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Is Obama Consulting with GOP on the New Stimulus?

Not as far as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney knows.

From today’s briefing.

Q    Given that emphasis on the bipartisan nature of these proposals, has he consulted with Republican members of Congress as they develop these ideas?

MR. CARNEY:  I don’t have specific conversations or meetings to read out to you.  The President has consulted widely, beyond the administration.  .

So Obama is going to propose something next week the White House says Republicans will like, but they are at the very least not closely coordinating with Republicans – or Carney surely would have known about it.

But this is not political:

It’s not a political package because it is actually the precisely opposite of it.  We’re talking about September of 2011, more than a year before the next election. 

More than a year before the next election? Nothing could be political at this point. Except the president’s whole campaign, which launched in April, a year and a half before the election.

Republicans, I’m sure, will be told what’s in this thing the night before it’s announced. Actually the day of, since the White House won’t want the plan to leak its way to reporters too soon.

And BTW, remember this is a JOBS plan, not another stimulus. Because stimulus has become a dirty word.

If Republicans are calling it a stimulus, and the White House is calling it a jobs plan, you’ll know for sure this is no more than politics.

Having a major hand in the new stimulus proposal – that’s what we’re calling it around here, because that’s what the White House called the last ones – will surely be Alan Krueger, whom Obama tapped today as his new Council of Economic Adivsers chairman.

I’m sure, having worked within the administration for the last two years at Treasury, that Krueger will have lots of new ideas about how to turn around the economy.

It’s like trying to get more comfortable in bed by turning over the pillow. It’s still the same pillow.

32 Responses to Is Obama Consulting with GOP on the New Stimulus?

  1. I am reading and hearing so much about him lately

    My conclusion? He is a weirdo

    No college records, no people “who knew him when”, no one who even “knew Michelle when” and now relatives who are committing crimes and being granted whatever they are being granted-I mean the guy might have given his aunt zetuni (sp) a break but she is still living in gvt housing

    That is just strange-even Bush had palls from ‘back in the day’ heck even *I* do

    strange weird and a little scary, how was this man every created?

    did he even have a life until this point-did he have friends? did Michelle have friends?” I know her mom is still around but who else?

    You never hear a peep from Obama’s sister-has she ever even visited her brother?

    Very weird and downright creepy

    Are they the Lily and Herman of the democratic party with Hillary as Marilyn?

    eh whatever just blabbing

      • In the comments at AT on Jack Cashill’s article I picked up this little tidbit.
        The commenter’s boss was one year ahead of Barry at Panahou. He said Barry didn’t participate in any school activites, came and went quietly, and played occasional pick up Bball. (He did play varsity Bball but was second string)

        Not the image of the future president carefully cultivated. I wonder what he was actually doing in his spare time? Starting to write Dreams, I guess.

        • I am a fan of Jack Cashills writings. He works like a detective, very thorough, and finds so many startling details. The article you refer to in American Thinker is highly interesting. It is amazing, and also very revealing, that media is so uninterested in his findings. Obama is someones Pinochio.

        • Another good article from Jack Cashill. One other comment on the article reminds us that even after he is defeated in 2012 we will still feel the effects of his policies for years to come. He is embedding true believers in the bureaucracy where they will be protected for many years by federal Civil Service laws. Major cuts in the bureaucracy will be the only way to minimize their influence on future policy.

  2. Yep, he’s been in campaign mode since his first day in office. He has never consulted the Republicans about anything before, he’s sure not going to do it now. Bet we could all predict what is going to be in his “jobs” plan because we’ve heard it all before.

    Hmmm….Alan Krueger. Where have I heard that name before? Oh I remember now — Cash for Clunkers. He also is a proponent of the VAT tax. That is all we need, another Keynesian ivy league professor to do more social experimentation on the American economy. Hope we make it to November of 2012 with these clowns in charge.

  3. Quote of the day:

    “We need to pass a jobs bill this fall so I can keep my job in January 2013. Otherwise I have to move back to Chicago and that small house with Michelle.”

    Barack Obama

    Note from my shyster, not a real quote. Maybe.

  4. What happened to his idea of lowering everyone’s interest rate on their mortgages? I guess that idea went by the wayside just like his contention that he would lower the level of the oceans. This guy is an idiot, plain and simple. The question to be asked is what could they come up with now that hasn’t been thought of already. His administration has no ideas and they are worthless. I need to go back to bed. Wake me on November 4, 2012.

  5. You know sometimes I don’t know what is more likely to make my head
    explode the fact he’s trotting out this new jobs crap again ‘a man with a plan’
    or the fact that he thinks anyone other than the Kool Aid drinkers and Alan
    Colmes believe it’s anything new.

  6. “It’s not a political package because it is actually the precisely opposite of it.” It’s not because I say it’s not, look not at that the man behind the curtain.

    Can you imagine this level of thinking in other contexts? Like the man whose wife found him in bed with another woman and yelled, “Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

    • That was an awesome essay. Thanks for the link Scullman! One of the most coherent and interesting explanations of the ‘one’ I’ve read.

  7. Well, this is really too obvious to even mention but you can see the writing on the wall. OBUMMER is going to announce his “jobs” plan which will be nothing more then stimulus 3. Another big union hand out and nothing more. When (hopefully) he gets shut down by Congress he’ll scream loud and hard about how he can’t help the nation because of the lack of cooperation by the other side. THEY are UNWILLING to help the WORKING man and ONLY care about BIG BUSINESS.
    So, in affect his “jobs” program is just another excuse as to why his administration is failing horribly.