As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obamas Engage in Noncontroversial Activity

They’re at the beach. Enjoy!

12 Responses to Obamas Engage in Noncontroversial Activity

      • Better scratch that idea, he probably cant swim without his “historical”
        presidential water wings… BTW, with the hurricane bearing down on marthas vineyard, moochie must be working hard to find another expensive place to finish their elitist retreat.. Europe anyone?
        that wonderful ocean shrimp from Greenland is great on Swedish hard bread & dont forget the black caviar from russia.. ahhhh the endless ways to spend with other’s $$$$

  1. He goes without her, she goes ahead of him, sometime both kids go, sometimes one, sometimes none–this is not family vacations as we used to do them, that’s for sure. Something is off–and since they are such icons and all Americans supposedly love and treasure them so much, I guess we are not to be told what is wrong. We may quit caring, if we even still do.

    Not that this is the case, but Will and Jada Smith’s kid was tweeting his parents aren’t divorcing–is this how we will find out…if we do…

  2. It would seem that _Brave New World_ was his childhood bedtime reading so surely it has been absorbed. This really is a guy that believes that 2 + 2 = 5 and alas is trying to get the rest of us to buy into his fuzzy math.

  3. It’ll be rainy if not apocalyptic–and the kids will be all: “Mooommmm, there is nothing to do,” and all the board games will have missing pieces and the rulebooks will be lost, and it will be dreary inside and smell moldy…

  4. He was at Jerry Kolberg’s private150′ beach, Jerry is owner of the local liberal rag The Vineyard Gazette.
    I hope we get enough rain on South Beach from Irene to wash away the Presidential Stench.