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Obamas Hits the Beach But Continues to Work!

Time to soak up some of the new books he bought yesterday and some rays. From the pool report #1:

Potus, with a motorcade of approximately two dozen vehicles, buzzed out of Blue Heron Farms in a cloud of dust at 9:48 a.m. for what promises to be a fairly active Sunday.

Despite a flurry of international news — Libya, Egypt-Israel and Iran hikers — we are told Potus plans no public statements “at this point.”

First stop, 9:59 a.m.: Edgartown beach area — driver says it’s called “South Beach” —  for a couple of hours worth of sand and surf for Potus, Flotus and the girls. No sight of first family (much less a shirtless Potus) just a gravel cul-de-sac off of Pohoganot Rd and idling bus for pool.

But the White House wants to you to know your president is nevertheless running the world from the beach. From pool report #2:

Potus briefed on Libya, monitoring…

From Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

This morning, the President was briefed on the situation in Libya by John Brennan, including inputs from our team in Benghazi. The national security team will continue to provide updates to the President on this situation, as necessary. The United States continues to communicate closely with our allies, partners, and the TNC. We believe that Qadhafi’s days are numbered, and that the Libyan people deserve a just, democratic and peaceful future.

18 Responses to Obamas Hits the Beach But Continues to Work!

  1. Did he fill out the report concerning the amount of dust he kicked up when that motorcade left? That farmer back last week asked him about those regulations.

    Maybe we should take his instructions and contact the Department of Agriculture.

  2. We believe that Qadhafi’s days are numbered, and that the Libyan people deserve a just, democratic and peaceful future.

    Didn’t they consider what has happened in the rest of North Africa? Democratic? I think not. And our ‘kinetic military action’ which, according to Obama, our leadership role was supposed to last ‘days, not weeks or months’ continues into month six. How much is this costing us? And stretching our military to the breaking point…I don’t get it. Does anyone out there understand this administration’s ‘not’ foreign policy? Amateur hour or is there a more sinister movtive?

  3. It’s a shame that it takes “two dozen vehicles” to transport a family of four to the beach. Assuming that the family will be surrounded by a cadre of Security guards on the beach, a small flotilla of Navy ships patrolling the shoreline and someone/something will be in place to protect them from sea creatures, it all amounts to ‘too much’ for a dip in the ocean.

    As long as the Obamas occupy the WhiteHouse, and for years after they depart, their lives will be dictated by security concerns and their insistance on living as a normal family would is impractical. A restricted life-style comes with the honor of being the POTUS and should be the guideline that the FirstFamily uses to plan their lives.

  4. So, MoochMORE and the Princesses romped in the surf while The One sat on the bus and read books?

    I can hardly wait to see the “refreshed” MoochMORE. It’s hard not to have my daily smile over the charmless, talentless, average-intellectually endowed woman whose marriage has thrust into a position that she’s unable to appreciate.

  5. Wish someone would ask him about the executive order he signed on 8/18/11 decreeing amnesty for illegal aliens. Sure isn’t going to help with unemployment. He thinks so little of Hispanics (an ethnic class created under Nixon) that he is betting this will buy him more votes from them.

    Another good question would be about the rocket launches on Israel from Gaza. I’m sure none of the funding we give to the Hamas-linked Palestinian Authority was used to buy those rockets.

    • @ArizonaRepublic, today:
      The Department of Homeland Security has spent over $85million in the last 8 years FLYING illegal aliens caught at the Arizona border back to Mexico. The original intent was to discourage further border crossings to prevent the deaths of the aliens in the desert heat and terrain. The government is expected to spend over $10million again this year on the repatriation efforts.
      How this activity of ICE and the DHS will be altered by MrO’s executive order isn’t clear. Nor is it at all clear if the POTUS has the authority to ignore any law duly enacted.
      I don’t believe that an “executive order” can be used to override a law and that this is just a sop to hand to the Raza supporters who have been clamoring for amnesty and/or citizenship of Mexican nationals.

  6. No worries, Present-dent Bumbling Barry Oblamo will release his latest finger pointing blame-o-gram shortly. Must be the black caucus, or the evil teabaggers, or congress once again causing the middle east unrest, the high energy and fuel costs, the horrendous economy and massive unemployment rates. Perhaps even the Evil George Bush will make the next blame-o-gram once again.

    • Wasn’t this to be quality time with family? Were the Mothership and
      girls on the course? Seems like he’s doing all he can to get away from
      this ‘family’ on his and hers vacations. Odd.

  7. I’m gonna start using the word “briefed” in lieu of “informed” or “told about.” It sound so much more important.

    I’ve got to run and brief my husband about today’s soccer schedule for later.