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Obama to Speak on Hurricane Irene

He’ll appear at 11:30 am Obama Standard Time, which is anywhere from five minutes to an hour later than the actual time zone where President Obama is at the moment.

We’ll live stream it here.

UPDATE: ¬†Apologies, but I was unable to get video on the website of Obama’s statement, which actually started on time. Obama made a short statement, emphasizing the seriousness of the storm and the need to prepare.

24 Responses to Obama to Speak on Hurricane Irene

  1. What? He’s interrupting his golf game today? Last night Mark Levin interviewed a resident of MV who owns a home down the road from the Obama’s vacation digs. He was none to happy that he was unable to reach his home and prepare for the hurricane because the Obama family is remaining firmly entrenched at MV.

    • I live in S. Florida and know a little about preparing for hurricanes. Some can be done ahead of time but lots is last minute stuff that needs to be done and it takes time. I would be LIVID if I were told I couldn’t get to my house to ready it for the storm. How can a private citizen be kept from his home?

      • Oh I can see it now… after the storm tears up MV, Oprah goes on “special assignment ” (cameras, golf carts and all) to find her lost hero moochie in the wilds of MV.. they push back the brush, the trees, the debris, the caterer’s tents and there is moochie standing strong, a glorious survivor , having been forced to live on lobster,caviar, mounds of french fries, sweet potato pie, fried chicken, pig fat cakes, twinkies, champaign and diet coke….A gushing Oprah will insist upon a monument being raised…. or perhaps a national holiday…

        So much “history”, so little time …

  2. There are some basic simple signs of a leader.
    1) a leader is always prepared
    2) a leader always has a foundation of principles that guide them
    3) a leader is not afraid to go it alone if necessary
    4) a leader is always on time and is very concerned about “wasted time”

    Is this what we are currently observing?

  3. These people are completely unbelievable. Instead of returning to DC and not only prepare for the hurricane, their lack of concern/comments for the millions of Americans who WILL be affected by the storm is pathetic. Cut your damn vacation short, return to DC and at least look like you care about the people. Disgusting.

  4. I did not see him just a still pic and his voice. If that was it may I just say
    you can’t drag yourself at least in front of a camera to do it live? You are
    talking about a crisis that could cost lives and jobs and business’s please
    they now should go back they’ve sponged enough and the thought of them
    resting during a hurricane is obscene.

  5. On Levin last night there was a caller with a house about a 1/4 mile from where the Messiah is. He can’t get up there to secure his house because the SCOAMF is there.

    • Did he have to leave the house? Or is it a vacation joint?

      Do they make people abandon their own properties?

      That is the one thing about Bush and his ranch vacations that never gets mentioned by the Obama apologists. It was easier (and there for cheaper) to secure. I doubt many folks were unable to get upon their own property when Bush was HOME.

  6. OMG, is the another first? He spoke BEFORE something happened? I guess that gives him a pass now to not speak on it for days after it’s happened. Oh wait, it hits in his base doesn’t it? I guess FEMA is already on their way with cash in hand.

  7. I’m just waiting for some one to post his comments….I’m sure everyone in the path of the storm will be so much safer after they read/hear the Messiah’s wize words of comfort and guide…..FORE….

  8. Does anyone even listen to him anymore? He lost all credibility after the Gulf spill – showing up 30 days late…and in the wrong State (FLA) for the photo op of himself and his daughter swimming in the Gulf waters.

    The least the SS could do is to personally board up the homes of all of the Island residents who are not allowed to access their properties!

  9. Golf, fried foods and Moochie/”Moochele” – over and over again on WHD. I think I’m just one of a handful that drops in here – I sincerely kinda expected more from you commenters. Yawn.

  10. I cant even believe that the government would bring up lack of funds to help out hurricace Irene victims. There should never be a time that any government says there is a limit to the resources that are available for victims who have lost their homes and their lives. I am ashamed to hear the discussion even brought up from FEMA and it does not belong in the media. We should focus more on helping those in need knowing that there will be every effort made to make sure funds are always set aside for disaster relief.