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Obama Reading List: “Brave New World” Not On It

There’s a lot of talk about the president of the United States purchasing Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” to read while on vacation, but apparently it was bought for his daughter. The Los Angeles Times reports:

It was unclear which books Obama ultimately purchased at Bunch of Grapes, but “Brave New World” was most likely for his 13-year-old daughter, Malia. The book is required reading for eighth-grade students at Sidwell Friends School, where she attends.

After the report in the Times, the White House today said Obama has five books at his disposal for reading during the ten day vacation. From today’s pool report:

A White House official says that in addition to purchasing several books for his daughters during his trip to Bunch of Grapes Bookstore in Vineyard Haven Friday,  the President bought two books for himself:

“The Bayou Trilogy,” collection by Daniel Woodrell

“Rodin’s Debutante” by Ward Just

No word on which additional titles he purchased for his daughters. POTUS also brought three books with him for the Martha’s Vineyard trip:

“Cutting for Stone,” a novel by Abraham Verghese

“To the End of the Land,” a novel by David Grossman

“The Warmth of Other Suns,” which was described as the “epic” story of America’s Great Migration, by Isabel Wilkerson.


31 Responses to Obama Reading List: “Brave New World” Not On It

    • Or the Declaration of Independence. He could buy his children a little book, true story called, “Sarah Noble”, about yound American spirits. He could pull his nappy head out of his own bung hole, and read Mark Twain, realizing why America matters. He could even put down the political motivation and read some Willa Cather, Herman Melville, James Fennimore Cooper for a savour of which country he’s president of, as he seems to have forgotten who butters the bread.

      We butter the bread, Mr. President. The American taxpayer. Displease us, and WE WILL rewrite your history. Something for your kid’s reading pleasure.

  1. Are you sure you got that next-to-last book title right? I think the title that would have caught Barry’s eye would be “How-To End the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”

    • Was he? Can’t recall any students coming forward to gush about his lectures. In fact, there seem to be no witnesses at all about his past. Perhaps he was hatched. No, that can’t be true. He wrote 2 auto biographies. Why haven’t I written two auto biographies, or any of you? Or anybody else in memory, for that matter.

      Apparantly, Obama thinks he is vastly interesting, while nobody else can even remember his being around.

    • You give him a break.

      He was never a professor of any kind of law, constitutional or otherwise, he was a “lecturer”, and a part-time one at that.

      But he is the only president of the Harvard Law Review never to publish anything while in that esteemed position.


      • Isn’t it typical of BO that he’s head of the Law Review, yet publishes nothing, thereby making himself “special,” receiving the adulation that goes along with the post, and avoiding actually making himself available for evaluation by his peers and history.

        Sounds like his whole life.

  2. And yet, they expect us to believe that a book that’s required reading for one of the Obama children has to be purchased by the POTUS from a public bookstore at Martha’s Vineyard. The child isn’t even in school yet.

    It’s a PHOTO OP for the President, nothing more. It’s a ‘lookie at me, the good Daddy, see, I told you I wanted to spend time with the kids’ as he pushes his children front and center while the cameras are clicking.
    The totally bogus trip to the book store required the attention of a dozen Security guys and 6 SUV’s, blocked traffic and the search of the bystanders.

    • You are s spot on srdem. He puts on the same show every vacation they take to MV. Is it three times now…I lose track. His shameless use of his children as props is reprehensible. He certainly doesn’t appear to spend much time with them at home…what with his whirlwind campaigning, golfing, and Debt Star driving.

      • We’re so used to being spoon-fed these kinds of stories without giving them any thought. The O’s take the family on vacation at the beach and we’re supposed to believe that the first thing MrO does is take the children to a bookstore. Oh, please.
        We can look forward to the obligatory trip to the ice cream store and some more romantic dinners, all spoon-fed with the warm-family-feelings and the dozen obligatory onlookers crowding in with their cellphones and cameras.

        • I agree with you, it´s just a photo op. If it wasn´t Obama I would have added that it still is good that reading is encouraged. But Obama is so fake all through. And considering all the time he spends on the golf courts I just wonder how he is as a dad.

    • He didn’t have to buy her the book at all. It’s available for free online. Surely someone on his staff would know that. The kid’s got a computer, right? What a good opportunity to let kids know how many resources they have with a computer and an internet connection. How many parents run to the bookstore when they get their child’s summer reading list when most of the classics are already available to their children right where the kids play World of Warcraft?

  3. Do “deprived” and “victimized” people ever tire of reading about themselves and how cruel history (and white folks) has/have been to them?

    • No more tired than authors become of writing about deprived and victimized people: Obama’s 2 auto biographies – count them, TWO – are prime examples. Personally, I would prefer the back of a box of Screaming Yellow Zonkers.

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