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Cats are Republicans and Dogs are Democrats

Totally forgot today to plug my own article, which is running in POLITICO, titled “Cats are Republicans, Dogs are Dems.” I know this is going to be shocking for some people, even too much to bear. But please, don’t shoot the messenger.

I have cats and dogs. One of them who read the article bit me. I won’t say which.

29 thoughts on “Cats are Republicans and Dogs are Democrats”

  1. I loved your article today; made me laugh! It’s something that I and my fellow cat-loving Republicans have been saying for awhile, lol!

  2. The two critters have something else in common besides your conclusions; they are loyal and will protect their ‘home’ against any intruders. If they were humans, they would be called patriots.

    IMO, there’s something wrong with people who don’t have a household pet and they should be watched carefully by the authorities.

    1. I would love to have a pet cat, but I live in a building which doesn’t allow pets, even thou some residents do have them. As far as dogs I don’t mind them along as they are not the barking type. I saw a Boston Terrier, cute pup, didn’t bark. I could live with that.

  3. I loved the article, very entertaining. We have a new little kitten in our house and he certainly behaves like a Republican.

  4. Dogs, of course, either need a master, or readily obey one.

    My poor dogs. I can’t believe they’re democrats.

    Of course, my cat peed on my (clean) clothes this morning … I’m not sure how to interpret this.

  5. Delighful and so true Mr.Koffler.
    May I add that a dog treated badly and hurt by his owner will continue to go back to his proprietary ,a cat never.
    Like right now democrat black people are hurting very much because of President Obama ‘s policies ,yet they still intend to vote for him in the next election , no matter what.

  6. I beg to differ. I know a staunch democrat who voted for Obama and will again who has only had cats, at one time 4 of them. We on the oth hand have only had dogs and are active in the Republican Party. So there is definitely a flaw in this theory. Our dog would gladly bite you!

      1. On the vacay, it occurred to me this AM that I was not really envious of being on a small island with one book store surrounded by air kissing asshats, sand in the bed, and constant filming…like a bad reality show.

  7. Great article Keith, but doubt our loyal furry friends would agree with you. We have three dogs, no cats. Our dogs are all classic liberals. They advocate freedom — they love to roam the land without leashes or collars. They are loyal and brave — my best buddy is right next to me as I type. Pity the stranger that tries to harm a hair on any member of the family. They don’t want anyone dictating their lives — just try and give one of them a bath and you’ll see what I mean.

  8. Interesting view of the feline and canine world. I had not thought about it that way, but I see where you are coming from.

    Now you need to market the movie rights.

  9. Point of information.

    Cats cover their “business” to keep those that would like to make lunch out of them from finding their scent. This goes back to eons of biology. So their environmental activism is actually an attempt to stay off the grid. Something that no Democrat would do.

    So that just adds to the theory that cats are more dedicated to conservative ideas, keep those that want to destroy you from finding you or bothering you.

  10. A very interesting and entertaining viewpoint. My cat is really laid back unless you get too close to her kittens. My dog, on the other hand, is perhaps one of the most loveable pets ever, but is afraid of everything (except loud noises, just sleeps through them). I can’t imagine them favoring either party, but you can never tell.

  11. It was funny, but really? Come on, this kind of political assessment is not too far removed from those who are trying to assign sexual orientation to puppets on Sesame Street. Freaking puppets.

  12. Not sure what you base that on. Other than personal observation. but according to my 283 cat loving friends on Facebook, 90% of them are democrats, liberals and progressives. and being involved in many Cat groups and organization dealing with the care of animals, They all lean to liberal ideology.

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