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Obama Immediately Goes Golfing

Now we’re talking.

Less than 24 hours after landing on the shores of Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama is on one of its golf courses. Obama is out with his friend Eric Whitaker, White House trip director Miarvin Nicholson – one of his regular partners – and Michael Brush, who is in charge of advance work on trips.

It’s Obama’s 19th time on the links this year and the 77th outing of his presidency.

They’re at the Vineyard Golf Club, which says it is “reputed to be the most environmentally sensitive golf course in the world.” With a straight face.

Nice, too.

Heres’ a view from on the course . . .

And from inside the kitchen . . .

32 thoughts on “Obama Immediately Goes Golfing”

      1. Chi chi food never looks very appetizing. Photo of a great big t-bone steak, with a big baked potato and charro beans on the side is my idea of good food. Making myself hungry now…

  1. I’ve never heard him do a faux Yankee accent or a faux Massachusetts accent ala Kennedy’s. Since he likes to blend in linguistically, it’s not hard to imagine. I still have my north of Boston one even though I’ve lived in W. Mass forever where they have no accent.

    1. By the end of the vacation he’ll have that North Shore accent. My mother-in-law is from Danvers and she still has her accent 40 years after leaving Mass. Every time she goes home for a visit she comes back with a thicker accent.

      1. My family was from Salem and Andover which is right next to Danvers. I grew up in Marblehead. I can turn the accent on and off at will. I actually don’t like the Boston accent.The North Shore accent has tinges of Maine…the best accent evah!

  2. So she went book shopping–Maybe she could pick uo some Good groming books for her and the family. Some Christian books wouldn’t hurt either.And check the newspapers for the discount stores – might want to pick up some underwear that fits. That thong is mighty nasty looking from the rear.

  3. You got to give the guy some props if hitting the links is enough get out of the house time. Sheeet! If I was married to Moochele I’d take up deep sea diving. In the Artic.

  4. This family should be completely ashamed at the way they are taking advantage acting like they are the king and queen of America instead of servants of the people. I know for a fact if the tax payers weren’t funding this kind of excessive waste they would not be carrying on like this. Shame on both of them. They do not deserve the title of First Family.

  5. What’s up with the golf obsession??? I’d bet the ranch that he never had a golf club in his hands when he lived in ChiTown! He brought all of his hoopster friends into his administration – and now he has abandoned them! Poor Arne Duncan!

    Is he trying to act like all of his white predecessors…or is he trying to escape the Beast??? It’s bizarre! There is nothing REAL about this guy!

    1. After that unfortunate ‘fat lip’ he sported after getting elbowed in a basketball game, he doesn’t want to play that game anymore.
      sissy. sore loser.

      The obsession with golf has more to do with living with one’s mother-in-law than a love of the game.

  6. btw there is no such thing as chive dill. It is either chives or dill-they are 2 different herbs.

    Chive dill butter ok, chive and dill accents ok, chive and dill infused remoulade works too.

    But chive dill?

    To quote our president WTF?

    hmmm. maybe I am splitting hares, oops I mean hairs not bunny rabbits.


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  11. We are preaching to the choir! Please think of us The Moral Majority – the silent majority. Key word MAJORITY! Let’s all band together and hit them (the liberal propaganda machine media) right where it hurts – in THE POCKETBOOK! What if every time you hear or read something totally biased or another outright bold faced lie – we called them on it? Call and email ABC news and tell them they are too liberal and not really reporting “THE NEWS”. Until they channel Woodward and Bernstein and do some real investigative reporting we will not watch them or their entire channel. I want the FACTS. Then call and email every advertiser on their show and tell them the same thing.

    What if we all bought store brand paper towels for a month or two? No Bounty or Brawny NONE We – conservatives – are yelling at the TV, blogging on conservative blogs, websites, but only reaching each other with our frustrations.

    Let’s boycott the tax and spend liberal democrats, their communist media and everyone who supports it. Cancel those liberal magazines & newspapers, email and call every advertiser – sorry Smithsonian after decades, I just can’t take it or you any longer… Good bye Today Show… Hey it worked for Caesar Chavez and his grape boycott. Organizers believed that a reduction in produce sales by 15% was sufficient to wipe out the profit margin of the boycotted product.

    15% we can pull this off!

    After all insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results – let’s switch it up and change our tactics. Try hitting them in the wallet – you know how much liberals like to spend other people’s money… I want the newscaster to say “The Obama’s – on their third 10 day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard THIS SUMMER…” or Obama is playing golf today for the 77th time (on 8/19/2011) This is the president’s 77th time golfing as president, meaning Obama has spent two months of his presidency on the golf course. Obama’s excursions usually involve a full 18 holes of play and take around five hours out of his day, including time motorcading to and from the course. (and how much is that costing ME???)

    OH, I just can’t take it any more – I don’t care if I buy store brand mac n cheese – let’s band together and try something different. Call and email and post on the company & media websites, let’s deluge them, tell them what you want them to investigate and report on. Copy and paste this and post it, send it out. We are the majority!

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  13. I remember the media cruxifying Bush because he played golf about 28 times in 8 years (which is 3 1/2 times a year) and yet all we see is O playing golf, playing or watching basketball, or taking vacations in Hawaii or where ever his wife wants to go. It’s pretty sickening to watch all the occupiers basically “sacrificing” themselves, praising O’s name when he is a gross example of the 1%. The O’s are millionaires and act like it. O never works- he just acts like a rockstar or he is campaigning or raising money for himself. Meanwhile us, the real people are truly suffering, paying out the nose at the pump, and we feel like NO ONE is listening. Then to have O open up the Southern part of the pipeline…. wow, he really does think we are stupid. Anyone with a brain knows that you need an entire pipeline to have oil go through it. Chu said weeks ago that the O admin wants to keep gas prices high- even though he back peddled several days later (because it sent a shock wave across the country) but it was PROOF that they want to hurt us and make us suffer until we go out and spend $40k that we don’t have, on a Volt. I just read an article in the NY times yesterday. The columnist said that the right is freaking out saying that there is a left wing conspiracy going on. He didn’t tell the truth about O shutting down the gulf, denying drilling permits in OK and CO, denying permits off the E and W coasts, and how O vetoed the Keystone. Although conspiracy is a crazy word, it still doesn’t make any sense what O is doing! And we are getting FURIOUS! Why does the media still want O and why are they still protecting him and helping him get re- elected? I just can’t understand it. I consider myself independent. I live in liberal Oregon. But I went to a movie last week and I watched a trailer for an upcoming comedy. In the trailer it shows O giving a speech and the theater started booing. Most of the people in there were probably 18-30. I really think the media is WAY out of touch as is the O’s and also all their creepy Czar’s. I am seriously having remorse about my beautiful country because all I want is a peaceful, happy life. I’m a soccor mom and a great wife- I don’t have time to worry about this. But we need help and relief. As as far as I see it, the only way for relief from this chaos and aggravation is to remove O from the presidency and get someone in there who knows how to govern and run the country. The only person I think qualified to do that is Romney. He is the only one with REAL experience. No one else has experience or they’re too right wing. The press needs to start telling the STRAIGHT truth to the American people. We know when it’s propaganda and we are really getting scared. Stop slanting everything. Stop making good people seem bad because they love families and don’t want to see the discenigration of the family. Stop making O look fantastic when he isn’t. Stop making Boehner look like a fool when you tried your best to “cover” for Pelosi- who was an outright liar (remember Pay as you Go, when the nation was falling hopelessly into severe debt). We the people, are soooo sick of the half truths and the “campaigning” for O, especially when we are truly suffering for his lack of leadership and his choices as president concerning the oil. And give me a break, why didn’t the media go after O about just letting that oil spill go on and on when the gov. of LA was freaking out trying to let those Dutch ships come it to help. Do you know how much damage that did to the environment down there- but the media gave O another free pass!! That was a scandal that was slanted for O but if that had been Bush, you would have cruxified him again. The reason why is because O really wanted a “reason” to shut down the gulf. Come on….. it makes so much sense but on the same hand, it’s utterly unbelievable that he is our president. Remember how the media went on and on because Bush didn’t do anything for 4 days in Katrina. What about all the natural disasters that have happened on O’s watch- there is no mention of anything that O is doing to help people in AL or last year in ND- or wherever all that disasterous flooding happened. Please, please help the common people. There is so little hope and WAY too much change for the WORSE.

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