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Golf Again

OK, the man is on vacation. Second time since arriving Thursday night. It’s the 20th round this year and the 78th of his presidency.

We’re once again at the Vineyard Golf Club.

32 thoughts on “Golf Again”

  1. That lil’ stinker called an audible; no wonder there were ‘two dozen vehicles’ in the motorcade. He had no intention of spending a day at the beach and half of the motorcade was to take him to his golfing paradise..

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    1. Excellent Granny Jan. You got all his excuses and then Nancy as the wicked witch….I’m melting! The picture of him with Toto in the end is hilarious.

      He needs to stop calling America a democracy. That is wishful thinking on his part…

      1. A big messy democracy!

        Loved the “if I only had a brain” in the background while ‘the one’ spoke! Priceless!

        Thanks GJ!!

    2. Hi Granny Jan, I loved your video. I think my favorite part was when O was looking at the cow’s butt. I thought it was like he was looking at a reflection of himself. I love your “work”! Keep it up!

  3. BO and ValJar went to a soiree at Comcast ceo’s villa tonight. No MO, again.
    Something is wrong in paradise.

    Does Bo ever stay home? What do the chefs do in their spare time?

    1. ?? In my experience, a man who goes to parties without his wife is in trouble, or she’s in trouble, or there’s going to be trouble. ??

      This could be what young people call a “rough patch” in their relationship. ??

  4. Obama has some summer fun while monitoring Libya
    By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press

    …Obama monitored events closely even as he engaged in a heavy schedule of summertime activities under mostly sunny skies. As crowds gathered in Tripoli’s Green Square, Obama was buying seafood at a popular restaurant…
    Earlier, Obama spent about an hour at the home of Comcast chief executive Brian Roberts after playing golf with some buddies. The golf foursome included Obama’s Chicago pal Eric Whitaker, UBS America executive Robert Wolf and a White House aide….

    If the AP gets this snarky then you might as well put a fork in him.

    1. Another odd thing…the photo connected to the story pictures Obama with his pal Val at some local restaurant. Something is definitely afoot.

  5. I agree with many of you. There is something odd with this “family”. Obama seems to prefer to be away from them. I guess Keith is above such gossip otherwise it would be interesting to hear some. But please, no leaks from the employees in the White House ? Really ?

    1. There is something wrong with their relationship but she should buck it up and go to these events and put on a good show. She knew what she was getting into marrying someone who never dated anyone from the opposite sex until he was 30. They are both spoiled, petulant, narcissistic grifters.

      1. You mean that he….Well, that´s what I suspected. But it could be dangerous game with a spoiled, petulant person like Michelle Obama. What if she one day is very displeased and angry ?
        The media was silent about Kennedys affairs during his presidency although it really was important news, it had relevance in politics. If this “family” is a charade it is likewise of importance. I don´t like to be fooled. Most people don´t.

  6. The total is a lot more than that. He was golfing almost every weekend at Ft. Belvoir before anyone started to take a notice in how much he was golfing, and he was doing it on the QT. No motorcades, no flash, but the course was shut down just for him.

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