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Obama Misses the Arab Spring Planting Season

What has the Arab Spring done for the United States? What seeds have we sown there that will lead to better days for the USA.

Gosh, I hate to sound like an AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALIST, but isn’t self-interest supposed to be the animating force behind U.S. foreign policy?

Somehow, President Obama has managed to reap nothing much for the United States out of the season of Arab change. And given that Egypt may soon be in the good hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, things may end up much worse for us.

Where is the grand strategic vision?

Oops, I forgot to have a coherent strategy photo by Keith Koffler

This is what happens when you install a president and a secretary of state with next to no experience in foreign affairs and no comprehensive strategy for allowing the United States thrive in the big bad world.

To the extent there was a master plan, it  was to try to appease our enemies, talk to them, lure them to change their ways by showing that the United States never meant them any harm. Underlying this is notion – the core of the curriculum at the elite universities Obama and Clinton attended – is that, 1. the United States is a force for evil in the world and, 2. very bad people can get in touch with their inner goodness and learn the ways of peace and reason followed by Ivy League graduates.

Because if we’re no better than our enemies – if American exceptionism is no different than anyone else’s and if the Russians love their children too – then surely others can be convinced that we’re just here to help and that they should abandon their understandable fear of and hostility to the United States.

The aspiration that the United States could deal with the Iran’s leadership is a major reason Obama hesitated to throw full U.S. support in 2009 behind the first rumblings of the Arab Spring – the Persian Green Revolution. A Master Plan to cozy up to Syria also underlies the months-long wait for the White House to call for Bashar Assad’s departure.

Our strategy for the turmoil in the Middle East should have had three main objectives: Regime change in Iran; regime change in Iran’s proxy, Syria; and maintaining an ally on the throne in Egypt, whether it be Hosni Mubarak or someone else. The rest is fairly superfluous.

None of this has been achieved. We should have been working every angle to get these missions accomplished.

The Arab Spring has done nothing for the United States, and it could well end up making things worse for us and the very Arabs whose lives were supposed to improve.

We’ve been presented with a very fluid situation, with the opportunity to direct the flow down a path beneficial to the United States. Instead, we are facing the same swamp of evildoers who block our interests and, with Tehran busily building its nuclear capability, imperil our national security.

Maybe if we try asking nicely one more time.

15 Responses to Obama Misses the Arab Spring Planting Season

  1. A little air power here, a scathing insult there, “the world would be better withoiut you, why don’t you leave” the other place, sometimes seems like this admin is presiding over an ant farm and just want to see what happens…

  2. That is one of the most coherent pieces I’ve read on our not-foreign policy. Well done!
    They’ve been doing an outstanding job of destroying everything they touch by design. The infuriating thing is they think we’re stupid. The sad fact is that they are!

  3. Spring is a time for planting, and the Islamists have and are planting the seeds of revolt all over the Mid-East. In biology certain seeds travel on the winds and find fertile ground on which to plant themselves. I fear that the seeds of discontent and revolt will float violently across western civilization, and take root here in America.

    America’s exceptionalism was based on its diversity. But that diversity became corrupted into multiculturalism. We are quickly becoming not Americans, but hyphenated Americans. When my family arrived from Russia and Poland less than a hundred years ago they learned to speak the language of their adopted country. They learned to value the work ethos of America. They learned to adapt to the society in which they chose to live.

    Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Yes. My grandparents went on to bring forth progeny that helped to better and strengthen the American dream. Have all of their descendants been successes? No. But we were all taught at an early age to love this country, to support this country, and to defend this country. I have had cousins and uncles who served this country proudly, whether in the military or law enforcement. Some became permanently scared, some became permanently disabled and some damaged psychologically from the horrors that are war. But all that have served, in whatever capacity, were willing to give because of an idea. The idea that this country is the best and last chance for freedom in the world.

    This current administration knows not the history of sacrifice that thousands, hundreds of thousands, have made to preserve and protect those that reap the benefits of this great land. In the name of “fairness” ie multiculturalism we have become a country filled with, as Festinger would call it, Cognitive Dissonance. We, as a nation, want economic success, yet we are not willing to restrain ourselves from our selfish greed and wants. We want to be the leader of the free world, however small that is becoming, but we do not want to take the lead in freedom. We want to be respected for the society that we have built over two plus centuries, yet we allow invaders in along our southern border, and do nothing to protect those on whose back this country was built.

    The “Arab Spring” may well plant the seeds of revolt here in America, and we will reap the harvest with the fall of America.

  4. Great article Keith. I think Obama’s Arab spring is going according to plan. The ‘bad seeds’ he and his co-conspirators have planted are blooming into toxic weeds that will continue to grow and one day will poison the tree of liberty. He doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism and never will. Whichever path Obama takes will not be in the best interest of America. Obama cares about Obama and nothing or nobody else. He wasn’t raised to love America, and he is doing everything within his powers to destroy her.

  5. Always thought that “Arab Spring” was short of “Arabs Spring for our Throats.” I was right. Women of Lybia are now looking at a bad future in sharia Lybia.

  6. This is not the time for empty retoric and an ensemble cast of people in so far over their heads it’s dangerous. Clueless from top to bottom. He seems
    to want to be leader of the world but to what end? He doesn’t know he just
    reads what someone else wrote. This is very dangerous for America and the
    countries he plays with likebpieces on a board game. These are real people
    fighting for their very lives a fact he simply doesn’t grasp the entire foreign
    policy and military are a nunicance getting in the way of his vision of
    turning us into a Euro nightmare. We are in dangerous times no time for
    children in the White house.

    • Lizzy, I’m going to politely disagree with you…I do not think he is clueless….I think he’s very carefully orchestrating what his mentors, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright and a host of others have taught him. I wish he was just incompetent but when you look who he has surrounded himself with, it looks very much planned.

  7. Either Occidental, Columbia and Harvard churned out one exceptionally stupid and inept individual who somehow managed to get elected POTUS, or everything that O’BOgus has “accomplished” in the past 2.5 years – domestically and internationally has been exactly as he has planned. Either way, if America is blind enough to re-elect him, we are screwed.

  8. It doesn’t take any imagination to foresee exactly what will happen to Libya; the same thing that happened to Egypt and the same thing that is already happening in Yemen. In Egypt, you can already clearly see the new stepped up efforts of shipping Iranian made rockets into Gaza with the full support of the newly forming parliament already dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Libya will surely slip under the same control ruled by Sharia Law. Where is the outrage by our politicians since it is clearly this will affect our presence in the rest of the world? Perhaps they should pay less homage to the Imams that are bringing us the ground zero Mosque via the “Cordoba Foundation” (Cordoba was the 3rd major caliphate of Islam) and concern themselves with all the new rockets and terrorist attaches in Israel since the fall of Mubarak and all the thousands of Christians that are being attacked daily on the streets of Egypt just for being Christian.

  9. Two things jump out as poignant observations here.

    “…isn’t self-interest supposed to be the animating force behind U.S. foreign policy?”

    “To the extent there was a master plan, it was to try to appease our enemies… by showing that the United States never meant them any harm.”

    Sadly it’s even more disheartening than simply being the result of incompetence because I suspect it’s actually by design.