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Gallup: Obama Only Two Points Ahead of Ron Paul

President Obama beats Ron Paul by only two points among registered voters and just one point among all adults, according to a new poll by Gallup.

That the president is in a statistical dead heat with someone most analysts have given no chance of winning the presidency is a startling development and suggests there is a strong pool of voters who will vote for a plate of chicken livers over Obama.

Now calm down, I’m not comparing Ron Paul to a plate of chicken livers, just saying the “anyone but Obama sentiment” seems to be high.

As you can see from the graphic below, Mitt Romney is ahead of Obama by two points, Rick Perry tied, and Michele Bachmann down by 4.

Meanwhile, Obama’s job approval is at 40 percent, just one point above it’s all time low of 39 percent, according to Gallup.

17 thoughts on “Gallup: Obama Only Two Points Ahead of Ron Paul”

  1. I am encouraged by these results by Gallup. I agree with your assessment of the “anyone but Obama” idea. I think more and more people are FINALLY waking up to the failure that Obama and everything he touches IS, and the total disregard for and lack of respect of America, her Constitution and laws, and her people. It infuriates me to be lectured on sharing the sacrifice, tightening my belt, yada yada yada, while he and Michelle Antoinette stuff their faces on lobster, expensive exotic cuts of beef and other costly culinary delights, as well as living it up like they are part of the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” crowd. The more the average people suffer while watching these two insensitive moochers live high on the hog at OUR expenses, the more his ratings will drop. I bet you could put Porky Pig vs Obama and the porcine cartoon would win easily.

  2. If some of the political tea-leaf readers are correct and MrO’s greatly anticipated jobs ‘plan’ will only be an outline of what he believes Congress should do, then look for the remaining 40% approval rating tank into the low 30’s.

    1. Why stop there? I think it should be in the 20s. I think I read that Congress’ approval rating is 13%, so if he proposes a plan that is basically a congressional plan, that should sink his ratings sufficiently. I bet he has no plan at all. He is all talk and no action, except to blame, blather, and party on.

  3. Don’t forget–dedication of the MLK memorial coming up…where we learn about syllogisms–MLK had enemies, I have enemies, thus I am like MLK… Also book writing trip to Bali, was it? When’s that?

      1. I think that is pathetic. I am so sick of stuff made in China. What is with this country that we can’t even have symbolic things to commemorate American history MADE in America? Why China? It disgusts me to no end. Just like when I look to buy an American flag or Americana decorations, etc and they are made in China. Personally, I am going out of my way to buy anything from China if I can help it.

        1. We special order our American flags from one of the few companies that still makes them here. Can’t imagine flying an American flag made in China. Depressing to see how few products are still made in America.

  4. It’s way too early to get too excited about pools such as these. The Dems have not finished digging up dirt on the competition yet.

    1. I wish the Repubs or the Tea Party could grow a pair and fight fire with fire, so to speak and actually find and publicize the dirt on the dems/libs. There seems to a ton of it out there, if only we could get it really out there in the mainstream to educate the populace of the dems/libs. But I fear that some people are so stupid/brainwashed that there is no hope for some. Some people will believe what they want to despite the truth.

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