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Obama is Not Over-Vacationed

He just isn’t. Not for someone doing the type of job he’s doing.

Obama has taken less than four weeks off this past year – ten days last August in Martha’s Vineyard and two weeks in Hawaii over the Christmas and New Years holidays. That’s it. Short hops planned to Williamsburg, Va. and Montana were scotched due to work.

I know many of you get less than that or nothing in vacation time. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve or need it. Obama is president and responsible for the welfare of all of us, our parents, our children. He needs to be on his game for the crisis that always lurks in the minds of those who would destroy us, and to do the best he can with the rest of the job.

The ten days he will take starting today in Martha’s Vineyard are far better in my eyes than the month George W. Bush used to spend in August while his aides tried to pretend he was busy working at the “Crawford White House.” Please. Was he trying to create Middle East peace by clearing Texas brush?

All these calls for Obama to skip his vacation and bring Congress back to Washington are just nonsense from talking heads and other scoundrels who are going to make damn sure they get their own two weeks in this August, believe me.

What exactly would Congress and the president to do if the come back? What they need is not more workdays, but more deadlines. As you could see from the way the debt ceiling debate went up to the last minute, nearly knocking the U.S. economy over the precipice, Congress and the president will futz around until they finally have to do something. It’s human nature. It’s certainly the nature of Congress.

So they’ll all come back to Washington futz around for August. Silly.

Michelle is over-vacationed. She gets in plenty of leisurely travel at your expense. And Obama is over-golfed. I think he should find another way to relax, or at least not use his putter head to thumb his nose at us quite so often.

But he’s not over-vacationed.

Enjoy your time away, Mr. President.

87 thoughts on “Obama is Not Over-Vacationed”

  1. Vacationing once in a while is not the issue; but, the cost of secret service needed on these vacations is a concern. It has to cost into hundreds of thousands for any trip and that is being paid for by the taxpayer. For someone who knew what he was going to have to deal with concerning working at his job, he sure doesn’t seem to want to stay at “the office” and do the job. How many people would like to have a job – even just any old job – let alone in a beautiful place such as the White House.

  2. Great stuff in this site. But now, a serious question which I tried to post before but the page vanished halfway through. So here goes again: Is Obumma ILL? I remember reading about eight or so months ago an internet report that said Obama had caught a wasting type -quote- “worm” infection after eating raw food products during a recent vacation in Hawaii. A picture that accompanied this very brief one-day article showed his rail-thin forearms. (Aside: this was not a made-up satire site; I do not read those. I can’t be sure it was on Drudge, however, that site is one I read several times a day.)
    To continue – if this is the case, it would explain how O can continuously eat so much rich, calorie-laden food and still be thin as a rail. And, if this is the case, it would explain why he has to go on so many vacations to be able to get the medical care he needs–privately–in secluded places. How about a big acreage in the Vineyard. Or how about a million $ bus.
    A real life story of a couple decades ago made me think of illness factor and remember the beautiful, young, talented woman named Susan Welday who was a television newscaster – either in Iowa or Indiana, I forget which. She was very popular. Susan loved sushi, and she came down with a worms-type bacterial infection which invaded and multiplied in the cells of her body in a way that no medical science could reach and cure! All who followed her on TV loved her and were devastated because she was such a good and wonderful lady! It was a wasting-type illness that eventually led to her death.
    As to O, a little more time will tell if this is the case with him. God be with us all.

  3. Every day this guy vacations at our expense cost the entire income tax of 50 median families. I begrudge this use of my labor, oh yes I do.

  4. In terms of the economy, that is what you get when a nation does not print its own money and relies on a private central bank.

  5. Whether he is over-vacationed or not is not the question. The question is “How can someone who pizzes away the American taxpayer’s money as if it was water be taken seriously – especially when he lectures us about “belt-tightening” and “burden-sharing”. Anyone who thinks that there isn’t something wrong in him and his non-elected wife wasting OUR money on un-earned vacations is just as tone deaf as he is.

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