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Obama Approval Rating Hits a New Low

President Obama’s Gallup approval rating found a new bottom floor today, dipping for the first time to 38 percent, one point below the record of 39 percent he set last week.

According to Gallup, some 54 percent of Americans disapprove of the job he is doing.

Looks like the decision to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard and tour of the Midwest in the big, scary bus has not helped the president’s popularity.

Obama needs to do three things. They’re very simple. And they might get him reelected.

1. He needs to propose a serious plan to reduce the budget deficit over the long haul by reining in entitlement programs.

2. He needs to propose lasting tax cuts that businesses and consumers know they can rely on while paying for them by closing some loopholes and cutting discretionary spending.

3. He needs to spend his Christmas vacation at a Holiday Inn in Topeka, Kansas.

There it is. The Obama reelection strategy. Do this instead of campaigning 14 months before Election Day and attacking and blaming Republicans and you might have a chance, Mr. President.

13 thoughts on “Obama Approval Rating Hits a New Low”

  1. Seriously — he needs to retire, along with any sitting politician or government employee who has been in office for more than two terms.

  2. so tired of waiting for moderation and not seeing comment for 4 days. Feels am awful lot like waiting for this admin to DO anything exc ept spend money and blame others.

  3. BHO is too intrenched in Sal Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to do any of those items let alone all three. I would bet there are some RINO’s that would fall into the same ditch as well.

    Now, Keith, why are you assisting the enemy? I know, he is the prez and all and we are to be respectful of the office, which I am, but I do think that his policies and actions clearly show that he is a enemy to the American way. Heck, he has often stated that he wants to “transform America”. Proof enough for me.

    So, if you are aiding the enemy, shall we try you for treason? Keith, how do you want your medicine? The gallows, firing squad, expelled from the country?

    I hope that you know I am being sarcastic here.

  4. Keith I have a big problem with #3 you see I live in Kansas and you are going to retract that or I will become very upset. He would hate it in Kansas.
    We were smart enough to dump our Gov. Sebelius on the entire country:)
    And we have churches, God Christmas trees and all that middle class stuff
    the Obama’s dislike. So unless you want sticks and coal(clean) for Christmas
    change #3, we are not amused!

  5. My guess is that we have not yet begun to see the full-strength formula of his re-election message. It will be targeted directly at the entitlement classes, weighted with scare tactics about mean conservatives and a pleading to turn out to vote when the time come. And vote more than once if you can figure out a way to do it. The promises will be just as empty as they were the first time around, but he will of necessity have to depend on the down and out, especially minorities with whom he already has an affinity, and any others who he might fool into believing that big government is the solution to their woes, and he simply has not had enough time to bring to fruition all of his grand plans. Furthermore, the “great uniter” will, through his surrogates create an even greater division among races than already exists. I suspect there will be a great “us” (primarily African Americans and Hispanics) versus “them” which will be everyone else. I know the numbers don’t add up with that strategy, but short of coming to his senses by abandoning the programs he is wedded to, what option does he have?

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