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The Obama Morning News || August 24, 2011

After facing criticism, Vice president Biden’s office claims he did not give approval to China’s forced abortion policy.¬†Biden completed¬†a seven day trip to Asia.

Obama interrupted his golf game in Martha’s Vineyard for a briefing on the East Coast earthquake, but he didn’t feel anything even though some on the island did.

The White House says it’s saving billions with regulatory reform, but business execs say their costs are going up.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush warned the Republican presidential hopefuls against ideological intransigence and knee-jerk opposition Obama on Tuesday, saying they risk turning off moderate voters.

Republicans trail Democrats in the money race.

Rick Perry now leads the Republican field, according to a new poll. Another poll has Perry topping Michele Bachmann in Iowa. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has not stepped in to quiet the vice presidential chatter.

Nancy Reagan fell at a Reagan Library event.

And Obama made a rare comment on race with a Normal Rockwell painting he brought to the White House.

14 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || August 24, 2011”

  1. Thankfully Mrs. Reagan’s fall was minor -but not at my house: wife (Regan) and dog (Nancy) beside themselves w/ worry.

    Joe Biden’s probably making ‘Nancy Regan’s a clutz’ jokes thru his Chinese interpreter as we speak while BHO has issued a statement that she would be better off “taking a pill”.

  2. and fwiw: we always name our animals after great Americans. Our cat is “Chaplin” and our passed on last dog was named “Satchmo”. Next pet’s going to be “Rubio”.

    1. Mike, I’m surprised you didn’t choose Obama for the next dog….”Obama, quit peeing on the rug”, “Obama, quit chewing my slippers”, etc.

  3. It’s true, VPBiden did not specifically say he “approved” of China’s forced abortion policy as his “office” insists. He said he “understood” why China wanted to control their population with forced abortions and sterilizations.
    Same meaning, different words.

    The Rockwell painting doesn’t depict all of America at that time, it only shows the events of the Southern states. The Black community just can’t acknowlege that the majority of the schools in the US were already intergrated for generations before the CivilRights laws were passed.
    As for MrO, he is truly a first generation African-Irish-American and his ancestors were not a part of the slave trade in our country.
    The racial wars are getting tiresome. MrO and his supporters have placed him as a beleagured political figure because of his race and not his agenda.

    MrJebBush’s attempt to silence the Repub candidates makes him a RINO for all to see. Who cares what he thinks, anyway?

      1. MrBush’s message that attacking the President will make the Repub candidates lose some voters is ridiculous. As one of the Repub elites, he doesn’t seem to grasp the mood of the voters who are outraged at the constant attacks by the Dems and MrO himself.

  4. I’m thinking the writer of the Politico article on the Norman Rockwell painting hasn’t read Obama’s two autobiographies. Wish he would make another rare comment and tell his acolytes in the CBC to knock it off with the demonizing of the Tea party. The Tea party functions I attend have a lot more diversity than most CBC events. They are ginning up their followers to believe we are the enemy, when we are nothing of the kind. The principles we advocate benefit all Americans who love freedom and liberty.

    1. Or even those who think this muddled, mixed message, slightly agenda-suspect BS has gone far enough and isn’t helping the transition to a smaller middle class, lower expectation, wobblier country…which is giving everyone sort of a can’t breathe, sick feeling inside.

      1. As for emphasizing the picture with screaming racists scaring a little child, which did happen, I would like to add that Rockwell was reportedly a cold fish, mean, and not above enshrining cliches of all sorts (plump Grandma dishing up turkey, kindly doctor comforting youngster). If Obama thinks the overt hatred of the past in some quarters is why he is president, what does that make his election—reparations? Misplaced guilt? Perfectly placed guilt?

  5. The UK Daily Mail mentioned you in a VERY unflattering piece about the lst GRIFTER, moochelle! Well done.

    That race baiting painting right outside of the WH office is the MOST disgraceful thing I’ve ever seen. He’s sending a clear signal to his goons that race and class warfare is the order of the day! Shameful and VERY disgusting, even for this scumbag.

  6. This guy grew up in Honolulu and went to the fanciest prep school, the Punaho School, on Oahu (always wondered how his one-of-many-hundreds-bank-vice-president grandmother and her furniture store owner husband, paid for that one!). But the Rockwell painting: are you kidding? Anyone who knows the islands knows there’s only one minority where he grew up since he was ten, and they’re referred to as “Haole’s” (how-lees) everyday of the week.

    That’s whites, to you and me.

    His connection to the american south of the segregation years is fantasy.

    1. Remember that much-praised “race speech”? He had a line in there about the blood of white slave owners running in the veins of his precious children…throught his wife’s side, of course. Something like that–I prob should not paraphrase…

      I am married to a black American who carries within her the blood of slaves and slaveowners – an inheritance we pass on to our two precious daughters.

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