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Poll: The Obama Popularity Plummet Continues

The Washington Post and ABC News are out this morning with another dreadful poll for Obama, the kind that spur speculation that he’ll just quit and let Hillary run.

He won’t, of course. He still thinks he has magical powers. He’ll need them.

As you can see from the graphic below, the numbers are as bad as you would expect, but a couple of things pop out.

First of all, just about as many people – 77 percent – think the country is going in the wrong direction as did when Obama assumed office in January 2009. There’s no way to spin this. It’s a stunning failure.

And an incredible 81 percent of Americans think the Obama economic program has not worked – that it either has had no effect, or that it has actually made things worse.

It’s difficult to get 81 percent of people in a poll to agree that Saturday comes before Sunday, and yet Obama has not, as far as we know, cashiered a single economic adviser. Some have left for personal reasons, and others, like Treasury Secretary Geithner and National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, are right where they were or, in Sperling’s case, have had a senior role since the beginning.

The Post and ABC also asked a very interesting question, the response to which demonstrates that a large number of people believe Obama is out of sync with their beliefs. While 56 percent say they want a smaller government, only 18 percent believe Obama does. This might be the most worrisome result of all for Obama’s political operatives.

21 Responses to Poll: The Obama Popularity Plummet Continues

  1. An excellent analysis of the poll results. The “size of government” question is really an amazing indicator of the issues the administration has right now. Most will probably overlook it and focus only on the approve/disapprove questions.

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  2. Welcome back, Keith. These numbers are incredible. Finally people seem to be waking up to the disaster that O is. I hope that as time goes on, and more and more people see how terrible things are, that it gets so bad that he either resigns or is blasted out of the water at the polls next year.

    • Agree, except for the “Republicans vs Obama” on Handling the Economy. That is distressing. Another 4 yrs of this commie and we’re in a hole we won’t come out of for 3 decades.

  3. Thanks for the latest poll numbers and the sampling of the questions/results.

    I did a quick scan of CBS & CNN’s web pages and to my surprise, this is not on the front page and also not on the “Politics” page. This Hobbit is just shocked by this lack of journalism.

    I personally think that the numbers are worse that these presented here.

    • I believe that a lot of what you’re seeing is three things:
      1) Serious racism. Many people don’t care or are just not bright enough to notice anything but the skin color.
      2) Blind leberals. These people just don’t understand that it is not wrong to make or have money. They think that if one person is making more, that means they are making less.
      3) Representation without taxation. Obama is all for it, just because he sees a mass of stupid people that will continue voting for him. All he has to do is keep spewing the “Stick it to the man” crap and they eat it up.

      • “Blind leberals. These people just don’t understand that it is not wrong to make or have money. They think that if one person is making more, that means they are making less.”

        What I find interesting is that many of these liberals who think people need to have less money are themselves living lives of the very well off — lives that I would consider to be the goal of most Americans: vacation homes in nice places, dinners out, trips abroad, stock portfolios that are healthy, reasonable expectations of a very nice future for their kids, etc. Don’t they see that they are really talking about taking money from themselves? And if they do, why don’t they just give the money to the gov’t instead of waiting for higher taxes?

  4. While I agree with Sarah that polls are for strippers and cross-country skiing, these are still pretty devastating numbers for Obamanomics.

    Good to have you back full time Keith. I sure missed you. Hope you were able to get some rest and spend time with your family.

  5. This kind of news will really put a kink into the fundraising for MrO’s reelection.

    I wouldn’t be a good poll-ee(?); I think the man is a sneering, elitist fraud and as the Prez, I think he’s incompetent in both national and international affairs and cluess about our economy and how it works.

    • About covers the waterfront there, SrDem. You left out snooty, bad-tempered, wimpy, snide, prissy, etc. Is that name-calling–? I like to think of it as character calling.

    • Well nobody I know has ever been a poll-ee, but if they ever should call my number I’d be glad to give them the list of issues I have with this so-called president.

  6. People may be fed up with Obama, but have they learned anything or will they seize the next feel-good “historic” candidate and basically use his campaign as a masturbatory tool that they pay for with their vote?

  7. seems to me like obumbler will have to hypnotize millions into support for
    his re-election . no matter how the media may sway the truth, the boy is headed for new digs to base his travels and a new sugar daddy to pay for it!
    bye bye obumbler ! it was real and it was bad.. It was REAL BAD ! ! !

  8. What I find even more fascinating is that this is a poll of “random adults”. That’s not likely voters, and it’s not even registered voters! When a poll is just “adults”, it almost always skews heavily toward the left. (That’s why Rasmussen, which polls only likely voters, usually skews right when compared to other polls that cast a wider net). I’ll bet that if you look at likely voters, those most likely to swing the next election, the numbers are even worse for Obama.
    Also take a look at the “Strongly” approve / disapprove split. There is a lot more passion on the side against Obama than there is on the side favoring him. That means a lot about turn-out potential in 2012.
    Of course, it’s early days yet, but I don’t see much coming up that is likely to change the way the economy feels to us all.
    Fascinating! Thanks for the article and analysis.

  9. Not that I’ll vote for Obama again, but whomever takes his place is going to have an impossible mess to deal with, too.
    Career politicians have no idea how to spark the U.S. economy. Congress should be in session long enough to pass a budget, or four months, whichever is less….every other year. And, as Citizen Legislators they should get paid minimum wage and get no pensions.
    The President should keep us safe and sign the damned budget.
    Look at the Constitution if you think I’m crazy.

  10. Read this one, especially the fourth question…that says it all. It is toiletsville for the Great Obama. He promised to lower the poo in the bowl and now he has flooded it with his home-made turdballs. He’s screwin’ up like a bastid!!!

  11. Obama has done so much damage to our economy, and failed so badly at any semblance of Presidential Leadership that is boggles my mind that Obama can get an overall approval rating of 43%? How? Where do those 43% live. Do they not care about the damage Obama has done to the economy or nation? Its clear now that the democrats made a terrible mistake in spurning Hillary for Obama, and the nation an equally disastrous mistake in choosing Obama over McCain! I voted for McCain, but “I told you so” won’t ease the pain of so many millions of UNEMPLOYED. Hillary really should challeng Obama, the nation needs better options?