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Top Ten Books Obama Should Read on Vacation

In an attempt to help President Obama during his time of political need, White House Dossier decided to visit and compile a list of ten books for him to read during his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. I hope you will agree that these works will be helpful to the president.*

1. What I Learned at the White House: How Not to Screw Up Both the Economy and U.S. Standing in the World || By Jimmy Carter

2. Economics 101: A Textbook for Liberal Arts Majors || By various economists

3. How I Saved My Presidency by Moving Toward the Middle || By Bill Clinton

4. Why Driving in the Front Seat Works Best  || By Mario Andretti

5. How to Continue Enjoying Life Once Your Approval Rating Dips Below 20 Percent || By Richard Nixon

6. Becoming a Eunich at Munich: How I Learned the Hard Way that Appeasing Your Enemies Doesn’t Work || By Neville Chamberlain

7. What to do If Your Wife Spends Too Much Money || By King Henry VIII

8. Why Gray Hair is Really Not Such a Bad Problem || By Telly Savalas, with an Introduction by Mr. Magoo

9. Winning is Easy: How I Routinely Won Reelection with 99.5 Percent of the Vote || By Leonid Brezhnev

10. Why Passing the Buck is for Losers || By Harry S Truman

*No, these are not real books!

26 thoughts on “Top Ten Books Obama Should Read on Vacation”

      1. Love it Keith ! # 11
        “Learning give up your wimpy, pee wee salute & stop bowing to
        muslim kings like a True American President should ”
        by Oliver North, A Proven, True, American Patriot

  1. Hey all I was going to post this on another site but I figured this place is better,
    please ignore if you want because it is off subject .

    “I have no preference among the declared and not declared candidates-they all make me ill/

    Tired of picking the lesser of two evils-didn’t we do that in the last election?
    Voting for a 3rd party is pretty much useless as well

    Once again we have been played and by default will probably end up with Perry

    I don’t even know if he can really beat BO

    We next (if we have a next) need a candidate who will start the day the other side wins the election, that person would have enough time to win the people.

    These jump in candidates just seem so pathetic, what have they ever said or done for this country that makes news? I have not heard Romney or Perry or Palin , Bachmann or Cain making any kind of waves except in the last few months when their comments will benefit them.

    Have they ever made news before this by stating their convictions? Why did they wait 2 or more years to lift their voices in angry protest ?

    in other words a whole bunch of nothing

    They should all be ashamed'”

    1. The only one who pipes up against the president is Palin and I sort of cringe when she surfaces again–I do admire much about her but don’t think she can beat the president and I REALLY want someone to.

        1. Reagan was criticized for being too folksy as well. I don’t think she is unelectable. If she decides to run, I’ll be out there campaigning for her.

    1. Great cartoon Mike, and so true. Love the book cover. Don’t think Mr. Halperin will ever live down that moment of honest reflection on the slacker in chief.

  2. Just great! I am thinking, also, about the books he has written (well,sorta). I wonder what his sequels will be? Golly knows he will need to do something after his non re-election (Oh please!) to keep up the lifestyle to which they have become addicted. Somehow I find it difficult to equate Obama and books; he is so Dick and Jane in his approach to beign POTUS>

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