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Scheduling Of Obama Speech Shows He’s Not Serious

The initial White House decision to have President Obama deliver his speech on Wednesday, Sept. 7, the same day as a Republican debate, means two things:

1. Obama is not serious about the proposals he will offer in his speech, and

2. To the extent he is serious, it’s to advance his political standing.

I’ve covered the White House for a long time, and I know how decisions are made there. The White House knew exactly what it was doing by putting Obama in the well of the House the same day as the GOP debate.

The Republican debate Wednesday is not just “one debate of many,” as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said yesterday. It is the first chance for the public to get a good look at Rick Perry, the man who currently leads the GOP field but who has yet to participate in a debate. This is an effort to steal Perry’s thunder, and no less.

But what’s been little noted is the cynicism of scheduling the speech on a night when another political event – the debate – is CERTAIN TO DETRACT FROM OBAMA’S OWN AUDIENCE.

Why on earth would the White House intentionally choose a date, of all the dates on the calendar, when fewer people than normal would be watching?

Because ultimately, Obama’s political aides decided that it would be worth deleting from Perry’s viewership, even if they lost millions of viewers for Obama himself.

This calculation makes clear the essentially political nature of the speech, which will now be next Thursday after White House aides backed down to Speaker Boehner’s insistence that they reschedule.

If your primary objective is to promote and advance an agenda, then you do nothing to detract from your message. But if you are not particularly serious about your proposals, and your main goal for them is political, then political calculations enter the equation, and you use the proposals to undermine your political opponent.

The relative ease with which the speech was switched to Thursday night shows that the White House had plenty of leeway in choosing when Obama could give this speech.

There was nothing preventing Obama aides from slotting him for another night.

Except politics.

42 Responses to Scheduling Of Obama Speech Shows He’s Not Serious

  1. MrObama is now acting like a lame duck President with nothing left to lose.
    His super-duper jobs plan will be of the same tired proposals that have failed in the past.
    It’s almost unfair to expect the POTUS to come up with a plan that will put people to work in the private sector; it’s just not a function of the federal government. What MrO could do is remove the federal regulations and prohibitions from the private business sector and ask Congress to defund the hated Obamacare.

    • You are on the right track. Then bring all our troops home (let the mideast implode because that’s inevitable anyway), stop spending so much on wars we don’t intend to win. Then put ALL the feds on the same retirement plan that the lower class citizens are on (social security, not their own special plan for the elite), plot a REAL course to break our dependence on foreign oil (solar, wind, hydrogen), then raise traiffs to stop job hemorhaging out of the country. It is that simple.

  2. He’s had 31 months to put out a job plan. Repeal some of these regulations to get the economy moving. He wanted to use the address as free political air time…

  3. You are correct in your analysis. This is pure politics. He’s going to be looking out for his base, namely unions, with some kind of infrastructure stimulus, I mean bank. He could care less about putting people back to work; except keeping his job and lavish life style depend on it. He can’t order corporate america to hire more employees (yet). Another blame game that I refuse to watch.

  4. “Why on earth would the White House intentionally choose a date, of all the dates on the calendar, when fewer people than normal would be watching?”

    The same must hold true for the rescheduled date on Thursday since it is the opening game of the NFL season….they must think only “bitter clingers” will be watching football when the chosen one is speaking.

  5. Bravo to John Boehner for saying no to Little Barry’s “request” to present what will no doubt be another stultifying speech on Wednesday. As for Thursday, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the game of football. However, if it came down to a choice of watching O’BOgus and watching football, football wins hands down. O’BOgus will have nothing original or constructive or believeable to say since, as you said, it is nothing more than a chance to show his ugly mug and churn up the votes of the stupid and naive. My fear lies in the notion that, given his miserable performance and effectiveness, he cannot possibly run on his sub-standard record, which leaves stealing the election the only option for him. America simply cannot afford another 4 years of Democrat style democracy. Heck, I don’t even know if we will survive the next year.

  6. I do not believe for one moment that this speach has anything to do with creating jobs. It will be solely to present another stimulus package that when rejected by Congress will the the hitch pin in Obama’s campaign speeches. I can hear the retoric now, “I sent a comprehensive plan to Congress, I did MY JOB, and the Republicans REFUSED to work with me and that is why we are in the shape we are. I tried, I really did!”.
    He has done 0 things to create jobs up to this point and from day one has done nothing but campaign for re-election so it’s highly unlikely this speach will contain anything other then more campaign ammunition.

    • Remember how Bush (ack) used to talk about us seeing things on our “televisions”? Well anyone can record him and watch the game or whatever, if they are so inclined. We have some power out here…not much…anymore.

      • Actually, since the game is on NBC, if his speech goes overtime, it will cut out the start of the game. Knowing how Obama is ALWAYS at least half hour late and how he loves to grandstand . . . if I am a GB or NO fan, I wouldn’t expect to see the first half of the game.

  7. There is no question that the speech scheduling by the White House minions was a cheap political stunt. One could call it a “mistake” but there
    have been too many of them not to be deliberate. This is the level of “civil dialogue” that Obama means!!!

  8. Empty suit with no plan. Could use cardboard cutout of Obama and a few prompters. There will be nothing new. He wasted 2 years on healthcare nobody wanted and ignored jobs. Now he is reaping the result of ignoring
    the American people and the economy. And he thinks he can continue to blame Bush and get a pass well Bush may have left a mess but Obama
    just ignored it to get what he wanted. Now he is in so far over his head all
    he can do is drag out the same stuff that hasn’t worked. He is far to busy
    trying to find enough fools to elect him again so he and the wife can party
    and spend our money on trips and making us into his European model.
    Never going to happen.

  9. Ha ha, now there’s an article on Drudge about how the WH screwed up and is now trying to figure out how to do his speech without pre-empting the NFL opener. He blots out that game with more hope and change and he’s toast. Either way he damaged himself. Keystone cops! Laughing because I don’t want to cry about what damage he has done to the world, except china.

  10. It is my understanding that the President requests Congress’s permission to make a speech before our elected officials. It seems that Mr. O decided when he was going to speak and then TOLD Congress his day would be September 7. His arrogance never seems to shock me.

    • Not only is OBozo’s lack of experience in pretty much everything a disaster, his complete lack of knowledge of governmental protocol (parliamentary protocol?) is absurd. To TELL Congress when he wants to talk to them smacks of authoritarianism and dictator-ness. (sorry, couldn’t think of a better word to describe dictator)

      • I don’t think it’s Ohaha’s lack of knowledge of protocol but a lack of caring what that protocol is. In his world, he’s the top dog and he shouldn’t have to “request” an audience with Congress. His arrogance and ego, his warped sense of self never ceases to astound me. It is an overt and mean-spirited ploy to subvert the debate and it also speaks of his assumption that one of his speeches could even attract more viewers than the debate. What a humbling blow to his ego it would be if everyone watched the debate and only his foolish supporters would tune in to hear more of his drivel.

  11. Completely off topic here, but Big O’s pet solar panel company, Solyndra went under. Last year Big O and his teleprompter gave a grand speech and said (among other stupid things to stupid people):

    “Less than a year ago, we were standing on what was an empty lot. But through the Recovery Act, this company received a loan to expand its operations,” Obama proclaimed then. “This new factory is the result of those loans.”

    That explains a lot. Obama isn’t evil, he is stupid. According to Obama, THE LOAN is the success story. Not profit, nor getting out of debt, but get some cash now, no matter what it means to your future. WE ARE DOOMED with this idiot at the helm.

  12. ( []–[] }
    The Kardashitins schedule news conference Thursday Sept 8th @ 7 pm to announce their upcoming new reality show, ” Kim and Kris (not Mommy Kris but the new Kris), are The Real Kardashitins of New York, Miami, and New Jersey.

    As our most honorable scribe would note, upon advice from his but not my attorney, This is not a real news story.

  13. Off topic, but since labor day w/e is this w/e, I am hopeful the O’s could get in a few days of rest and relaxation away from the stress of White House life. I know they aren’t really fond of Camp David. Any ideas where they might go, since their vacay was shortened due to the hurricane, floods, etc.
    I feel so bad for them;). I understand FLOTUS was most unhappy, bless her heart :-(

    • They are leaving for Camp David this morning. Guess the Taj Mahal was already booked. Don’t forget Bali in November…right before the Hawaiian Christmas vacation.

  14. There is nothing even remotely coincidental about this. It is an overt attempt to sabotage the GOP debate ratings. But IMHO, the joke’s on Obama….I can’t think of anyone who’d want to watch his speech, hear his same lies and platitudes. I think anyone with any intelligence at all would rather, partisanship aside, hear what the competition has to offer. I say leave them at the same time and see where the ratings fall.