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Obama Schedule || Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day launches Obama’s new jobs drive, during which we will hear the president talk about jobs as much as Colonel Sanders talked about chicken.

Only difference is, Colonel Sanders actually created chicken.

The Obama Jobs Festival 2011-2012 reminds me of the Recovery Summer. As you may remember, the Recovery Summer was last summer. So much for the Recovery Summer.

Speeches and gimmicks do not a successful economy make. Nor will the marginal proposals Obama is planning to adorn his jobs speech with this Thursday. Serious action – major tax cuts for stimulus coupled with long term cuts in entitlements – ain’t going to happen in the current politicized environment.

The time for serious moves was earlier this year, and it didn’t happen.

Anyway, here’s the schedule:

12:30 pm || Arrives Detroit
1:15 pm || Delivers remarks at Labor Day event in Detroit
2:40 pm || Departs Detroit
4:15 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

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  1. We’re going to pay to fly Air Force 1 and a whole gaggle of staff and motorcade to give a speech for 1 hour to labor and union leaders? What’s left in Detroit to labor on? One might ask, to what end does this serve? This guy is obsessed with flying on AF1 and bilking the taxpayes.

    • He’s probably doing some fund-raising…..

      He REGULARLY violates campaign laws, ignores Constitutional mandates to notify Congress of war actions, etc, but apparently neither Congress nor the majority of the public really appears to care.

  2. Keith!

    Thank God you let us know that O’Bozo will be here in Detroit tomorrow…

    Now the mighty Boa can make plans to go watch…..



  3. BO was grinning ear to ear in NJ today meeting his pepes and back-slapping Christie. He’s supposed to be visiting a disaster but it looks like a typical obama campaign spot which it was. His demeanor is off-putting to me, actually creepy.

    • Same here. Maybe he was just glad to get out of the WhiteHouse. News reports were that the area he visited was in terrible economic shape before this disaster and this just makes it worse, if possible.

      It seems that living on the EastCoast is hazardous to a person’s health and well being; floods, blizzards, earthquakes, heat waves and anything else that MotherNature can devise to make life there miserable.

    • GJ – In addition to the big grins, did you notice he was chewing gum – again. And weight loss even more pronounced. Is he going not to run for reelection due to “health reasons”?

    • I was surprised that the Star Ledger ran a mixed review of his visit. For this far-left newspaper that is very surprising.

      I don’t understand why people think that just because the politicians come to visit an area that is damaged, that it shows they care. Make them help with the clean up, that would make a good impression.

  4. If his advisors had any sense they would notify the Speaker of the House that MrO won’t be addressing the joint session on Thursday due to…whatever lame thing they can come up with…. such as a sprained ankle, or Bo (the dog) ate the speech…anything.

  5. Stephen Green wrote this about the Thursday speech in the PJ Tatler:
    This isn´t a joint address, it´s the first stop in yet another campaign swing. This is a press appearance with 500 or so members of Congress there as props.
    Very well said.

  6. Pity the First Lady wasn’t able to come and comfort those who lost everything in the floods. Guess she was too busy shopping or on her secret vacation. We don’t know where or what she’s doing and we should is that
    not the job of the press? They will cover up anything for the Obama’s and
    that is very dangerous.

  7. These Chicago children who help The One out see no difference between limoing him to a Chicago neighborhood to enrapture the locals with the notion that he has not forgotten them and they are receiving special attention AND flying The One all over the nation to enrapture a neighborhood, ditto.

    It costs them nothing, but others are keeping track of the dollars spent on these vanity tours. For a handful of votes confirmed by this appearance, The One is angering how many?

    • It will be interesting, though, because the unions have moved even further left – if that is possible.The rank and file are demanding higher starting wages ($14 – $16 wage – and benefits) simply isn’t enough. Austerity isn’t an idea that’s gonna jive with them. They’re ready to resume their wage hikes. They’ve retrenched. SO – what does he say?

  8. The MOTUS (Michelle Obama’s Mirror) site has an excellent posting yesterday (Sunday, 9-4). She quotes Maureen Dowd’s NYT opinion piece citing BO’s continuing suffering from “Speech Delusion.” Dowd even uses the word “repugnant” regarding the WH staff. Amazing – coming from Dowd. I found the entire article linked on Drudge.

  9. Colonel Sanders actually created chicken

    You mean it wasn’t the chicken–or the egg–but the Colonel? As for the speech, it’s going to be a blabby attempt to set up the Repubs to not act or resist or even respond so he can blame them.

  10. So he wastes AF time, Gas, and personnel time with their families to Bore the Country with another GAS filled empty pontifications about his total Lack of knowledge on how to create jobs??? Way to go INEPT!

  11. I’m watching his Detroit speech now and I am seething. It is inflammatory, and he’s shouting…..worse, if he uses the phrase “folks” one more time……heaven help us all.

    • The folks remark has already given me a nervous tick in one eye and
      as I am blind in the other it sucks. But it’s getting so bad I may have a stroke:(

      • Yes I loved being called an SOB made my Labor Day. He went on and on but said abosolutely NOTHING! He doesn’t even try and fake
        the fact unless you are a Democrat, Union Member or don’t worship
        the ground he walks on you are pretty much screwed. There must be
        a law that says a President can’t blatantly ignore and not represent
        over half the country not fulfilling the oath of office?

    • Be prepared for media to run interference and provide cover for labor unions from now until the elections. They do it for Obama and they will do it for union thugs (think Wisconsin). Perhaps one difference might be this next election becoming so incendiary it would be too obvious as to their blatant culpability.

    • Will she be in NYC 9-11? Or too busy packing for fundraiser in NYC
      with Gloria Steinem and her coven. She is basically tells us to scew
      ourselves and she will do as she wants. Of course the media cover her behind, no small task. There is no First Lady only a self centered
      woman out to spend and use us as a credit card.

      • You are so right Lizzy,

        I bet she won’t go to the 9/11 memorial either-I think she and O are pretty much split up by now and she doesn’t give a crap about impressions.

          • I am worried that the media will cover for them both it has become more than an annoyance it is dangerous. Not since
            FDR and JFK have I seen the media give a President and his wife such deep cover. I refuse to use the term First Lady as we
            haven’t had one since Laura Bush left the WH.

          • I don’t remember much of Bush – was Laura always standing behind him while he was making a speech? I think that is they way it *used* to be right?

          • She was with him when was at Ground Zero and when
            he would visit other disasters and the troops and families.
            She was even on a morning show or two but she never
            made it about herself. Never drew any attention to herself but did voice her opinion when ask even if it differed from George’s. She did the job however boring
            it may seem as First Lady. And as far as clothes they
            were memorable for not being anything more than very
            nice tailored suits or dresses always with sleeves. Took
            care of the White House and served as our Ambasador
            when ask. Nothing like forcing yourself on an entire country because you want to shop an vacation in a five
            star hotel with 40 of your friends.

  12. Keith,

    While generally I agree with many of your points, I have to take you to task on the Col. Sanders/Obama statement. I think they are both alike.

    The Colonel was responsible for the killing of millions of chickens in order to fulfill a desire to control the fried chicken desires of the public.

    Obama has killed millions of jobs in order to fulfill a desire to control the public.

    The only question that remains with Obama is (with his current foreign policy) are we going to be regular or extra crispy?

  13. Keith –
    I hadn’t thought of Obama’s utterances as ‘gimmicks’ but that is exactly what they are. Sounds good but there is no substance to any of it!
    I can only shake my head at the thought of Obama flying to Detroit to give his speech on Labor Day. What a joke. Doesn’t he realize that the majority of unemployed Detroiters don’t want to work.
    The old adgage goes: you can lead a horse to water ……..

  14. .and .beginning at 1:15pm Detroit time, Obama offically declared himself proud, in support of and endorsing the “Mob against America War” to begin. This is no small news item, folks; this is serious!! Obama has the Justice Department , or perhaps more truthfully, the Justice Department has Obama firmly in hand. It is not a Tea Party situation!! There is no official Tea Party….it is a ground level movement that sees the limitations of a government gone berserk. What comes out of this conflect will change America, as Obama so urgently desires. It is up to you!!!!!!!

    • Very scary times ahead. We must be vigilante because the media won’t be so we must depend on each other. I am 60 and don’t ever remember a President turning on American’s like this ever!