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Live Stream || The Republican Debate

I believe I can run a live stream of this here from the POLITICO website, but if not I will leave this post up so that you all can comment along as you watch. Should be pretty lively. Looking forward to it myself. Keith

UPDATE: Got the video feed off of MSNBC.

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45 Responses to Live Stream || The Republican Debate

  1. As a registered Dem, I won’t be voting in the Repub primary but, so far, I’m OK with any of the Repubs that might win the nomination.
    None of them are promising rainbows and unicorns and are addressing the real problems with some difficult solutions.

  2. Charter schools are a Marxist invention to further indoctrinate. Please look up Charlotte Iserbyt in You Tube. She was head of Planning for the U.S. Dept. of Education.

  3. Some great ideas being presented. I like that the debate participants seem to have agreed not to fight each other (although I wonder if RP got the memo…). I like Newt setting the questioners straight and must say that Huntsman is the biggest surprise to me. They all seem prepared; which is refreshing.

    I also like that no matter what lame question is asked, they give a substantial answer of their own choosing.

    • I met Herman Cain years ago when he addressed the managers meeting of the restaurant group I worked for. He came with a giant mobile pizza kitchen really big truck. They made all employees made to order pizza’s he stood out in the parking lot and chatted with everyone. One of the nicest men I have ever met very genuine.

      • Of course he would. Even though they only jabbed each other while beating Obama relentlessly will be ignored in order to create an air of deep division.

      • The questioners were trying to create debates between the candidates before Newt set them straight, so it was probably from script. Ron Paul dislikes Perry immensely, so it wasn’t surprising to see him go on the offense. Disappointed in Santorum for joining in.

  4. Tonight I learned that Bachmann is another former Democrat. MSLSD was so kind to indicate that she campaigned for Carter’s 76 campaign. Of course, that was before Reagan was the Republican nominee. All reformed Democrats — Reagan, Bachmann, and Perry.