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The Obama Morning News || August 25, 2011

President Obama is considering a program to let millions of homeowners refinance at today’s rates.

Obama is also finalizing a jobs package that could include a program to refurbish school buildings nationwide and tax breaks to encourage firms to hire workers.

The budget deficit is projected to shrink slightly to $1.28 trillion this year, and bigger savings from this month’s debt ceiling deal are forecast over the next decade.

Mitt Romney now faces a new reality: He no longer leads the pack in the race for GOP presidential nomination. Rick Perry, the new leader, signed a pledge to use the federal government to curb abortion.

Romney now says he doesn’t know if global warming is mostly caused by humans.

Karl Rove rapped Sarah Plain for having “thin skin.” Michele Bachmann is carefully controlling her image and contacts with the media.

Newt Gingrich sits atop a multimillion dollar business and nonprofit empire promoting all things Newt.

Dick Cheney kept a secret resignation letter locked away in a safe in case he were ever to be incapacitated.

And George W. Bush recalls his experiences on 9/11 in a National Geographic interview

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 25, 2011

  1. The NYT’s story (and it is a story) based on information provided by administration staffers who claim they’re not allowed to give out this information is a prime example of the depths that the MSM has fallen in an effort to prop up the Obama administration. There is no substance to this piece and the author admits that FannieMae/FreddieMac will not allow the interest rates on existing mortages to be renegoiated.

    The idea that a tax break will encourage a business to hire more employees is another example of this administration’s lack of knowlege of the way a business works and profits. The greatest impediments to hiring a new employee is the giant profit crusher called Obamacare and the never-ending regulations concocted by pencil pushing despots in Washinton who have never operated a business.
    The rest of his super-duper-magic jobs plan that has been leaked is nothing more than another giveaway of borrowed money to the construction unions.
    These kinds of jobs are not ‘shovel ready’ and will be hoist on the petard of the regulations that the federal government has put in place to control every aspect of construction, from permitting to EPA studies to workplace conditions.

  2. Any jobs package that this administration comes up with will be crap. An infrastructure bank should be called a Union money laundering fund!

  3. Obama’s jobs package looks eerily similar to FDR’s New Deal program. Infrastructure bank = WPA. Republicans better grow a spine and stops this irrational man from destroying what is left of America’s private industry.

    • Gee, I guess they forgot that that little plan failed miserably in ending the Great Depression….What did Einstein say: trying the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity?

  4. Without fail, any of these so called job creation programs such as the one mentioned here, the weatherization initiative, etc are nothing more than opportunities for those that are adept at working the system and have the knowledge and where with all to work through the red tape to do nothing more than line their pockets and empty ours.

    • Agreed–a lot of the companies who snagged any construction jobs in that last debacle of a slush fund were existing contractors who added those jobs fo their existing list. I am a registered govt contractor, which is an experience let me tell you, and would never be considered even as fourth tier to write a govt brochure or create a program name…Them that’s all ready in the system gets it all. And don’t even SAY Small Business Admin to me, or 8a, or any of that—I have BP issues.

  5. It’s not the federal government’s role to create jobs. The fed role is to provide infrastructure not suited for management at the state level (i.e. Interstate highway system), national defense, to protect our international borders (trade, immigration), post office, and monetary system. Furthermore, the country was formed with no intention of having full-time politicians. Our feds have exceeded their bounds by several thousand percent, and need to be de-funded.