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The Big Setup

President Obama started his reelection campaign last Spring. But things will really get going next Thursday night.

That’s when Obama will offer a series of small scale proposals that at best will help the economy on the margins. But they may help Obama get reelected.

Here’s why.

The White House itself, in a report released yesterday, predicted that economic growth will remain weak through much of next year and that the unemployment rate will be about at 8.5 percent on Election Day.


So what’s going on here?

Some of the proposals Obama offers up Thursday may pass Congress. But most will be rejected by Republicans. And then he will blame the GOP for failing to fix the economy.

The Republicans are being set up.

The White House has recognized the fun of blaming George W. Bush for the disastrous economy is over. They need a new boogeyman. Enter John Boehner, the Tea Party, and the House Republican caucus.

Obama must make his proposals as big a deal as possible, so that everyone knows how hard he’s “trying to help.” That’s why he’s scheduled an address to Congress. No higher profile than that.

And he must calibrate his ideas as carefully as possible so that they seem like they should be palatable to the GOP. He’ll offer ideas that some Republicans have supported, but which in the current high-deficit environment will be rejected.

Then he will talk about his largely meaningless initiatives every chance he gets. And then later, every chance he gets, he will talk about how Republicans rejected them and ruined his noble crusade.

It’s a huge gamble, because Obama has already decided not to take the sweeping measures needed to help the economy. Instead, he’s been running for reelection.

Absent major fiscal reforms that take a significant bite out of entitlements, the government’s fiscal picture and the overall economic outlook are not going to improve. Stimulus has not worked. What the economy needs is confidence, and to build confidence we must get a handle on the federal debt. And a president who has shown no leadership on the issue – who in fact has vastly increased spending and the debt – and who is instead trying to politicize the debate, is not going to lead us to that particular Promised Land.

So if things are not going to improve, there really is no choice other than to blame someone else.

Get ready for the nastiest political campaign season you’ve ever seen. From the people who brought you hope and change.

38 thoughts on “The Big Setup”

  1. It’s a setup all right and not subtle. I thought these guys were some brain trust–this is so obvious.A lose-lose for Republicans is also a lose-lose for the American people and anyone else living here. They don’t care–hang onto power…eat those lobsters…get your 15 mins. So petty it’s disgusting. The job numbers are flat–no jobs created or “saved” or dreamed up or potentiated or anything. Flat flat.Now they are suing the big banks–more people will be fired…uh, that’s a job lost, I believe.

    1. Other than a free infomercial for Obama nobody wins except him as
      always. There is no new plan same s–t different day. He will still try
      to blame Bush a bit more subtlety but shift to TP and Rep. Party.
      We will be lucky to survive this spending ‘plan’ he will ram down
      the American’s next week all for his benefit to be elected again his
      only real goal.

  2. Let us see what happens with the Keystone pipeline out of Canada. Lots of potential jobs, lots of crazy rhetoric from the extreme. Which way will it go?

    1. He’ll be out for blood thats for sure… hope & change is more like
      choke & chains every day ! obombo’s team is most assuredly working 24/7 to dig up ANYTHING which can be distorted to use against Perry or whomever to get ahead ….I’m still so amazed at the misguided
      obombo groupies who support this madness.. george clooney was just gushing at how barry hussein is the most smartest, most caring man who is basically being thwarted from doing his job…. now thats some mighty strong cool aid he’s been drinking !

    2. kill the pipeline! don’t you know the future is in solar and wind power? millions of jobs are being created as we speak, well, except at those three solar companies that all went out of business the last two weeks. just you wait, one day you will see the Cubs playing in the world series at night with electricity fully supplied by solar and wind.

  3. This is all disgusting theater. I feel so sad that we as a nation will continue to flounder and suffer until we elect a President to lead our country in 2012. Only then will confidence and pride be restored in this great land.

  4. The whole of America is not an extension of Chicago and Chicago-style politics will not be tolerated or be effective in the fly-over states. The nasty, name-calling, and divisive rhetoric has been continuous for 2 years, and the Obama campaign advisors should realize that it’s not working to their advantage.

    Americans believe in fair fights and following the rules of the game. When the Dems and their right arm, the MSM, cast aspersions on the religion or fatih of the Repub candidates it only offends those of strong religious beliefs. When the Prez and his left arm, the Dem elected officials, deride or defame ordinary citizens it goes past the pale and outrages the voters.\

    There is a deep-seated anger in the population today and it isn’t directed to those who are trying to make things right again, it’s against the Prez and the Dems. The common thread is that the Dems have lost all rational thinking and are determined to destroy the America we all believe is the best country in the world.

        1. I personally would have to know the man personally before I could positively say whether I like him or not. My gut feeling is that many of those polled are being politically correct so as to not be labeled a racist because he ‘s a man ( I have to bite my tongue) with white and black ancestors.

  5. Yep Keith agree. As I’ve said before, he’s creating a new set of blaming (talking) points for the campaign.
    The only thing that keeps me sane is hoping, as we did in 1980, that another strong conservative is elected. I remember on Jan 20, 1981 how excited we were when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated….the same day the hostages were freed…what a great day! Here’s for a brightre futue!

    We are learning that the way to prosperity is not more bureaucracy and redistribution of wealth but less government and more freedom for the entrepreneur and for the creativity of the individual.

    Ronald Reagan

  6. Everything these people do is a political calculation. He certainly can’t run on his record of accomplishments, so he will resort to dirty tricks. Funny thing is Obama’s enemy list is much longer than Nixon’s ever was, but he gets away with it because he is a Democrat and he has the MSM on his side. We all have to be prepared for the long knives to come out…and they will.

  7. This is nothing but a catch 22. If Republicans go for it to call his bluff and it fails (which it will), it is their fault for agreeing to it. If Republicans don’t go for it, it is their fault for stifling the job growth in the country. How sick are we of this worthless president? EXTREMELY! Don’t get caught up in this crap, we MUST vote him out in 2012 if we make it to then!

  8. Politicians really don’t truly CARE about the future of our country, just the next election. This goes way overboard, however, in its calculations to win re-election.

  9. While I believe this is a calculated step on the President and he can come out and use his “small” proposals as a tool against Republicans – that may sell with his base, but Keith – people are so angry and disgusted that it shouldn’t be that difficult for the Presidential candidates to handle this – I know people don’t think they have it in them, but there is lots of time. I believe these tactics may work more towards Congressional elections, but assuming the Presidential candidate is either Romney, Perry or yes Huntsman – none of them are in Congress and they will be able to attack back and frame a good deal of the dialogue. The likely proposals of extending unemployment benefits and keeping the payroll tax deductions percentages down haven’t worked thus far in stimulating the economy. It may make people feel a little bit better, but I compared my pay check pre-and-post the change in withholding to see just what a difference it made, and honestly the difference was not that great and has already been eaten up by the increase in gas prices and people know that. Gasoline is almost a $1.00 more a gallon than it was prelabor day last year – that savings in withholding has more than been exhausted in higher prices and if gasoline and groceries continue to rise – we will be further in the hole. Although there are stupid people out there that vote – there are plenty of bright people who are fed up and I don’t think they will be swayed by these games and they do vote!

  10. Excellent points, he IS setting them up.

    I don’t understand what good this would do for campaigning though-results speak louder than words

    Get ready to hear a lot of “infrastructure” nonsense and spending proposals

    For some reason I can’t see a 50 year old woman or a 60 year old man (for example) who can’t find a job, working on a roads project-pouring asphalt and filling potholes, call me crazy but um, no

  11. Without a doubt, this is going to be the dirtiest campaign in Presidential history! That said, with the exception of his built-in LIB/AfAm base, I believe that everyone with a pulse now sees through the smoke and mirrors. It was 2 years of blaming Bush…and the last 14 months will be blame the House Republicans! It’s the Alinsky formula….target, focus…attack!

    Obama is so diminished that he is in shock. He is in the death throes of a failed presidency! He is in a frenzy to go center right – i.e. cancelling the huge EPA reg today because he ‘doesn’t want to cause hardships to business owners”, LOLOLOL! He fools no one!

    Obama can’t hide the fact anymore – he is an anti-capitalist union thug! A leopard cannot change it’s spots!!! Not only that, he is a sneaky, lyiing, cowardly schmuck!

    Americans get it, Keith! I have faith that this evil dictator will be history in 2012, if not sooner! If he bombs on Thursday night, we might even see a resignation in the not too distant future…I can dream, can’t I?

  12. gee, do we really think the majority of voting americans are stupid enough to fall for this, again?

    If he’d re elected, I’m going to start rooting for an EMP attack on the country, we’d deserve it.

  13. Obama is being Obama. He’s going to b*tch-slap the congress, complaining about their partisan talk and game playing. He’s doing it in his favorite set-up. I can stand up here and call you names and you can’t respond set-up. How many times have we seen this very same thing?

    I know he’s supposed to be really, really smart and all, but god love him, I’m not too awfully impressed. I doubt his IQ is even triple digit. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box, just another bulb. So if he thinks he’s got this big scheme all planned out–he got off to a rather bad start.

    Once we’re all done laughing at him about that–take a break out for the game (pre and post game) and debate–maybe I’ll be able to see how clever he is. But somehow, I think I’m going to be disappointed again. Anyhow, by that time I may have to miss his wonderful speech, I’ll be past my weekly TV watching allotment. :-P

    That’s why I come here Keith, so you can tell me what I missed. You be sure to catch that speech just in case I do miss it. Appreciate it.

    1. BTW Keith – you are such a great informer (and I mean that sincerely) and carry such clout – trust me the Republicans are monitoring this site and they know you believe they are being set up and they are planning their own set-up ——Thanks for your diligence.

  14. When the going gets tough, O gets going…off to Camp David. Guess Moo needs her make up for the cancelled vacay day. After 6 whole days at the WH they must both be exhausted.

  15. Boy, would I love it if one of the Republicans at some point in the speech yelled, “You lie!” I’m sure there would be multiple opportunities for it.

    Yesterday’s American Thinker cartoon was the Obama BS Bingo Card. As much fun as it would be to play, I can’t listen to him anymore. I’ll have to play by reading the transcript. Even that will be hard…

  16. ” … to build confidence we must get a handle on the federal debt.”

    You have said it in a nutshell.

    Of course, we also have to regain the sense that we are a nation of laws and not nonbinding suggestions that the Prez can play as he wishs – -e.g., re-named amnesty for illegal aliens.

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  19. If Barry pushes infrastructure jobs beware my folks. Many banana republic countries use infrastructure jobs for money under the table for cronies. The country is not stupid. I truly believe that most Americans realize at this point that we have an empty suit who does not really care what happens to our country. I really respected John Boehner during the debt talks when He said he had stuck his neck out a mile to get a debt deal passed that Barry would sign. The American people have long memories and will not forget Obama refusing to sign two different bills passed by the house when they couldn’t have the decency to come up with anything themselves. Reid tabled his own bill and would not bring it up for a vote. something unheard of. The media polls are always misleading because they are heavily weighted in Obamas favor.

  20. And he must calibrate his ideas as carefully as possible so that they seem like they should be palatable to the GOP.”

    I’ve been trying to imagine what he could possibly say or come up with that we’ve not heard before. For several years his adherents have been mesmerized by the soaring rhetoric but I don’t see this working well anymore.

    I was in a ‘quick oil change’ place the other day. The little waiting room had a TV and there were about 5 people in there. 0bama came on the TV and all the room had for him was ‘eye-rolls’ and head shaking. No one’s attention was grabbed as to what he might be nattering on about now.

  21. If this guy isn’t out on his ass in 2012, I KNOW the United States is officially “dumbed-down”. C’mon America, I’ve got faith in all of you, black, brown, red, white and blue. Pay attention!

  22. If everyone knows it’s a setup (and everyone does) then it has no massive effect. This is the same setup as the spending cap game with no budget whatever submitted by Obama in order to blame the GOP for trying to starve children and push grandma off the cliff. It’s transparent.

    If the GOP were at all competent -they would have been pointing fingers at the left and telling the world what they are trying to do before it happens -then the GOP gets to call the left what it is-evil. The problem is the GOP doesn’t want to risk changing their status quo – it is far too lucrative -and that includes the RINO punditry -Krauthammer, Rove, Noonan, Parker, Will, Coulter, etc, who have tried to destroy Palin for daring to go around their gbvate-keeping authority, and tell america that the GOP is also part of the problem.
    These are always interesting times to watch the vermins smoked out of their holes.

  23. Boehner is set to give a jobs speech soon. Instead of joining a game that is using a stacked deck, repeat the Paul Ryan budget strategy. Boehner should present a reasonable, fiscally responsible, free market friendly jobs plan and then pass it through the House. Then let the ball just sit in the President’s/Dem Senate’s court. The House plan will serve as a refutation of the charge that the GOP is doing nothing but obstructing the boy genius’s attempts to save us all. The American people will get it just fine.

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