As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

White House Dossier Attacked by Hurricane

Just so you know, Irene may mess with the power, so it’s possible we will be down for some time over the weekend.

I hope that if you’re in the path of this thing – I’ve got it relatively easy – that you are safe and don’t incur too much damage to your property.


52 Responses to White House Dossier Attacked by Hurricane

  1. Keith,
    Please do not stick your head out of your bunker, even if his eminence wants to give you that interview he hasn’t given to anyone other than his cronies. Stay safe brother, we need you hardy and hale.

  2. A friend in Philly said there’s is a creek near her…reminded me of the expression…”Something something…if the crick don’t rise…” I think you guys will be OK…now if there are just no more earthquakes…

    • Watching the reaction of the wildlife is a great way to judge the severity of a storm. Probably a good idea for the humans to remain inside until it’s over though.

      • I’m just glad they stood there long enough for me to get the shot. This “storm” is less impressive than some thunderstorms I’ve been through.

        • A Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, or any other Tornado Alley state tornado, is much more interesting to witness than a Cat 1 Hurricane, Though I am not belittling IRENE. Want excitement, chase a tornado!

  3. The Obamas will be going to the vacation paradise, Bali, in November and then on to Australia. This is nothing but a long planned vacation he promised to MO and the girls that was once cancelled.

    He has a cover: Obama will attend the East Asia Summit (EAS) in Bali on November 19. The president has to personally attend? Hillary went there recently and BO was in Indonesia after the India trip.

    This is the final, mega-expensive outrage. grrrr

    • I’d love to start a Facebook page on the Bali vacation. I don’t think many know about it and it would be a way to publicise it. I could call it Stop the Outrageous Vacation to Bali by the Obamas or something like that. I’d have to think about it.

      It would be a place to post everything I find on the trip and even make relevant videos. I could post beautiful photos of Bali so people would know what a paradise it is. Any ideas, especially on agood title, would be much appreciated.

      I must take cover. It’s…ta dum…raining.

      • Great idea on the Facebook page. How about working in one of the old Bob Hope, Bing Crosby road movies — “Road to Bali”. The movie even starts in Melbourne, Australia.

        Stay safe Granny Jan.

      • Call it “Obama Bali Outrageous Vacay”

        Easier to find with search keywords.

        I’d like to see an FB book dedicated to all the family’s d*mned vacays.

  4. Thank you all for your kind wishes. Honestly, I think the biggest danger was when I was trying to prune trees this morning and one of the large branches, in act of revenge, went straight for my head.

    I’m a lover, not a pruner.

    So far so good in Northern Virginia.

    • It’s so odd to just be watching the hurricane from I distance (I live in FL). Feel a bit of guilt that we didn’t get hit w/ it and others are bracing. Irene really looks like it’s going to be a rain/ storm surge event. The wind is diminishing but all of that water has to go somewhere. Glad that you’re safe so far, Keith. Hope you don’t lose power. And thanks again for the WHD.

    • Really enjoyed looking at your photo albums William. Thank you for sharing them. What a gorgeous area of the country you live in. Glad to hear there was no major damage. Your Irene photos remind me of my husband. He always had his camera at the ready during Okinawa’s monsoon season, and he never listened to my advice about staying out of the weather either.

      • Thanks. The only downside was that three police officers stopped me to ask if I thought I should be “out in this.” Try explaining Gulf Coast living to a central Virginia cop.

  5. Just heard from Obama Command Central, our leader is forecasting a tough 72 hours ahead for NE states. Good Lord has he thought about how tough the rest of the country has to deal with his crap for the next 72 years.

  6. This just in: The Weed Party organized at a less than habitable abode in Dobbin Texas endorsed Knothead as the next Agricultural Sexytery. Knothead, in a modest gathering around a round table cussing of current high prices of weed, stated vehemently that he was tired of supporting the Mexican Drug Cartel and would support US citizens growing their own for personal use. Knothead 2020 = A block of wood with vision!

      • To start your own farm you’d need to have the EPA assess any enviornmental impact, the WHO assess the overall quality of the product, the Dept of Justice determine if your farm would violate federal laws, the NLRB determine if your employees were treated in accordance with existing labor laws, the AT&F determine if your product should be classified as an intoxicant or a tobacco, your local zoning board would have to re-classify your backyard as a farm, and the AFL-CIO would send picketers and assorted thugs to intimidate you until you signed a union contract.

        It would be so much easier if you just let the Mexicans grow the stuff.

          • Roseanne Barr had a funny segment on her show–ROSEANN’S NUTS–about her having to go to LA to get some marijuana and then being able to bring it back. “Other prescriptions you can,” she drawls in her Roseanne voice. On the show, she, her boy friend, her son and some others hang around her funky ranch house in Hawaii and have loopy conversations and do impulsive stuff. .Yes, I know she some raving lib, but she keeps it to a dull roar and the show is funny. This is my dream–Hawaii, just do stupid stuff and have tantrums all day–and not worry about money. Actually I do all but the latter but in AZ.