As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, August 29, 2011

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:10 pm || Meets with senior advisors
12:45 pm || Lunch with Vice President Biden

All times Eastern

19 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, August 29, 2011

  1. In other words, “the president” will work a 2 hour day starting at 10:15 a.m. I don’t count lunch with the v.p. as work, although maybe I should. I guess he must be exhausted after all that “taking charge” of the FEMA hurricane center today.

  2. We need to start paying him by the hour as a part time employee that would
    save a couple bucks. As it appears he is not full time we shouldn’t have to
    give him benefits no healthcare etc.

  3. Now, I’m sure there’s other stuff in there, but WTF is up with the daily briefing not occurring until after 10? Shouldn’t that be the start of the day?

    Some one throw me some knowledge here.

    • Agreed. Do mornings consist of chain smoking, lobster recipes, fantasy football, and fondling golf clubs? How could you “start” your day as leader of the free world without a informative plan of action being the first order of business?

  4. Here’s a Change I can Hope for.
    How about Barack makes a Gutsy Call and installs a camera in the Oval office so we can Transparently see when he is actually working? How about actual documentation of what he does each day? We as a people do not have a need to know about Top Secret matters, (such as the “Pres” making sure the Cow has enough lobstah) but I don’t really find it out of the question to have him accountable for his actual actions each day.
    How about making yourself, your work, and your “justified paycheck” a little more Transparent, “Mr. President”?

    Some days I wonder why we bother, den of vipers, all of them.

    • How many more of his extended family of drunks and moochers living on the government dole are going to turn up. The long lost Uncle Omar lucked out this time. Because of Obama’s amnesty by executive order Uncle Omar will be turned loose to continue his drunk driving career.

  5. We have absolutely no reason to trust his “official” schedule… theres much more they dont want us to know & truth be told, would be less than flattering like :
    9:30 am the usual wake up call POTUS
    9:45 am breakfast for POTUS (in his pajamas)
    10:15 am “daily briefing” : POTUS reads backs of several informative cereal boxes while watching cartoons on TV
    10:45 am a multi-tasking POTUS plans future campaign outings while intensely engaged with his carpet putter…
    12:10 pm POTUS waves from a distance as AARP “senior advisors” are hurried through their WH tour..
    12:45 pm in need of re-hydration, POTUS & joe plan to down a 12 pack of Kamur -an arab beer compliments from “his majesty”(as barry hussein refers to) the muslim king of the saudis.. from the picnic table out back they order out for burgers and a massive order of extra fries in case FLOTUS finds out & demands her percentage.. they engage in a carnal game of checkers.. joe always loses since barry hussein likes to brag of his checker prowess & hates to lose!..the usual wager ? the loser has to attempt one grueling push up..
    2:30pm exhausted , full of gas and foul breath , POTUS puts all calls on hold until after dinner as he slips back into his pajamas for a long p.m. power nap…

    There you have it ! another day at the office for barry hussein…

    • Over at the NYT, some gal was sayting reality TV needs to be STOPPED–and someone suggested the president jump in. I noted that with his vacationing separately wife and trash-talking assocs, he could be on one of those shows…which, I enjoy, by the way, proving that one’s own family, crazy as it may be, is not entertainment enough.