except for me, you know them. He said to bring a big bottle.

  1. Ok, Im calling it…
    BLAME BUSH =within 5 minutes
    BLAMES ISRAEL =2 times

  2. Are there established manners and proper decorum for being in a joint session of Congress? I’m always bothered by the hollering, excessive chatting. They always seem to roll in there like their meeting each other at a happy hour. And now Michelle Obama’s wearing a sleeveless dress! (It’s COLD in DC today and please note that she’s the only one without sleeves!) I’m definitely listening to the content of this speech, but I’d also like to get up there and give everyone a lesson in manners… or establish some out of respect.

      1. I love the way he said “if you pass this bill , tomorrow people will…..”. I didn’t know the House and Senate were going to hang out last night for a vote.

      1. Well, there’s flagger…a guy digging and three watching, a heavy equipment guy who took a course…guys to put up the signs saying COURTESY OF THE OBAMA REGIME.

        1. Well as always laughter saved the day he actually made me laugh
          out loud. Loved the Boehner faces thought he might spontaneously combust at some point. I played the part of Joe
          Wilson several times:)

  3. Dream, Dream, Dream,,,,, I cant wait till after, they will tear this apart and run with this one.. It’s gonna be hot on the news and the net tonight
    Some of you guys?
    Who’s he callin guy’S

  4. ‘I only have 14 months left before the election….dammit!!! My job is on the line….dammit! And don’t ask me how I am going to pay for all these tax credits – dammit!

  5. I’m NOT an economists, far from it, so maybe you can answer:
    – How does cutting payroll taxes on the unemployed (who, by definition, don’t pay this tax) generate jobs? Isn’t that cruel to the unemployed?
    – Does cutting employers payroll taxes by 1.5% (half of the 3.1% cut or $15/wk on a $50K/yr job) really provide an incentive for the employer to hire more people?
    This above mentioned program is ONE HALF the $447B.
    Please help me out in understanding this logic.

    1. why would an employer hire more people with a tax cut or not if there isn’t work to actually DO? that is like throwing money away.

      Don’t get me started on infrastructure-schools and roads? Ya ok what about when the kids graduate and the roads are fixed where are they going to drive to?


      Sorry I was using logic nevermind

      BTW there are people who aren’t construction workers out of jobs too BO-a lot of them.

      I hope you don’t expect a 50 year old woman who is our of work to pour asphalt just so she can have a job do you?


    2. I am Not and economist either… just a paralegal in a sole practitioner’s firm. Didn’t hear squat that would help our business. (I do the books too, so I know what the finances are).

      If business isn’t increasing, there is no reason to hire additional people. Obama said something about tax breaks for raises… but I gathered that only applied to employers with a certain level of employees…. No help in my business.

      In reality, the only thing that has helped our business is the changes in the estate tax law. Our “poorer” clients are in a good position, those with “money” need to re-evaluate their planning. The changes with SS and Medicare are also making an impact. Basically trying to find a way for the gov’t not to screw them over and take everything they have worked for.

      Obama said folks can’t wait for the next election for “changes”. Well, I am willing to stick it out over the next few months rather than cave to his “ideals”.

      1. me too jnfr -your post made a lot of sense too.

        I would rather wait for something sooner than later but what do you think if the nominee ends up being a choice between used car salesmen/women?

  6. Did anyone notice when the cameras honed in on Hillary Clinton “clapping” it looked almost painful for her?

    What I came away with from this “address”… same shit, different day. Seemed like pretty recycled ideas to me and zero specifics.

    I don’t want platitudes, I want specifics and facts and how the thinks he is going to accomplish all these lofty ideals. Until I get the details and $ numbers, then it is complete rubbish.

  7. I already know what will happen (ya right) but seems to me like it will be a replay of the healthcare bill, the stimulus bill and the debt ceiling, pressure hard those who are wavering then wait until they give in because it’s better that we pass this than take a good hard look at it.

    Will they even get a chance to read it?

    If West and other TPs don’t man up we are sunk and I don’t see any hope they will.

    Part of me wants to see Obama get another 4. maybe the populace needs a 2×4 upside their head before they wake up-

    between the ‘debate’ yesterday and this pathetic ‘plan’ I just don’t know…are we watching telemundo in English?

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