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WH Take on GOP: Enemies! Barbarians! Sons of Bitches!

You all knew already that all the stuff out of the White House about working with Republicans and respecting others’ views was garbage, didn’t you?

I didn’t have to tell you that. I read your comments here. You can spot fraudulence a mile away.

As of this writing, neither Vice President Biden’s referral Monday to Republicans as “barbarians” nor Teamster’s President Jimmy Hoffa’s airing of his view that Republicans are “sons of bitches” have been renounced by the White House.

Obama attempts to strangle George H.W. Bush with a Medal of Freedom. Photo by Keith Koffler

In fact, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman already declined to rebuke Hoffa – who was the warmup act for President Obama’s Labor Day speech in Detroit – blathering that, “I know you’d like to focus on language — that’s not what the American people are focused on.”

You see, every once in a while, politicians let slip what they really think. Like Obama himself did during the 2010 campaign when he advised Hispanics to go to the polls and “punish” their “enemies.” Those enemies would be Republicans.

The reason neither Biden nor Hoffa has been slapped down is that the White House can’t work up enough outrage to overcome the political obstacles to doing so. Because at some level, Obama and his aides agree with these things.

Any conservative who has ever gotten in an argument with a liberal knows that liberals think conservatives are either evil or that they are idiots. Or, most likely, that they are evil idiots.

Obama and Biden are very typical liberals.

Other Democratic presidents and vice presidents have at least had the decency and sense of respect for the office they held to avoid giving voice to such ugliness. Not this crew.

Here are the quotes. From Hoffa:

President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march…Everybody here’s got a vote…Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.

And from Biden, who spoke at an AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic in Cincinnati:

You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates . . . the other side has declared war on labour’s house . . . You are the only non-governmental power that has the power and the capacity to stop this onslaught.

Sure, Biden was using a figure of speech. But for a vice president even metaphorically equate his opponents to “barbarians” is both disgusting and suggestive of the hatred he really feels.

Hoffa, of course, wasn’t being the least bit subtle in his characterization of the GOP, and even added a menacing call to “take (Republicans) out.” Given that he was part of the Obama Labor Day program, effectively introducing the president, the White House should make clear is does not associate itself with remarks using violent rhetoric to describe Republicans as SOBs.

As noted by ABC’s Political Punch, John McCain in 2008 threw political caution to the wind by dressing down a popular conservative radio talk show host for comments deemed insulting to Obama.

During the 2008 campaign, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., immediately rebuked talk radio host Bill Cunningham when he disparaged then-Senator Obama in his opening remarks at a McCain campaign event. Cunningham had fueled rumors that Obama was Muslim by repeatedly referring to him by his full name “Barack Hussein Obama.”

McCain immediately took responsibility and profusely apologized for Cunningham’s remarks.

But Obama lacks such political courage. The White House should already have risked its relations with the unions by getting someone on TV to respond or prodding Hoffa to dribble out an apology that they could then agree with.

And Biden should at least resume taking whatever medicine he was on that for a time prevented him from saying stupid things.

Because otherwise, the rest of America will  know what you and I already understand: That this White House is serious only about ramming its agenda through Congress and getting Obama reelected, not restoring comity to Washington and the nation via hope and change.

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  1. “Obama ratings sink to new lows as hope fades”

    When that’s the lede from Dan Balz and the Washington Post the weekend after Maureen Dowd takes you apart in the Times, it’s going to take more than Hoffa’s gangster son to rally the troops.

    This surge needs a hero.

    Hillary, where art thou?

  2. Question: has there ever been a President who so freely speaks in “us” vs. “them”? Dems vs. Reps? -who’s speech is so partisan? I could be wrong but I don’t remember Clinton dividing us thru language. Doesn’t BHO know he’s the President of all Americans?

    It’s not race that divides us today so much as it’s “believers” in this President’s ideology vs. non “believers”.

    • Clinton was a slimy, disgusting bastard (and I’d guess he still is). I NEVER thought I’d say something like this, but…oh, how I long to have the Clinton days back.

  3. Well thank God we have some blogs and at least one media outlet that ins’t in Obama and unions back pocket. This almost borders on hate
    speech. Obama’s legions of liberals are creating a new protected class of
    people the average American. Now we are knee deep in Chicago style bare
    knuckle fighting against American’s who don’t fall in line. Politics is always
    nasty but not like this. We must stand strong but not stoop to the level that
    the Democrats have. Watching Debbie Doolittle I almost missed Howard
    Dean, yes it’s that bad.

  4. As I’ve been pointing out recently, just return to the not-too-distant past when Rep Giffords was injured. Who was “focus[ing] on language” then? Wasn’t the Tea Party and any [right-wing of course] pol who had uttered any metaphor or linguistic construction even slightly referencing violence, blamed for that event? Yes, where’s the outrage!!

  5. This is truly a new low for obummer and his thugs. You can bet it was under HIS directive that this violent hate speech was approved. “Take us out” Wow, that is condoning murder, and Hoffa jr. should know.
    Then right after, the so called prez, gets on stage and says he’s “PROUD”!

    If people didn’t know where ALL these thugs stand, yesterday should have been a BIG wakeup call. Of course, we all knew. Be careful everyone, o has just endorsed violence, and it’s gonna get really ugly against the GOP. If I was Boehner, I would rescind the invite for that trumped up Jobs……really campaign speech. Why should all the (R)s sit there and be insulted by this rabble rousing community organizer. I am REALLY disgusted, I didn’t think these vile vermin could sink any lower, but there you go.

    • I agree Bunni if I were Boehner’s office I would send a letter saying due to the climate generated by the President & Vice President the
      Republicans will not attend due to safety concerns. Let Obama stand
      all alone with only the Democrats to worship him.

  6. This ‘crew’ is made up of progressives that were taught the finer points of Sal Alinky’s “Rules for Radicals”. So, as we witnessed yesterday, once progressives lose the arguement or do not have anything else to contribute, they result to name calling and bitterness. It is really sad to watch.

    Forget about mailing tea bags to these progressives like Hoffa, it will do nothing but confuse them. They will not understand the true meaning of the bag. Save that stamp and envelope mailing those tea bags. Save that attitude until November 2012. Thats when we will once agin show them that we are Americans that care about our country and its values.

    Good article Keith. Like others have stated, I’m glad you are back from vacation.

  7. They’re just following the rules…

    “RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.” — Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

  8. Let’s not over react here folks. Barbarians? Sons of bitches? Is that all they’ve got? Those are almost terms of endearment considering the sources. And it’s really not going to get them anywhere.

    Instead of letting it irritate us, I think we should just follow the advice of Skipper the Penguin (from “Madagascar”)

    Private the Penguin: Skipper. Shouldn’t we tell them that the boat is out of gas?
    Skipper the Penguin: Nah! Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

    • Heh. If a labor union thug named Jimmy Hoffa calls me an SOB, I’m flattered. At the risk of triggering Godwin’s law, it feels like being called a dirty b*****d by Hitler.

      But your idea is good too.

  9. We must have missed the presser when the leaders of the Repubs expressed their outrage at this attack on the citizens of the US. We’re still waiting for someone to call out the VicePrez for calling the taxpayers of America “barbarians at the gate”. The MSM hasn’t yet called out for more civility from the Dems; the past outrages of racist, terrorist and hostage takers still lives on the pages and videos of the MSM.

    We, the people, are being attacked by our own government and it’s right hand, the MSM.

  10. Hoffa specifically mentioned the Tea Party in his rant. The Tea Party that has no formal organization, no leader, no K Street lobbyist firm on the payroll. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for an apology from these Marxists. They are what they are. By the way, I’m sure there are quite a few establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle who agree with Hoffa & Biden and would be quite content if we would just go away. Too bad for them, we’re here to stay.

  11. Barry loves all the agitating. That’s his specialty.

    He won’t tell Biden or Hoffa to tone it down. Are you kidding?

    Barry is loving it and probably Michelle the Moocher, too.

      • No we don’t know where she is vacation most likely. Read someplace
        that they left separately for Camp David. This is not a happy couple.
        They must have pried the taxpayer credit card out of her hand. She
        doesn’t even fake it anymore. Wonder if the garden died?

  12. The Astros could use your bat, you’ve hit a home-run with this pitch.
    Shameful and embarrassing words from Americans (in name only) who are supposed leaders. HA,

  13. Exactly what can be expected from liberals. From “Let’s tone it down” to “Let’s take them out”. What changed that could warrant such a 180? Their own personal goals. I’m more disgusted by the MSM than I am with the perps.

  14. I was just going to say I would vote for Palin if she said something and just checked drudge and SHE DID?

    I can’t put her down anymore, that woman has cojones

    good for her!!!

    • You are right cindylouwho. As far as I know, Sarah Palin is the only Republican who has issued a statement. If you didn’t get a chance to read her whole post, I linked to it above. She says some pretty powerful stuff.

      I have a plan to watch The Undefeated on Thursday night during 0bama’s speech. Just my way of giving him a little pay back ;-)

  15. Best lines Ive seen today…Biden/Barry…What a joke

    I always wanted to be a barbarian. Eating meat off the bone. Not having to take a bath. And pillaging helpless towns and villages sounds swell.
    Maybe there’s a fantasy camp somewhere

  16. When the same language is used by the president, the vise president and down, one might gather the orders for using such language is condoned if not created by the Whitehouse. In my book, Obama (or any president) does not get a pass because he’s the president. This Chicago thug is giving the orders but standing back so his little hands don’t get dirty. He’s as dirty as they come.

  17. Let’s bring more civility to the discussion – hostage takers, extortionists, jihadists; taliban; satan sandwich, tea baggers, gun to the head, extreme, anarchists, wing nuts, crazy, car jackers, hi-jackers, Tea Party terrorists, slack-jawed hostage-taking saboteur; “intellectual primitives;” bomb throwers; the dark side; criticism is racist, “bitterly clinging to their Bibles & guns;” Tea Party can go straight to hell; take these son of bitches out; barbarians; we must punish our enemies & reward our friends; if they bring a knife – we’ll bring a gun; I need you to get in their face; if you vote Republican – you’re on your own Jack

  18. Carney is Obama’s new :Designated Liar. He looks right at the questioner and says that Obama didn’t realize that the original date and time of “the speech” was concurrent with the Republican debate. He then says that Obama “wasn’t there when Hoffa made his incendiary remark. Well, he was there, but not onstage. He didn’t hear it.” He’s pathological and illustrates same on a daily basis. I never thought I’d say this but I’m starting to miss Robert Gibbs. He was equally unctuous but at least he had a sense of humor.

  19. Actually, most frightening is what Biden said. Read the words carefully:

    “You are the only NON-GOVERNMENTAL POWER (emphasis added) that has the power and the capacity to stop this onslaught.”


  20. If Obama would have rebuked Hoffa, or even Biden, he actually probably would have actually gotten some support back for doing the right thing. If we would have said he doesn’t agree with such rhetoric and words, Obama could have gained some respect back. But, no-o-o-o-o-o! I think he actually feels pretty much at home with the Hoffa, Biden, Waters, and Carson comments. It’s the image of the Democrat party now, and perception is reality. Americans, most all Americans–in their heart of hearts–know that kind of language is just flat out wrong, doesn’t accomplish anything constructive, and reveals a lot about character and integrity. Americans see it for what it really is. I wonder–in American history–has a President ever had such a close relationship with a known criminal terrorist like Bill Ayers? I can’t think of anything even approaching such a relationship. Now, cozying up to Hoffa and Trumka. It does say a lot about character and integrity–or lack thereof.

  21. Well Helloooooooo !!!

    What’s the poor boy gonna do ??

    He certainly can’t tout his recond of achiemement over the last 3 years. Even less in the 15 years prior. All he’s got left is name calling.

    Does anyone really think he’s even credible anymore.

    Let the poor boy retire on the dole and get to the lecture circuit. Where he fits in.

  22. This spineless “leader” of our country does not have the intestinal fortitude to do what is right, only pander to his political base. The right has been totally demonized, called barbarians, Nazi’s, idiots and sonny B’s, amongest others. I was an Independent, Conservative in Nature, but now am beginning to consider myself much further right, the Democrats have driven me and countless other “Middle of the Road” to the right, because this hatred talk is out of hand. They did it to Bush, they now consider an entire portion of the voting public “enemies”. Never in my 53 years have I witnessed such venom. The Democrats pander to hate and divisiveness.

  23. “McCain immediately took responsibility and profusely apologized for Cunningham’s remarks.

    But Obama lacks such political courage.”
    And why do you consider it courageous to repudiate supporters who used Obama’s full name, the one he used at his inauguration? McCain was a leader in bowing to the cult of political correctness. This was not courage. It abetted the liberal media in refusing to vet Obama. Instead we have had to find out the hard way that Obama is a radical leftist ideologue who was utterly unprrepared for high office.

  24. Consider the source on Hoffa- once a criminal, always a criminal. His old man was, he is. Obama was ignorant to not denounce this statement at its’ origin, but he let it fly because that is what he also feels. Socialist and criminal behavior from criminals and socialists. End all this no later than November 2012!

  25. People, you MUST remember this next Nov. 2. I enjoy the talk as much as you all do, but I am very concerned that you will not remember come election time. I sure hope 2010 wasn’t an anomaly.

    I am forming a Tea Party group in my area. I think they are proliferating, but people are still afraid to get involved. Form a group. Monitor the polls. Get out the vote. Speak up.

    A stupid, racist, barbaric, terrorist, SOB

  26. “But Obama lacks…political courage.” Maybe so. He also lacks the class, compassion and just plain good manners that would otherwise occasion his taking Hoffa to task for language that clearly and deliberately was a call to violence.

  27. I get a royal kick out of Mr. “I-represent-a-whopping-6%-of-the-American-workforce-Hoffa” talking about calling out his personal army to discipline the rest of us. Something nobody ever mentions… Obama dimissing GOP concerns with the comment “Elections have consequences.” That phrase should be rammed down his throat at every opportunity… so sorrrrrry for the violent imagery.

  28. Obama has always been a do what I say, not what I do kind of guy! He’s clearly the most hypocritial President we’ve had in living memory. By the time next Nov comes around this little incident will seem like a British afternoon Tea discussion. Obama can’t run on his record of total failure, so he is going into the sewer. Its odd that people have already forgotten the way Obama and his campaign tarred Bill Clinton as a racist when he was running against Hillary. That too will look like child’s play compared to what Obama is planning. All he can do is throw sewage and attack attack attack. If he stops for a moment people will remember he’s made the economy a basket case, put miilions and millions on the UNEMPLOYMENT line, and put the U.S. into its steepest decline in history! I hope the Republicans are prepared???

  29. The Democrats have declared war on the GOP. Therefore, it is within Obama’s power to issue an executive order to suspend the writ of habeas corpus and jail all those who give aid, comfort, or campaign contributions to the enemy. How else can he get re-elected?

  30. biden is an unctuous pig. progressives/liberals, keeper of the great double standard. tolerance and respect for me, vitriol and ridicule for you, if you believe differently from me. these dirtbags are the lowest form of political animal known to man. i hope the country rejects these two bit faux dictators, resoundingly, and their feckless masses of myopic and entitled “workers” with them. people that actually work hard don’t need some union thug to “protect” them (can you say “organized crime”?). people that strive and succeed do so on their own accord, without the son of a criminal jimmy hoffa jr. and his fat mouth….

  31. All Liberals are criminals – they believe in larceny; instead of using knives and guns they use politicians, judges, and lawyers to do their stealing.

    So it should not come as any surprise if Obama hung around with known criminals and doesn’t mind if his friends throw out some slurs that he agrees with.

  32. Hoffa, Biden their followers, and Obama behavior are the worse America ever encountered. Disgusting rethoric , intimidation and violence that’s we get in the era of Obama./
    We must let GO AWAY, those who have no respect for America and its people. The sooner the better. .

  33. You seem, for some perhaps nefarious right wing reason, to have emended Mr Hoffa’s remark in his favor. He was quoted elsewhere as referring to ‘son of bitches’ which is akin to asking the barman for two gin and tonics.