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Private Recorded Obama Diaries Obtained!

OK, not really. But this is the best impersonation of President Obama I have ever heard. It blows away the Saturday Night Live imitation by Fred Armisen. Pretty funny too.

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9 Responses to Private Recorded Obama Diaries Obtained!

  1. Thank you Keith. That really brightens my day. The guy is really good. He has the stuttering whenever TOTUS is missing down pat. My favorite is Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee starting the Wig Party. Hilarious!

  2. That is very funny and a great impression.

    If Shelia Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters and that guy who was afraid that the island of Guam might tip over if we put more weight on it are the elected officials of some body of people — how devastatingly stupid must those people be to elect such fools and clowns to office?

  3. Thank you Keith! I don’t know how you found my work but I appreciate the kind words and the link, I’ll keep you in the loop as I make more!

    And Thanks to the other Commenters as well!