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All’s Quiet on the Obama Front

UPDATE at 4:45 pm: The president just went golfing. For those of you playing along at home, it’s the 22nd time this year and the 80th of his presidency.


They’re just hanging out at the house today. No reports of any movements.

They’ve hit most of the bases already – trip to the bookstore, biking, the beach, and the golf course. So they’re taking it easy.

And of course Obama is getting briefed on Libya, the hurricane, the earthquake, the economy, and blah blah blah.

Why pretend he’s working? Enjoy the time away! I don’t think Martha’s Vineyard was a good choice, but I do think the president has the right to a vacation.

Incredibly, God also thinks it was a bad idea. He’s already sent Obama an earthquake – though it was barely felt on Martha’s Vineyard – and Hurricane Irene is currently headed directly for the island.

Here’s a photo the White House released today of Obama taking an economic briefing. Silly.

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  1. I don’t begrudge him a vacation. I don’t believe, however, that going to Martha’s Vineyard and all the ballyhoo with his and the family getting there was such a good thing at this time. Most of have never, and will never be able, to afford going there.

  2. That should be a very short brief.

    Briefer: Sir, the economy sucks. Businesses are terrified of your new regulations.

    Pres: Okay.

  3. I agree that Martha’s Vinyard was not the smartest of choices, however he’s fast running out of “blue” states to visit. I don’t see him vacationing in our part of the country as it could be embarrasing. No groupies and possibly some hecklers.

    1. so right Rick.. seems as if a higher power(God) isn’t going to allow this nonsense to go much longer with a hurricane bearing down..
      Oh well, “all thats bad, ends bad”…
      Kinda hard for him to eat, drink, & be barry :)

  4. You softees. I begrudge him sharing the same air as me.

    That house looks like a pic from Architectual Digest. The chance of the Obamas ever living in Hyde Park again are slim to none. Maybe he can move to Massachusetts and run for Kennedy’s seat or governor. Would he be any worse than Deval or Kerry?

  5. I must have missed the photo of the Prez sitting at a table, hunched over his laptop, surrounded by mounds of paper and his economic team as they furiously punch numbers into their i-Pads to put together the super-duper-magic-jobs-creator program that he promised us.

    1. You meant the Blame-O-Gram Plan? Already in the can. Congress is to blame. The EVIL Tea Party is to blame. Republicans are to blame. Arab Spring is to blame. Rick Perry and Micehlle Bachmann are to blame. Bad Luck is to blame.

      Without Barry, the USA would no longer even exist.

      1. HEY HEY HEY…don’t forget to blame Bush….Of course I think the new letter head of the White House has a standard paragraph at the top that explains that no matter what the memo is’s STILL BUSH’S FAULT.

  6. His approval rating is dropping like a rock and he thinks releasing a photo making him look like Rodin’s The Thinker is going to change anything. Nope. Posed photos only work on the people who still believe his lies.

    1. I will call this newly released photo “The Stinker”. I love Rodin’s The Thinker sculpture, and in no way does he even resemble anything having to do with thinking. (Except maybe thinking about his next tee time….)

        1. GJ – Be sure to include some with his middle finger resting against his cheek – there are several. The one I like best is (I think) from the health care “meeting” – with the snide “We, won, John” remark.

          1. Thanks for reply – glad to know you like them too. I googled “Obama middle finger” and found quite a few pix. But I am not computer savvy enough to know which are photoshopped. Thought the one to Hillary was OK because it was seen on TV. Maybe not. Just trying to help.

    1. That’s is a very telling article. Nice to have at least someone in the media calling out MO on her excessive exhorbitant spending, even if it has to come from across the pond. (Keith, this was the link I was trying to send you, not sure if you got it in my email to you. )

    2. You also made it on Levin’s show. He read the portion of the Daily Mail story that referenced It was about 10 minutes into his first hour. I love The Great One, so I won’t rag on him too much for mispronouncing ‘dossier’.

    3. Okay, now everything is making sense. It’s on the Enquirer website, probably also in the paper. I’ve been getting a ton of hits from people just Googling White House Dossier and – and couldn’t figure out why. Thanks for letting me know.

      And, well, I’m a little partial right now, but the Enquirer has broken lots of stories! Even ones the MSM was too politically correct – or politically biased – to write.

  7. That house looks lovely.I would love to live in a place that beautiful for a week or ten days. Doubt that I could get a job there working as a maid — I’m a citizen, after all.

    “Incredibly, God also thinks it was a bad idea.” Keith, that is so funny I laughed out loud.

  8. Update! Thanks, I almost choked to death on my food. I asked my husband what the update was and before I could tell him, he said Fore!

    Fore someone who plays this much, his swing as shown on the latest Cape Cod Times video, is subpar.

  9. So he’s out golfing again… Did his duty with the fake briefing so back to the fun!
    Will the hurricane cause him to cut his vacation short?

      1. That is a great idea. If it wasn’t for the gestapo tactics of the TSA I’d join you. I’ve sworn off flying until they stop with the sexual assaults they call pat downs.

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    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Didn’t read this cuz it just makes me sick, but noticed that it had to be reported in the UK. MSM just doesn’t seem to think it’s newsworthy that Mooch spends so much taxpayer money. Nooooo, MSM is not biased…

  11. He might as well get in all the golf he can now, because someone named “Elaine” will put a stop to the whole vacation soon. awwww.

  12. You nailed it Keith, silly, yes! Believable, no! But please someone buy a new table for the A_Team. It looks as if someone or thing has gnawed the sides. Or maybe the POTUS wants to look like a regular Joe with used furniture. Real classy!
    And how many of you regular folks have your thermostat next to the front door? Look closely, this photo is bogus. The door opens to the outside? It must be a mobile home in an undisclosed area of Martha’s Vineyard. And it truly is really silly.

  13. You know what . . . if you really want to do some serious business on something like the economic issues . . . you should probably be meeting with a group of poeple, not some deputy of whatever. Really . . . do they think we are really this stupid?

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