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Obama Incurs an Earthquake!

Martha’s Vineyard apparently got just a wisp of the earthquake that was centered here in Virginia. He’s on the golf course – not clear if he felt it.

I felt it though. As your brave blogger was preparing a new post for you, the whole house began to shake. Lasted about 10 to 15 seconds. I thought for a moment maybe the washing machine, which was on, had gone into some type of unholy spin cycle.

Waiting to see if this was the mainshock of a foreshock. In the latter case, there’s worse – or better; it was kind of fun – to come. What a gas, Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

39 thoughts on “Obama Incurs an Earthquake!”

  1. Talk about shaking up the government! Maybe this is God’s way of getting their attention, considering there has not been an earthquake in that area since 1897 when William McKinley was president.

  2. Good to hear all is well with you. Is that the first quake you’ve experienced? Never thought they were fun, but hey you folks in D.C. have an unusual sense of humor ;-)

      1. Yep, no control on the shakers. Most other natural disasters you may have a warning-that’s what makes quakes the true “Finger of God”.

        1. I sometimes imagine the surface of the globe as skin covered with crawly itchy bugs (us), splinters (mines and excavations), and scabs (buildings)–sometimes I think the earth just wants to ripple and toss it all off like a retriever coming out of a lake.

    1. If we could just have another bazillion dollars in stimulus spending and raise the debt ceiling about $5T, there would be no more earthquakes. And if Congress would put country first and stop with partisan politics, we can be assured of no more ground-shakin’.

      1. Of course! The extreme left is po’d at BO, so they unleash Gore on them who tries to shake things up a bit w/ a little rumble. Makes perfect sense!

  3. It’s good to know that you remained at your post to carry on your duties to entertain and enlighten us even when faced with grave personal danger.

    Seriously, we’re glad there aren’t any reports of casualties or major structual damage. Earthquakes are scary things.

  4. The epicenter was about 70 miles from me. Southside Virginia’s had an earthquake and now there’s a hurricane on the way. And what’s with all these freakin’ locusts?

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