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Obama Schedule || Friday. September 2, 2011

12:30 pm || Departs for Camp David

All times Eastern

20 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday. September 2, 2011”

  1. The Presidential quarters at the WhiteHouse must be a terrible place to live since our FirstFamily finds any excuse to be elsewhere on a regular basis.
    Their family home in Chicago must be a poor place to be, too.

    Maybe it’s time to have Congress investigate the living conditions we force the FirstFamily to endure and make some upgrades that will help them feel comfortable in the WhiteHouse.

    1. Actually their house in Chicago is kind of a crap shack- comparatively. It’s on the south side close to some pretty rough areas. When he loses in 2012 expect him to leave Chicago if not the state. My guess is East Coast, so Michelle can pull a Hillary and run for office somewhere.

  2. wow, another vaca. no wonder, he’s almost been back at the whitehouse for a whole week.

    any chance we could just get him to take a vacation for the next 18 months?

  3. Lizzy wrote September 2, 2011 at 1:04 pm
    Sawva picture of him and the youngest but where were the other family
    members? Michele and the older girl leave early again?

    I was wondering the same thing, can not find any mention of her and the other daughter leaving. And you know what a photo hog Michelle (never pass a photo op) she is. Another seperate trip.

  4. In other words, Barry takes off the entire afternoon.

    Most CEOs would love to just blow off a Friday afternoon.

    What a lazy putz.

  5. Inauguration day, 20 Jan 13……it would be nice if Dumbama and his clan would leave a few days early so the W.H. can be thoroughly fumigated.

    1. White House curators better take an inventory before they leave. I’ll never forget how Billary ‘mistakenly’ took a lot of items that did not belong to them when they departed.

      1. No kidding. We also need to have FOIA look into who is paying for
        all the very expensive clothes and jewelry she’s gotten. Those ugly things are not cheap! I mean $2500 pair earrings and a toned arm of
        bracelets $8-$10 thousand? We need to know who paid.

  6. I KNEW he was gonna skip town for more golf! He couldn’t even be bothered to mention the ZERO job growth numbers! Oh well, the (R)’s are doing it for him. What a FRAUD.

    1. I think it’s obvious they are not a happy couple. I think someone had the task of telling her to stop spending, and vacations were over and she is not a happy Queen. But instead of taking a page out of the
      Clinton playbook and do the best fake happy marriage for the folks
      and go their separate ways out of sight she’s going to make him suffer. Perhaps she knows that he won’t be back in 2012. Or are we going to see moonlight dancing on the beach?
      Oh dear I think I will have nightmares tonight.

        1. I remember when he first drifted out of wherever he drifted out of, I read a story about how she was so sarcastic, the campaign people wanted to downplay her, keep her off the stage. Bad going there.

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