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Obama’s Gutsy Call on Ozone

President Obama made the right move yesterday in quashing the EPA’s impending ozone regulations, and it wasn’t an easy decision for him to make.

If Obama is the least bit serious about creating jobs, this was something he needed to do. Though issues like global warming get more play, it’s the ozone rule that businesses fear most, fretting that it could force them to slash millions of jobs.

The decision is a rare recognition by the White House that regulation and economic programming require balance with the adverse effect such initiatives have on the economy.

Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson in happier times

While overall this dose of reality will likely help Obama politically – jobless voters are unhappy voters – it’s still a risk for him because it forced him to anger many in his base who provide him with moral and political support.

Sure, the enviros are unhappy. But more worrisome to the president are his campaign grunts, the young ideologues who bought into hope and change and now must square their belief in Obama with his decision to stick with George W. Bush’s pollution standards.

Angering your core supporters is never an easy move for a politician, and Obama’s decision, though probably helping him politically, will also help the country. He deserves credit for making it.

Making things even harder for him on the Green Politics front is that he has recently approved new drilling in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico and allowed construction of a pipeline from Canada to Texas.

Ironically enough, the health effects of ozone and the ability of the government to do something about them is less controversial than that of greenhouse gases, where Obama continues to plow ahead.

The lighter cars Obama wants to address greenhouse gas emissions will actually kill people and will have essentially no real effect on global warming – assuming even a large role for man-made contributions.

Now, if Obama would just reconsider the financial and health care regulations he has inflicted on the economy and propose vast reductions in projected long term entitlement spending, he may actually start moving the economy in the right direction.

35 Responses to Obama’s Gutsy Call on Ozone

  1. If you read it carefully he has only delayed the implementation until 2013…hmmmm, just AFTER the elections of 2012. I only give him credit for taking a political step. He doesn’t believe for a second that this is really the right thing to! This is all for optics, nothing more.

    • Exactly. O has shown that he cares nothing for this country or it’s citizens. He only serves to advance his radical Commnuist pro-muslim agenda, and he only did this to look good to “the people”. Every move is calculated, and the only things he thinks of “from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep” are his next tee times/vacations/parties with stupid celebrities.

        • And you’re either a liberal or an American Muslim or you wouldn’t have been so sensitive, nor so nasty in your replay. You zeroed in on one thing so you could pull the race card. Sounds like liberal to me.

        • I agree with “Panz” in that you must be a progressive as there was nothing in Kathy’s original comment that refered to BHO in way as being racist or even vicious. Instead of participating in the discussion, you went straight to the “R” word. Sad.

          Rather thin skin here.

    • Why do I do this to myself. Watched Meet the Press AGAIN! Tom Friedman (I married up, too bad for you peons), Doris Kearns Goodwin (I read it somewhere and forgot), that Maxine Waters (why doesn’t everyone spend nite and day on African-American issues), etc. The usual suspects. They are DETERMINED to prop this guy up, give him good advice, help any old way they can…and that includes Gregory–so not objective.

  2. The only reason he is delaying enforcing this job killing regulation is so he can keep the country limping along until after the election. If he should win, all his egghead regulators will get their way and it will strike the final death knell for America.

    • I seriously pray that the majority of Americans are waking up to the fraud, this destructor of our beloved country. So much of what he has done is not only horrible for our country, but I am sure quite a lot of it has been illegal. I truly wish that he will be “found out” and exposed for the disgusting lies/act/fraud that he has done/said.

  3. I think that there is going to be a good amount of fallout from this one. Yes, it took guts for a radical like BHO to do a 180, but the true fallout will come in the following months.

    I too noticed that this was delayed until 2013, so all BHO did was leave the door cracked a little bit.

    Lets see what he does about those dust regulations that farmer asked BHO during that mystery bus tour last month. If BHO is serious, he will scratch all similar regualtions. I doubt that he will.

  4. He gets no credit for this in my estimation; his appointees, following his lead, are the ones who make the regulations. All he did was to ,once, call off the dogs that he hired to kill. And kill they do. And, will continue to kill the very business community that MrO hopes to shake down for campaign donations.

    It’s too bad that the tree-huggers are upset about this halt to a business killing regulation. They won’t be supporting MrO come next year.
    They, along with the Amish dairy farmers, the guitar lovers, the coal miners, the unemployed, and just about every group or person in America that MrO has offended, arrested or ignored, will not be supporting this anti-everything- American President.

  5. Keith, or anyone else, off topic, but what is known of the “diversion” of Marine One yesterday that had to land in Maryland due to “bad weather” at Camp David? I read reports that the weather was fine at CD, and also that fighters were flying around the mountain all day. Any news?

    • And what’s the deal with ‘Her Uppity-ness’ Michelle…? I didnt see her getting on Marine One yesterday? Did she take “her own” USMC helo to Camp David thirty minutes later/earlier?
      Over these past few weeks (re: bad Pres.Obama news) Ive noticed I havent seen Michelle or Barack together doing any public-political events…?

      Enquiring Minds Want to Know ;-)

      • She is really MIA lately. Must have had her shopping and vacations
        cut of unless she’s on one now. No fake sympathy today for the
        flooding victims in NJ? Don’t we deserve to know what she’s up to
        and where she is as we are paying for whatever she is up to this time? I believe there is trouble between the Obama’s.

  6. Recently I was watching an OLD episode of Doctor Who (Robot – broadcasted in 1974). The sum of the story was that a group of “intellectuals” had decided that humanity could not take care of itself, and needed to be ruled by those of superior intellect. They end up gaining access to the nuclear codes of the major powers and attempt to blackmail the superpowers into giving the intellects control over humanity. Of course the Doctor saves that day and all is well.

    While watching this camp bit of BBC TV I could not help but think of how this is exactly what has been going on in this country for the past 2+ years. A group of “intellectuals” have taken over the country and, for our own good, is forcing us to live the way they think in best for us.

    If the President was serious about job growth, economic development, protecting our country from its enemies, etc., he would fire everyone in his administration that comes from academia, and bring in people with real life experience.

    In his letter to Sir William Draper, Junius writes, “To have supported your assertion you should have proved that the present ministry are unquestionably the best and brightest characters of the kingdom; and that, if the affections of the colonies have been alienated, if Corsica has been shamefully abandoned, if commerce languishes, if public credit is threatened with a new debt, and your own Manilla ransom most dishonourably given up, it has all been owing to the malice of political writers, who will not suffer the best and brightest characters (meaning still the present ministry) to take a single right step for the honour or interest of the nation.” (

    George Santayana was correct when he wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (The Life of Reason, Reason in Common Sense). Just as in the time of Junius’ reply to Draper, we are ruled by the “best and brightest” and have been cursed by them.

    While not advocating the election of Dumb and Dumber, we, the electorate need to send to Washington more “common” men/women. People that have common sense and reason. Perhaps we need a Constitutional amendment restricting public office from anyone coming out of a university. Remember Wilson had been president of Princeton prior to becoming POTUS, and he brought us the Federal Reserve and federal income tax. Obama came out of the university system and is bringing us total collapse.

    • Perhaps we need a Constitutional amendment restricting public office from anyone coming out of a university

      Yeah, baby. You made me laff. If we want to crash around, fat as oinkers, gobbling the Fries of the French, and thinking up new technologies, creating art and music, writing books, deluging blogs with our brilliance, taking care of our parents, our kids, our pets, hunting, fishing, eating S’mores, helping our neighbors, then leave us alone. Get off our backs! Either end the SS checks, or what we put in plus 43 yrs interest, or something fair and just back off!

    • Really makes one think about the use of “TERM LIMITS”…especially for the 535 IDIOTS, PERVERTS & CRIMINALS who infest that dung heap called “Capitol Hill”

  7. This is just to counter the republicans threat that they will challenge any regulation that costs the American people more than a certain dollar amount
    (I forgot the threshold). They’re tired of getting letters from Boehner.
    Didn’t Boehner trump Obama with his cordial reply and distinguished manners on the scheduling faux pas?

    • A friend of the family is a BorderPatrol agent in the Tucson sector of Arizona. What he tells us is that the agents feel that they have been betrayed by their own government who pushed the firearms to the Mexican drug cartels that killed one of their own.

      • They have been betrayed, not by our government, but by the people who are currently in control of it. Now that Emory Hurley and his former boss Dennis Burke have been exposed, maybe they will do the right thing and testify truthfully. The American people and the brave individuals who defend our borders need to know who is responsible for the loss of these precious lives. The government officials involved need to be brought to justice, no matter who they are.

  8. I think he just kissed a lot of Cali goodbye, except he knows his base, they will hold their noses and vote for him anyway.. Clothespins will be distributed, carrying a nice WTF logo, at all polling places, for those who can’t hold their nose and vote at the same time.

  9. Obama’s flip-flopping should scare the daylights out of everyone…DEMS and Republicans alike! Of course we all realize this is just another stunt for political gain like extending the Bush tax cuts last Nov.

    This is all a sign of desperation – he fools no one! He will do or say anything for political gain and this is why he is unfit to serve! This was all so very evident during the 08 campaign…his willingness to throw everyone under the bus including his own grandmother. The guy simply has NO character, morals or ethics – he’s a two-bit phony opportunist with a forked tongue. Even the LIBS deserve better than this!

  10. langley barfly September 3, 2011 at 4:06 pm
    ‘And what’s the deal with ‘Her Uppity-ness’ Michelle…? I didnt see her getting on Marine One yesterday? Did she take “her own” USMC helo to Camp David thirty minutes later/earlier?
    Over these past few weeks (re: bad Pres.Obama news) Ive noticed I havent seen Michelle or Barack together doing any public-political events…?’

    If you ask me, the MOOCH took off on another vacation the day after she was dragged kicking and screaming off MV!!! Something is really going on here…and the media is covering it up. It makes Obama look like a 90 pound weakling – he can’t even control his petulant wife. He needs to resign so that he can ‘spend more time with his family’!

    • Sometimes the British papers spill the beans on her little trips but haven’t seen anything yet. Something funny wonder where our money is being spent on sleeveless dresses and hotels and food this time? Overseas I would imagine we pay we deserve to know!

  11. Please will someone listen….we need hillary to run against obama. she would be a shoe-in. i’m not sure we can hold the white house with the current guy.