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Obama Back on the Golf Course

For the third time since arriving in Martha’s Vineyard Thursday night, President Obama is out golfing, playing at the Farm Neck Golf Course.

Obama is on the links for the 21st time this year and the 79th of his presidency.

12 thoughts on “Obama Back on the Golf Course”

    1. I still think he’s running. Why all campaigning if he isn’t? Unless he’s just building up his retirement account. It is going to take a few billion to keep Michelle in the comfort to which she has become accustomed.

      Great video Granny Jan. Hard to believe he has that many photos taken with his feet on the furniture. Must mean he does it even more than that when he’s alone. Never thought that was a very comfortable position myself…

      1. I’m always wrong about my Obama predictions so you’re probably right.
        If you asked me would he play golf everyday? I’d say no.

        There’s a video of the bike sojourn today and the whole family looked like unhappy campers. Off to the golf course.

  1. Good thing CIC didn’t feel a thing from the nasty earth quake at home in DC…nothing but a tree branch to fall at the golf course. FORE! President is playing through.

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  4. Couldn’t he just spend a day with his family without hitting the links. If he were my dad – I’d really be ticked off that he can’t miss golf and spend a “whole” day with the family from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night! We had very few vacations when our kids were growing up, but when we did – the memories of spending the day together doing simple stuff are still with them today. In fact – the one time we took a vacation and went to Walt Disney World, and other related places in Florida, isn’t the vacation they talk about the most – it’s the camping trips to the beach every spring break with friends and their kids – cooking dinners together, laughing, going to the beach, campfires, etc.

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