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Michelle’s Separate Travel Costs Taxpayers Thousands

Michelle Obama and President Obama traveled to Martha’s Vineyard just hours apart, costing taxpayers thousands in additional expenses so she could have just a bit of extra vacation time.

Mrs. Obama and her daughters arrived just before 2 pm Thursday on a U.S. government jet, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Times, which got its information from the local airport. The first lady’s office has been silent on her travel. President Obama arrived in the evening along with the family dog Bo.

The extra costs related to Mrs. Obama’s solo trip mainly include the flight on a specially designed military aircraft she took instead of Air Force One, as well as any extra staff and Secret Service that had to be enlisted to go with her. She would also have had her own motorcade from the airport to her vacation residence.

Mrs. Obama’s separate jet travel sends the wrong message on a host of issues, from global warming to the budget deficit to the economy – in which currently so many people can’t afford to take a vacation at all.

This is not the first time Michelle has gone on vacation ahead of the president on the taxpayers’ tab. Last December, she racked up what was likely more than $100,000 in expenses leaving early for their Hawaii vacation.

Thanks to one of our readers, who goes by Lizzy, for noting the double dip.

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  1. Actually, Michelle Obama’s separate travel sends exactly the accurate message: The Ruling Class believes that it is in place in order to design the existence of us mere mortals while those of the ruling class have no rules or limitation within which they live. Yet, many in the underclass continue to be impressed by the ghetto-fabulous “success” of those who have made their way “to the top” via any under-handed method that are employed. This is how totalitarian dictatorships are created and then sustained until total societal collapse.

  2. They see the writing on the wall and know they’ll be out of a job soon. Naturally they will milk it for all it’s worth while they can.

  3. I think mr and mrs hot shot realize the ‘jig is up’ on their 4 year vacation. they are living it up at tax payer expence because they know that by november next year they will be on their own dime. this administration is the biggest bunch of crooks the world has seen and that spoon jaw barack is the worse. As soon as they are out, arrest them and try them for malfeasance and let them rot in prison, maybe we can find some skin heads to keep them company.

    i wonder if he will get secret service protection in prison???

  4. I hear so much how great the Obama’s marriage is. But, separate flights? If I to a separate flight from my spouse for a vacation, questions would start to arise. Let’s face it, if Air Force One is too small for them and she cannot wait 2 hours, because she want more vacation time vs. more time together, then something is wrong with that marriage. All I can say is “fathers, lock up your daughters who work as interns.”

  5. Does this really surprise anyone? These socialists don’t care about our country. They want to ruin our economy so they can “transform” us into a socialist state. Anyone that ever read Obama’s books or looked into his mentors would know that. Wake up folks…this man is killing the US along with all our freedoms.

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  7. Welcome to Socialist America! Why is anyone surprised by our leader’s actions? This is how a Marxist government operates. People make Ron Paul out to be an irrational antagonist when he speaks about how far off the path of liberty we’ve traveled but this is and has been business as usual with our leaders. We are the ones to blame for voting for these same egomaniacs over and over and over again. Ron Paul 2012!

  8. I don’t want to hear one more word from these clowns about how we need to buy hybrid cars and ride trains so we can save the environment and stop funding Arab dictatorships.

  9. Milking every dime they can out of the taxpayer trough before Jan. 2013.

    Note to all the grocery store check out line rags: She ain’t no cover girl.

  10. I love the irony of running this “story” with an ad for Blue Star private jets on the page. “Might send the wrong message on a host of issues”. BTW, Blue horseshoe loves Blue Star Airlines , Bud Fox.

    1. I hold all of the morons who voted for this pile of crap personally responsible for this mess! They should be forced to pick up all the additional expenses and not those who thought before they voted.

  11. How the he!! will the White House try to spin this one? There is no excuse for 2 separate planes and security, mere hours apart. It’s a complete disregard for normal, everyday, tax paying Americans. Nothing new for this crowd.

  12. Time to vote out every single member of congress who is up for reelection in 2012 for going along with this! Obozo just can’t spend OUR taxpayer monies fast enough. He is such a complete jerk!!!

  13. This is ridiculous. Why don’t the Obamas get the point of this all? It’s so pathetic and frustrating. This is the number one reason these people should be booted from office.

  14. Odumba and Moooochelle could care less. They are living it up while Rome burns, and they lit the fires themselves. They have an elitist agenda, and expect the working class drones to support it.


  15. The president is on vacation for 2 weeks The Senate, and the Congress
    are out for the month. Who is watching the store? Lets elect a new president
    while he is away. Do not send back the his and hers jets to pick them up
    Juat let them stay there in exile while we get the economy fixed The for
    a retirement present we give them a little cabin on an Island just off the
    coast of Russia

  16. It’s looking more and more like the president realizes he is one and done. Sadly though it also looks like he is milking the tax payers for all he can get in the time he has. Why would a president want to be remembered this way?

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  18. G.W. Bush took THREE TIMES as many vacations as the Obamas by this point in his presidency.

    There are more important things to worry about.

  19. This is just one more glaring example of the hypocrisy, arrogance, and contempt the the Obamas and this administration continue to display toward the people of the USA. They apparently believe that they are this country’s new royalty, and intend to live accordingly, despite what’s happening to the rest of us peasants. We are merely here to serve, obey, and worship as far as the Obamas are concerned. But just as in in late 17th Century France, the peasants are rapidly getting a belly full of Obama’s socialistic BS, and will soon have a chance to lead him and Michelle to the guillotine,,,at least figuratively!

  20. Both Pres Bushs, Presidents Reagen, Carter, and wives did not have separate vacation travel plans using “his and her” military aircraft. The Obama’s are the first to do this.
    Should anyone doubt the veracity of this, submit a FOIA request to the FAA for historical executive travel.

  21. Nothing this piece of crap does surprises me anymore. He is thumbing his nose at the tax payers and spending like a drunken sailor in a whore house. (No offense to drunken sailors intended.)

  22. Ever since the election, I keep thinking saying to myself……..”this just doesn’t make sense” over and over and over. For you Star Trek fans, I feel like I am In the mirror universe. This doesn’t apply to just the Obama’s. It applies to Congress as well. Our country is sinking and the Captain and all the Officers are off sailing in the Captains Gig and the sailors are left with a rudderless ship.

    Who takes a vacation while an economic crisis is at hand and tells the public I will make a speech in two weeks. I don’t see Congress in session either. I don’t understand how Keith Koffler is only member of the White House Press Corps to report this on a constant basis. BTW, Thank You Keith!!! It is Obnoxious of Michelle Obama to take advantage of the employees and assets the U.S. Could you imagine if she was the wife of the CEO of a Publicly Held Corporation? The news story would be published, the BOD would fire the CEO and then the IRS would investigate and prosecute because the costs of the flights was not included on the tax return.

    Where is the outrage??

  23. Obama is their puppet, he does what the dems want and in return he and his family gets to live how they want. We have to vote him OUT OF THERE!!

  24. Well, at least they didn’t have a separate aircraft for BO like they did the last time. That must be President Barry and Moochele’s idea of economizing.

  25. How long will it take the American people to catch. The Obamas want to do every thing they can to destroy this country and make it over as their socialist domain. You, Mr & Mrs citizen, are nothing but road kill to them.
    Take a look at what is going on and stop buying the smiling BS.

  26. Im so sick of watching poloticians waste our taxpayers money. Im a Iraq war Veteran and for 3 years I set on the side lines of our country waisting millions of dollars on a country with no education, no siqn of christiananity at all and now I got to here that our presidents wife is waisting thousand of dollars on a plane ride cause she wants to start our vacation early. When does this stop, will sombody please step up to the plate and take responsibility for the taxpayers money. Im so ticked right now, just the fact that my President who I voted for hasnot a clue how to run our country. Where is all the jobs you promised, and the cheaper health care Mr. President. In the last six months how many troops have you brought home, and I love going to the gas pump Mr. Obama and getting raped for our outrageous gas prices. I cant wait for Labor day weekend so that you guys in the White House can push that button to gas gouge all your fellow comrades. Oh ya what about these state that are allowing gay’s to get married in. I thought are nation is one nation under God, So were in the Bible does it say that this is OK. Please if you read this message dont always believe what you hear. I believed that President Obama was truely going to try to change our country for the good, I guess Im a fool for trusting in a smooth talker.

    Concerned Veteran
    Ike Porter

    1. Thank the good Lord that you woke up. This man is nothing but a fraud.
      My son in law is in Afganistan right now and his family is struggling to stay afloat while the Obama family takes a million dollar vacay…sick isnt it?
      Hang in there…better days are coming. Vote their sorry asses out in Nov. 2012.

  27. They know the message they are sending, especially Michelle.

    She hates the country anyhow and everytime I see her pictures I don’t see first lady material.

    Not because she’s black but because she has no class or any sense for what people are going through in this country.

    It’s all one big affirmative action presidency.

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