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Obama Finally Puts an End to Qaddafi

President Obama today appeared in Martha’s Vineyard to note that Qaddafi is finished and to claim credit for shoving him out.

In the early days of this intervention, the United States provided the bulk of the firepower, and then our friends and allies stepped forward. The Transitional National Council established itself as a credible representative of the Libyan people. And the United States, together with our European allies and friends across the region, recognized the TNC as the legitimate governing authority in Libya.

Qaddafi was cut off from arms and cash, and his forces were steadily degraded.

From Benghazi to Misrata to the western mountains, the Libyan opposition courageously confronted the regime, and the tide turned in their favor.

Well, OK, but this has been a little like taking three days to make a layup and asking your teammates to help you dribble toward the basket.

You may remember that last February Qaddafi was standing in the rain in Tripoli trying to sound relevant while rebels coursed through the city on the cusp of overturning his rule. A little bit of well-time American assistance at the time would likely have erased him for good.

"Beat it. Just beat it."

Instead, Obama sat on his hands agonizing over what to do, and only when Qaddafi had turned things around and was about to completely depopulate Benghazi did we finally get into the act, though just for “humanitarian” reasons, to protect civilians.

The protection effort somehow led us to start dropping bombs on Qaddafi’s head, revealing that what we were really after was regime change, which we could have already had if we had acted earlier.

And the U.S. took a back seat so NATO could flex its muscles, even though only we have the capability of doing the job right. It was as if Obama was a saying, “Hey United States, everybody gets a chance to fight a war. You just fought two wars, now let little Johnny Europe have a chance.”

Well, Europe proved that while they still know how to whip up fine desserts and hand out welfare checks, they’ve completely forgotten how to fight.

And so things took much longer than they had to and now, six months and thousands of lives later, we finally got Qaddafi.

Obama today noted that there is justice in this for us because Qaddafi killed many Americans.

Qaddafi”s regime has murdered scores of American citizens in acts of terror in the past. Today we remember the lives of those who were taken in those acts of terror and stand in solidarity with their families.

Strangely, Obama decided to be indirect here. What Obama is mainly alluding to there is the 1988 downing of a U.S. flight over Lockerbie in Scotland, resulting in the deaths of 190 Americans.

He would not be specific so I will: May God bless the souls of all those who died over Lockerbie and let Qaddafi’s fall grant some measure of comfort to their families.

Obama is now shooting a game of basketball with friends and staff.

22 Responses to Obama Finally Puts an End to Qaddafi

  1. Now he takes credit for a war he involved the US in oops… “kinetic action” that he has yet to go to Congress to get a vote on?

    • Obama is still being cautious. He’s not really taking credit. He’s saying if all goes well, it’s because of me. He’s leaving the back door wide open in the event all does not go well and Libya becomes hell on earth.

      And you know that statement about no US boots on the ground in Libya? Well, just wondering why the kid down the street was heading to Libya and he’s trained for only ground confrontations. He was wondering that too so I chimed in I would ask around. I’m sure he was totally wrong about where he was heading. I mean, come on…we’ve all been listening to the news. The media ALWAYS has it right and they have reported this for months.

      • US does have “boots on the ground” in Libya…
        Army-Air Force Special Operations teams directing US/NATO airstrikes & (hopefully) CIA paramilitary teams working/talking to rebel leadership

          • …If the boy is just a “grunt” from Army boot camp I wouldnt be too worried about him going to Libya (re: MOS?)
            …If he is a MARINE, there is a chance he might be sent to a USN/USMC ship that is off the coast of Libya…
            But, I doubt his boots will live the creed: “To The Shores Of Tripoli…”

            Libya is a “media will not talk about” US Special Ops type of ‘conflict’…

  2. He has been playing all sides of the Libya issue for months now. From lying to Congress about “days, not weeks”, to no US “boots on ground” in Libya, to turning over control to NATO so he could tell Congress he’s not violating the War Powers Act. Now he’s going to act like he was in charge all along? Give me a break.

    His administration was complicit in releasing the Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi to Libya…something else he lied about. Since he played such a big role in taking down Qaddifi, maybe he can make sure this Islamic terrorist responsible for the deaths of all those passengers is brought to justice. Won’t hold my breath. Libya will be under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood in no time flat. Just like Egypt.

  3. Visions of the fighting rebels shooting their weapons without aiming, of their striped t-shirt and tennis shoe uniform and rusted out tanks are the true story of this whatever-it-is. Either Kadaffi’s military forces were incompetent and poorly armed or there was a trained military force with modern weapons leading the rebels.

    If MiddleEast history is repeated, the tribal factions will now start shooting at each other while the more glib of their respective tribe negotiates with the US for money to rebuild their country and give them the reins of power.

    • Interesting comment. Reports I’ve seen from Libya showing rebels firing their weapons at supposed government troops seems a little odd. I don’t see anyone shooting back. Or if you notice they are standing out in the open firing. No one is shooting back or their asses would be behind rocks or dead camels or something to shield them from incoming fire. Just my observation.

      • If there was any indication that the rebels would place a governing entity in place that would at Ieast bring their country into the 20th century, then we all would celebrate their success. However, early indications are that what the rebels hope to implement is an Islamic state, with all of its 7th century restrictions and hatreds.

        • O’Reilly had a Stratfors strategy woman on and sort of concluded (O’Reilly said and she didn’t deny) that we had CIA boots on the ground as well we Brit and French special units–and that is why this sort of seems to be working out so suddenly…

  4. Just wondering why Qaddafi’s son is giving interviews to the reporters in the hotel they are imprisoned at. And why are reporters under armed guards at this hotel and refused all requests to leave?

    So is this another convenient happening to Obama when is poll #’s are down? And no one can truly say what is happening because reporters are being refused requests to…ummm, report.

    I say the same thing here Mr. Obama. Too soon. America will forget by next week if they continue to suffer. Will changes in Libya extend unemployment benefits? Will the end of Qaddafi put dinner on the table? Will confining reporters to this hotel create a job here in America? This will be forgotten by next week.

    So you will have to contact your liberal hollywood types and make another movie and release this 2 weeks before the next election so we can be reminded you were the brains behind the NATO brawn; after all you are the smartest person in the entire world (even if you do say so yourself) and NATO could never have done this without you doing their thinking.

    So I challenge the media. What is the truth in Libya? In a world where we can take a photo of a piece of grass from space, we suddenly don’t have a clue what the truth is in Libya. How convenient the media gets star struck when Obama enters the room.

  5. Obama’s indicision in national/international affairs is laughable. His inexperience is evident, yet he will attempt to grab credit once more (e.g., Bin Laden). His socialist philosophy prevents him from veering from his NWO agenda even though it will result in his certain demise. Obama can laugh at the concept of “shovel ready”, while he keeps digging himself deeper and deeper…..