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The Obama Morning News || August 22, 2011

President Obama acknowledged in a televised interview aired Sunday that his reelection would hinge on the economy.  Obama is targeting Hispanic voters in a strategy seeks to shift focus from immigration policies that have disappointed many.

POLITICO wonders whether Obama’s ritzy vacation will do him political harm. Many outside the White House think the optics of a trip to Martha’s Vineyard couldn’t be worse.

Frustration with Obama is rampant even in the liberal district of former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). But political adviser David Axelrod said the base will be out to support the president in 2012.

Vice President Biden assured the Chinese that their investments are safe.

Obama called on Muammar Qaddafi to acknowledge that he has lost power. Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said more U.S. air power would have gotten him out sooner. Republican White House hopefuls are attacking Obama’s response to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s bloody, five-month crackdown

Mitt Romney is planning to quadruple the size of his $12 million California oceanfront home. Jon Huntsman sought to gain some traction by going on the offensive. Former New York Gov. George Pataki may enter the GOP primaries.

Social Security’s disability program is on the edge of insolvency.

And an Obama nominee for Undersecretary of State is in the revolving door between government and special interests, right where Obama said she shouldn’t be.

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      1. Unlike his previous position as Senator where MrO could come and go as he pleased, and vote “present” on difficult legislation, MrO now has to be at work and make important decisions. Being President is a big job and it takes a big person, something MrO is not.

  1. We have to give MrRomney credit for honesty in his quest to demolish an existing home so that he could build a mansion in LaJolla. A smarter, more savvy politician would have had an obscure corporation listed as the owner to avoid the charge of tone-deafness/cluelessness of our elite millionaire class.

    The piece on SocialSecurityDisability skirts around the real reason that millions of people are applying for and collecting benefits, and that is that they are not eligible for ‘welfare’ assistance. Since welfare reform was instituted under PresClinton’s reign and millions of people who had used the system as a way of life for generations, the “un-workers” had only two choices to find a way to survive; get a job or apply for federal disability benefits.
    The gaming of the system began with the claims of bi-polar disorder or severe drug-addiction as reasons to collect federal benefits. And, it worked.
    They got their monthly checks without being required to seek medical remedies.
    Unlike SocialSecurity, the recipients of the disability benefits were not required to contribute to the program or even have ever been employed, but only to prove that they are un-employable.

    1. You are absolutely right srdem. There are many who are truly in need and social security disability helps them get by. There are also way too many moochers who have found a way get others to support them. Unfortunately, our legislators have used the social security trust fund to bail out this broken program before and they will do it again. Add that to the $500 Billion Obama(doesn’t)care stolen from Medicare and politicians have placed our elders in a real pickle. Hopefully we will get some new blood in Congress and the WH who will have the courage to reform these programs before it’s too late.

  2. I am getting emails from my lib friends saying this is a great day for Libya–but I am wondering if our recently financially stressed European tips of the spear might not suddenly decide they can’t afford a few decades of rebuilding, protecting, organizing, training–the full-on freedom kit–and it’s back to us. China…hello?

    1. It’s too early for any celebrating if the history of regime changes in the MiddleEast is any barometer. Look for looting, rampages of destruction, revenge killings and all manners of civil unrest.
      Foreign policie wonks are already worried about “disarming the rebels” and placing a government in power.
      I predict a different day, different faces, but the tyranny will continue.
      There will never be freedom as we define it, and the democracy will prove that the majority wishes radical Muslim rule. Again.

      1. What disturbs me are the images of children with, oh what do we stupid Americans call them, assault weapons. The pictures are not reflective of the real story.

  3. It’s not just Social Security disability that’s on the edge of insolvency, it’s the entire government. If they don’t stop the profligate spending, the whole house will come crashing down.

    1. True William. I don’t see any way to stop the spending as long as Obama is in office. Congress has managed to slow him down a bit, but they don’t have the will or the cajones to stop him, so all we can do is hope and pray we make until January 2013 when the Obama family gets a ride back to Chicago. Our new president and congress will have to act quickly in order to reverse our decline, but I believe it is going to take a decade or more to recover. Hope to live long enough to see my beloved America restored.

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