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Carney Ducks and Covers on Hoffa Remarks

Well, as expected, the White House buckled over in fear at the thought of having to piss off the union people, declining to express contempt for the contemptible comments made by Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa AT AN OBAMA EVENT yesterday.

Hoffa called Republicans “Sons of bitches” and urged Obama to let union folks “take (them) out.”

Maybe Obama, fresh from Martha’s Vineyard, thought Hoffa meant “take them out  . . . for lobster!” What could be wrong with that?

In case Hoffa didn’t mean taking those Sons of Bitches out for lobster, Press Secretary Jay Carney said the following to try relieve the White House of any obligation to respond.

I understand that there is a ritual in Washington that, you know, somebody says something and you link the associations, and then everybody who has an association with him or her somehow has — has to avow or disavow it.

The president wasn’t there. I mean, he wasn’t on stage. He didn’t speak for another 20 minutes. He didn’t hear it. I really don’t have any comment beyond that.

Well, yes, there is a ritual of taking responsibility for things in Washington, though I understand it’s not often performed.

Carney, as a former reporter who’s still relatively new to high stakes public relations, has this terrible problem. He still has a conscience.

So under withering fire on the Hoffa issue from ABC’s Jake Tapper, Carney, who knows the “civility” White House should condemn Hoffa’s remarks, started babbling.

Mr. Hoffa speaks for himself. He speaks for the labor movement, AFL-CIO. The president speaks for himself. I speak for the president.

I see.

And then Carney suggested he was being constrained by senior White House officials who play politics Chicago style.

I think I’ve said what I can say about that.

Having a conscience is a very bad thing for a White House press secretary. Usually, when the chief of staff interviews someone for the press secretary job, the first question he asks is, “Do you still have a conscience?”

If the answer is yes, the interview is over.

I remember dealing with Scott McClellan as deputy press secretary, and I thought when he succeeded Ari Fleischer in the top post he would have big problems because Scott clearly had a conscience. But apparently Karl Rove sent him over to Bethesda Naval Hospital where some of the country’s finest neurosurgeons removed Scott’s conscience, allowing him to say whatever nonsense Rove fed him.

I will say that Tony Snow and Dana Perino had consciences. But it didn’t matter because by the time each of them became press secretary the Bush administration was pretty much finished.

Poor Jay. His conscience was so bothering him today. Finally, he pleaded:

Can we move on?


36 Responses to Carney Ducks and Covers on Hoffa Remarks

  1. Even with the histrionic tradition of fat and lazy nowadays union types pretending they have the same fighting spirit of those who founded unions and actually made life better for workers, even with this sad echo by fatbacks today, it is out of line for Hoffa to be talking about killing those who oppose Obama. What else does “take them out” mean?

    Except, of course, for the lobster option and I thank you, Keith, for reminding us that it could all have been an invitation to a very big dinner.

  2. I see no evidence of conscience in the Carney barker. If he had a conscience he wouldn’t be working for Obama. He’s just not as adept as Baghdad Bob was in dancing around a question…

      • Yes Susan, he’s what you call a “lost ball in the high weeds”…..
        he just doesn’t get it…. the kinda guy who shows up at an important
        meeting wearing different colored socks,a booger hanging from his nose and everyone knows but him..

        • Yes but Baghdad Bob had a bit of style and never once babbled
          and blithered like this little twerp. You are spot on if he had a bit
          of a conscience he wouldn’t be there. Maybe he got a message
          from the only 2 people who would scare him Hoffa or MO!

  3. Very vile. They still fail to understand who we are. They’ll find out next year and will be suprised by the ‘unexpected’ ass kicking they receive.

  4. This stuttering little foolish water boy is really out of his depth.
    He never had a conscience, or he wouldn’t have taken the job in the first place.
    He’s just not as smooth a LIAR as his predecessor, gibby!

    The prez didn’t hear it, OMG, give us a break! Just like he didn’t know about his drunken uncle, and fast & furious, and countless other crimes??? Pleeeeezzeeee, they must think we are as stupid and brain dead as the 17% who think obumbles the thug meister is doing a good job.

  5. The President and his supporters just don’t get it; their constant vitriol against the majority of American voters isn’t taken as part of the political game or can be pooh-poohed away, it’s taken as a serious threat or insult.

    The locker room language and the chest-thumping threats might fire up a lackluster base for the Dems if all Dems are knuckle-dragging thugs, but they’re not. Not all tea party supporters are right wing Repubs, either.

    Last year, the electorate sent a message to the Dems and Repubs running for re-election that the sitting members of Congress have not heeded.
    2012 will be another electoral rout because most of them don’t “get it” yet.

      • The easy explanation is to assume that Barry and his accomplices don’t ‘get it’. I think the more likely explanation is that they DO get it, and their determined effort to NOT chastise those who breach Dumbass’ plea for civility in public discourse are just thumbing their noses at those they consider to be the peons. Furthermore, I suspect they actually appreciate that sort of rhetoric being out there when they can claim a level of plausible deniability in knowing that is is happening, such as Carney has done here. With respect to the feet on the furniture photos, I suspect they understand all too well and enjoy this metaphorical equivalent of an extended middle finger.

        BTW, you might let Carney know that the new hornrimmed glasses, while sophisticated and somewhat professorial, are not doing a thing to persuade me that he really has a clue. He looks like a little boy up there. What would make the look complete would be is he wore a really oversized suit, like he was dressing up in his daddy’s clothes pretending to be a presidential press secretary.

        • Ouch…you are brutal, but oh so right on all accounts. Agree with your assessment of the glasses=intellect. Even a dumb blonde like me knows a conman when she sees him. I’m thinking they can’t keep this game going until 2012. Their Madoff moment is coming soon I fear.

  6. I’m going to trust Keith on this one that Carney may still have a conscience because Keith’s been around a long time. I do love this from Bunni: “The prez didn’t hear it, OMG, give us a break! Just like he didn’t know about his drunken uncle, and fast & furious, and countless other crimes??? Pleeeeezzeeee, they must think we are as stupid and brain dead as the 17% who think obumbles the thug meister is doing a good job.” Very well said. I think my husband and I say this every day – they really do think we are idiots. If it wasn’t so pathetic we would all be howling out loud!

    • Well he was following the same theme like he never heard any of
      what Rev Wright was spewing for 20 years. Really needs a Miracle
      Ear well 2 extra large.

  7. Seems we have heard the “he didn’t hear that” comment before. Remember what Barry said about all of the ado in 2008 about his pal Reverend Wright? He didn’t remember hearing any of his garbage either over the 20 years he sat it that pew.

  8. Video Game Allows Players to Slaughter “Tea Party Zombies” Like Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly.

    The graphic, offensive, and violent game was created by StarvingEyes Advergaming, an advertising company with a diverse portfolio of high profile corporate clients from Meow Mix to Pepsi, TLC,, and many others .

    Jason Oda, the head of the company StarvingEyes Advergaming, responded with the following: “The game was just a personal project. I am not worried about it effecting business.”

    So folks, time to write Meow Mix, Pepsi, TLC,, and ask why they do business and associate with the sociopath owned StarvingEyes Advergaming. Is THIS the type of company they chose to do business with? If so, then MY business with these companies is hereby TERMINATED.

    I’d love to see Keith dig into this one. It hit Drudge, and the story there has a link as well.

  9. Oh please he didn’t hear it-are we talking about Rev Wright’s sermons again?

    Keith am I wrong or is it just a given someone on Obama’s “team” would have previewed any speeches made before Emperor Schmuckman takes the stage?


    BTW where are the candidates on this? Where are the candidates on those horrible statements from CBC members? Where ARE the candidates?

    like I said before

    (Palin is the only one who commented-facebook cloaked or not-you gotta give her credit)

    • Palin seems to often be the only one with the guts to say what’s on her mind. The candidates are all busy bellyaching everything.

      Why is nobody taking on this CBC guy? Republicans? Democratic leadership? What he said about Tea Party members supporting lynching is thoroughly egregious, worse than Hoffa.

          • I don’t think he should quit the CBC. As a member of the CBC, they must include him all meetings and business of the committee. Much better for him to stay there and be involved in their business. That way he can keep us informed on what they have in the works. Since Hoffa wants to use military terminology and Obama agreed by praising him, I’ll put it this way… West is our patriot soldier serving in the opposition’s camp.

  10. You know what–Fox could lose Karl Rove. I am sick of him. And I already said I don’t need more Cheney…You’re done, guys, you had your turn. Take your bags of grudges and leave.

    • I admire Mr. Cheney. He is a true statesman in my eyes. Agree with you on Rove, and I’ll add Dana Perino. They are all part of Bush’s compassionate conservative philosophy. They are establishment Republicans. Establishment Republicans put party before country. It’s all about winning the election to them. Rove and his whiteboard and Dana and her subtle putdown of conservatives. They are always chasing the elusive moderate voter. Don’t know how anybody could call themselves a moderate with all that is going on in this world today. Not too many fence sitters left.