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Obama Suggests Farmer is an Idiot

Take a look at this exchange between President Obama and a farmer at Wednesday’s town hall in Atkinson, Ill.

And let’s have a quiz. What is Obama really saying?

He’s pretending to try to be helpful, with suggestions to call the Department of Agriculture and beware of bad information. But what he’s really saying is:




35 Responses to Obama Suggests Farmer is an Idiot

  1. What’s he’s saying is: “I don’t have a clue what you just asked me, so, really, go ask someone who might have a clue”. And you’re right GJ, he did have a great Gomer Pyle-like accent! Jack wagon!

  2. Too funny Keith. Bet that is what he would like to have said to the man.

    Like how he tells the man “a lot of times we are gonna be applyin’ common sense…”. My suggestion is common sense should be applied at all times. There isn’t an hint of common sense in a single one of those flat earth, no growth environuts he hired to work at the EPA. They are strangling American business with their burdensome regulations.

  3. Obama speaks down to his audiences while the Republican candidates treat their audiences with respect. People don’t like being spoken down to and often are just as bright as the speaker.

    • Obviously lame brains enjoy being spoken down to; otherwise that shoeshine boy from Chicago wouldn’t be sitting in the White House when not playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard.

  4. Arrogant (insert word here)! He does this all time nothing new and the fake
    accent please if anyone over the age of 5 believes this crap then they deserve him! Funny thing is all those rich elite folks he loves so much
    wouldn’t give him the time of day if he weren’t President and they were foolish enough to believe he was the Messiah.
    he makes Forrest Gump look like Stephen Hawking!

    • You are so right. All those those billionaires that are sucking up to him simply because morons stuck him in the White House, normally wouldn’t give him the time of day.
      They’d probably be having him fetch coffee as Bill Clinton said he should be doing instead of running for the office of President of the United States. Clinton said that when he was speaking to John Kerry at the time Obama and Hillary were vying for the nomination.

  5. The Obama Bible; Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky.

    I do not believe anything this man says. he is hell-bent on transforming our Republic (a word he will never utter) into his dream of a socialist utopian democracy. Actions speak louder than words !!

  6. This farmer is another patriot! But to the progressives he is a major threat. This farmer must have drank from the same cup as those pesky Tea Party Hobbits!

    Regulations? What regulations?

    BHO does not see a regulation he does not like. The more the better. Heck, he doesn’t even care what is being regulated, just regulate it! If it needs to be re-regulated or regulated some more, do it and NOW!

    BHO did not have a clue to what the concern this farmer had. His lack of an answer proves that.

    Just like all of the other radicals, always refer to a governmental agency for the answer. He did that well here. This is one thing that really turns me off that Carney does. Never, ever answers the question, just refers the reporter to a agency.

  7. You should check out the story at Politico where a reporter took the president up on his suggestion and contacted the government to find out about the regulations. Despite her contacts, access and reporting skills she was unable to get any answers after two days of solid run around. I’m sure a working farmer in the middle of the summer has the time and resources to track down all crap obama is throwing at him.

  8. Obama has no idea how hard it is to call or contact the gov’t. You get an automated “no help line”, you can write a letter….and they will reply within 30 days (bylaw) to tell you that they received your letter and will get back to you. On this letter will be a “generitic” name with no contact info. The gov’t employees have learned that you can not get in trouble if your name is ever linked to anything.

  9. “Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula? I mean, they’re charging a lot of money for this stuff.”

    Farmer Barry Obama, July 27, 2007. Adel, Iowa

  10. Farmers know the land, their animals and the cycle of this earth and their areas better than any scientist around. The fact that Washington ???thinks??? (using term loosely here) they know best is just another example of their being disconnected and truly uncaring about the people and better yet the children of this country.

    Let me also add… WHAT IS MORE DISTRUBING…is Washington’s’ willingness to get in bed with Monsanto and other companies that are genetic altering food i.e. mass producing food companies. Giving MAJOR TAX BREAKS for corporate farms that produce the worst quality foods (for the most part), and they are killing the everyday family farms.

    When are we going to give that family farmer the tax and rule breaks?

    I’m betting the big corporate farms are getting waivers so that they don’t have to do what the things this farmer is talking about…

    Has Obama not done this before to the people of this country?

    Yep talk to BP about the safety waivers they got…

    Have they not also told us, we the people we don’t know what is good for us…yep…its called Obama-care…

    How many waivers have been issued to companies for that helpful rule???

    I know I’m dreaming but someday I’d love to find someone who will listen to the people and not the money…

  11. “A lot of times we are going to be applying common sense.” That sounds like an admission they don’t always apply common sense. I venture the real question is to define “a lot”?

  12. I usually despise most of what Pres. Obama says, because I just don’t believe most of what he says. In this case, however, I really don’t think he was talking down to the guy. He was just making sure the farmer did not have erroneous information and told him where to find the answers to his questions. The president certainly didn’t have those answers.

    • He was turfing him–send him off, getting rid of him. He should have said–even if he totally did not mean it and not one scintilla of his body care in the LEAST–he should have said, “Please talk to (aide here) afterward and we will try to find that answer.”

  13. I don’t know what video you guys were watching but this looked like a very respectful answer. Especially considering that the question was basically “well I heard (rumor) may be coming”.

    • In the one I saw, a worried small business person (farmer) was asking about a coming hit that might ruin him, the president had no idea what he was talking about, and slapped him down with an all-purpose answer–basically, don’t ask me, find out for yourself, plus you are a dope to believe anything about the govt.

  14. Republicans for the super rich may not talk down to their audience but they are idiots because they are laughing at all middle class because the Repubs luv and cater to the super rich and they are thinking these dumb middle class people believe everything we say,,hahaha,,hahaha we will destroy the middle class and give all the poor to our super rich buddies, like Corporations, Banks, Government and laugh all the way to their beloved bank. See all in the welfare linea if the big government doesn’t do away with that and just let us all stave to death and then let the illegals do all the work for peanuts.

  15. Why can’t Obama/Soetoro be arrested and tried for treasson? Putin knows Obama is a fake president, why doesn’t our supreme court, congress and military take action against him? What are we weaiting for?

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